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Do you remember that first love ( Another try at poetry )

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posted on May, 14 2016 @ 03:03 AM

Do you remember your first love?
It is hard, wicked and cruel, sort of.
It is blessed with something pure,
that you only experience once.

You thought it would last forever,
that you would end it together.
Do you remember that last kiss,
as if it was yesterday?

To let someone go, is truly hard,
and be sure you will be left very scarred.
But letting go will save your soul,
because love, does not exist.

Always remember that first love,
cause its something we all speak of.
I will leave you now, thinking,
how it was in the beginning.

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posted on May, 14 2016 @ 03:03 AM
I studied writing poetry for a while, and i think i got some basic done... But feel free to step in and give me some advice

posted on May, 14 2016 @ 04:51 AM
a reply to: PanPiper

Wanted to reply and I suddenly started shaking and I feel as someone is choking me my palms are wet

Anyway this song is from a member posted here but it reminds me of you and your poem and what's going trough my head (I am not saying anything or that it will relate to you my personal thoughts)

I wanna be a hero, hero
Oh the hero comes
I can hear the drums
And the horses drawn
To the kingdom come
Through the pale moonlight
Our hearts ignite to the call
Claim your prize
For a crown of stars
In the name of love
Be the sacrifice
You and I will stand and fight
Our backs to the wall

No escape
Let the fever rise
As our horses rage
And our goal's in sight
Maybe I'm the one
I'm the one who will fall
Lay me down
On a bed of stone
I will wait for you
As I rest my soul
I will watch you ride
When you reply to the call

Shut your heart
Shut your eyes
Don't be scared
Shut your eyes
Watch those lights
From the stars
In your head
Join our fight
For what's right
Let your heart
Be your guide

No wonder, you're so stubborn
Nobody ever made you dig deeper
No wonder you've got demons
Everything you ever did is coming back around
I can't help you, if I'm weaker
Everyone's got a choice this time around
You took the honey from the queen bee keeper
No wonder, you have demons

edit on 14-5-2016 by YoungPeeps because: We part ways till u come back around

posted on May, 14 2016 @ 05:08 AM
a reply to: YoungPeeps

edit on 14-5-2016 by PanPiper because: Even masters are students of time

posted on May, 14 2016 @ 05:21 AM
a reply to: PanPiper

Is something I showed before but just a refresher

edit on 14-5-2016 by YoungPeeps because: I will wait for your truth as long as you hurt no one

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