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im being sued for intimidation?????

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posted on Jan, 14 2005 @ 01:49 PM
ok people, let me paint you a picture. its christmas eve, its 11:30 at night. my kids are tucked away sleepin, me and the wife are bringing out presents, carefull not to knock over the milk and cookies my kid set out. when we are done, my wife and me lay down in bed and curl up. we're sitting there relaxing, when all of the sudden...


the buzzer for my apartment is being rung, constantly for at least a minute. long enough for her and I to look at each other in horror for a few seconds, jump out of bed, get dressed and ruch to the entrance door. i open it expecting to see someone dying or one of my drunk friends beings stupid and about to get knocked out. well, theres noone there. then i this lady downstairs screams up to me, "your parked in MY SPACE!!!"

my wife goes over me and down the stairs after her, i stopped her and brought her inside. while there is no assigned parking here, this woman does have a space "reserved" for her. well, when i got home from work that night, there was NO WHERE else to park, as is a common problem here that has been brought to the attention of the managment here NUMEROUS times.

when i got her back in the apt. i thought about it for a few seconds and decided to move my car, so the fat pig would key it or slash the tires or something. i go outside and who do i see walking her stupid little dog? tons of fun. i go up to her and say "if you wanna talk to me or my family, you WILL ring my buzzer at a normal time of...." she cuts me off and starts screaming, "get away from me!!" shes making a huge production outside, so now im PISSED off! so i start to tell her, if she ever does this again, ill let my wife go and if she doesnt handle it I WILL!! i think i mentioned something about her dog as well. oh well.

well in the middle of this a cop comes running up in full uniform out of nowhere, yelling "stop! police! stop now!!" so he comes up to us (where he was, i have no idea) she tells her side, i tell mine. he tells her that this is public property and public parking. unless theres a handicap symbol there, its fair game. but he still asks me to move my car to ease things a bit. i told him that i allready did, and showed him. where it was (which wasnt a space, rather by the trash bin) he says ok and lets me go back in the house.

I wake up on christmas morning, theres a ticket on my car. i went to the office the following day and raised hell, again. nothing happens about the parking situation. now today, the mail man delivers me a certified letter and its a summons to goto court for intimidation.

How the hell? i wasnt arrested, cop said all was fine and go back in, now this? OMFG!! i wanna kill her now. any advice??

posted on Jan, 14 2005 @ 03:21 PM
You'll have to answer the summons. Go to court, explain you parked in a public space and she was the one who rang your doorbell. You willingly moved your car amid a rash of chastising by this person which attracted the attention of a police officer who informed her it was public parking. The officer then directed you to go back into your appartment. No threats or any statements were made by you as you moved your car.

Chances are, the lady will lose her temper on you right there in court. Abive everything, remain cool, calm and collected. Deny every accusation as an out and out lie and offer the idea of this suit by her as retaliation even though you moved your car willingly from a space you had every right to use simply to avoid issues.

After you prompt her meltdown, ask the court for an emrgency protective order which, after they see her behavior, they will certainly grant.

The key is to dress nice but not flashy. Be well spoken but soft spoken and do not interupt her, let her interupt you. If she begins shouting, glance around the courtroom as if to politely say, am I the only one here who thinks this lady has lost it?

Be well mannered and sophisticated even if things look as if they aren't going your way. Whatever she says, deny it and "beg her pardon" a lot. To you, this was a simple matter of moving your car for someone with obvious issues who thinks they get to name their own tax-payer funded space.

Remember, calm, cool, and collected. You have pity for this poor nut who is obviously delusional. Show no anger or frustration toward her. Show only concern for you and your spouse and your property from further retaliation.

posted on Jan, 14 2005 @ 03:51 PM
Astrocreep, all i have to say is that you have just given some great advice. This lady will probably lose her cool and totally blow it in court. Staying calm and cool is always the best thing to do when in front of a judge.

posted on Jan, 16 2005 @ 11:45 AM
thnks creep, good advice. thats what i was planning on doing. i was hoping a lawyer out there would read this and have some "advice"..i will win then sue this hag for my lost wages at work that maybe gas money to!

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