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Ulric went into nature

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posted on May, 10 2016 @ 12:02 AM
Ulric was a proud man, a man who always went his own way. Yet was no better than a bastard who went about in the realm of the Seven Kingdoms.
Ulric daydreamed often, and all to often he disappeared in his imaginary dreams of rich and fame.

Until one day he made his own quest. In search of a magical artifact his grandparents called the wheel of truth. Ulric was handed a map that was written before Adam and Eve ever set their foot on the soil of this earth. He took his first steps unto the unknown with high hopes and dreams to come..

What those who followed his footsteps did not know, Ulric almost died in the first hole he ventured upon. A woman named Gaia saved Ulric from a certain death, and those who followed never understood what came as something unrest. Ulric today stands today without any master yet his obedience is to nature.

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