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110,000,000 (Million) People On Welfare In The US

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posted on May, 11 2016 @ 10:24 AM
a reply to: 727Sky

And this come on the heels of a $62M football stadium for High School football in Texas..

Mr. Needs needs to meet Mr. Wants

posted on May, 11 2016 @ 10:34 AM

originally posted by: TXRabbit
That sure is a lot of Democrats!


And its that sort of left right bull# that doesnt help.

Rather than point fingers you need to get together and work out how to get people of of welfare into middle income jobs.
First step is to CREATE middle income jobs.

posted on May, 11 2016 @ 11:10 AM
For over 20 years I have bitched at my wife for living in Europe and not in the USA. (I am an American)

Now........ after living 37 years in Europe?

Thank God I am in Europe and glad to have listened to my wife.

posted on May, 11 2016 @ 11:25 AM
a reply to: Mianeye Most of these illegal Mexicans here operate cash for service businesses like landscaping, carpentry, and welding. They technically cant prove they receive a paycheck and thus get to claim welfare. Its sickening to see these pricks drive around in brand new ford pickups while I bust my ass 50+ hours just to gross 75k and still cant afford new things.

posted on May, 11 2016 @ 02:42 PM
a reply to: crazyewok

Technically there are thousands of jobs in between those sectors.
They just require training/expertise.

Just a short list..

Security Installation Specialist
Insulation Specilist
HVAC Technicians
Dental Hygienists
EMTs and Paramedics
Occupational Therapists
Interpreter and Translator
Cement Mason and Concrete Finishers
Respiratory Therapist.
Social workers
Dozens of various specialties in companies like Comcast, AT& T, Century Link
CDL Drivers
Sheet Metal Workers
Dozens of various education positions for Instructors

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posted on May, 11 2016 @ 03:34 PM
a reply to: MrBlaq

I know people that work in half of the job fields on that list and those job categories have been decimated with lay offs wage decreases and outsourcing. I'm a former sheet metal worker for ever job opening there are hundreds of applicants. I know a company right now that has a stack of applications 2 ft high. In the early 2000's I watched entire industrial complexes disappear over night. I'm talking several hundred business's gone in the blink of an eye. For every opening there are several hundred people to fill it. Companies know this so they treat their employees like dirt and pay less. That goes for machinists and welders just to name a few.

My mom is a registered nurse. She's been in the field for 20 years. The hospital she works at just demanded all their employees now must go back to school to get a higher degree. There are so many people getting into that line of work she now has to compete with them.

Since the economy imploded a few years back CDL drives are having to take less money because so many people have flocked to that field of work. Not to mention it's one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. I wouldn't put my life on the life for a company that under trained and under pays me. Most of these CDL trucking schools run by trucking companies are a joke.
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posted on May, 11 2016 @ 03:51 PM
link workers-live-like-animals.html

I keep hearing how we all just need to lower our expectations and make due with less, but the video above shows just how much less we would have to make due with to be competitive in the world. maybe if the gov't started slapping a tax or tarriffs onto companies like apple that would rather treat their employees like animals in far away lands than decently in the US things would get better. but I highly doubt if even the most conservative among us would want a company dorm like this one in their neighborhood.
penalize the companies that are shipping every job they can to these countries that allow their citizens to be misused like this and maybe some of our jobs would come back to us, or at least the penalties could help in paying the welfare for the jobless and low paid workers in this country.

posted on May, 11 2016 @ 04:07 PM
a reply to: 727Sky

You also have
"1 in 20 of Working-Age Americans Receives Disability Benefits
According to research by Heritage Foundation labor economist James Sherk, about one-third of the drop in labor force participation from 2007 to 2013 is due to 2.1 million more Americans going on SSDI.

It is well known that recessions coincide with more Americans seeking assistance from government programs, including disability, to make ends meet. The problem is that when those with marginal or temporary disabilities succeed in getting on SSDI, they tend to stay in the program—and over time their skills erode."

posted on May, 11 2016 @ 04:33 PM
a reply to: MrBlaq

Might I add roofers to that list?
I don't mean shinglers (dime a dozen), I'm talking commercial/ industrial roofers.

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