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Islamic Prophecy- Final Signs of Qiyaamah

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posted on Mar, 9 2006 @ 03:54 PM
Both- he and the father are one just like he himself said in the Gospels but Muslims choose to ignore. It makes complete sense for God to have a lower non-created emanation which deals with creation. Not polytheism except in the minds of the vulgar.

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 04:07 PM
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posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 04:53 PM

Originally posted by paf thunder
Found this website. It's by a muslim scientist/writer special on this kind of stuff

What did you find convincing from that site? What does it matter if the person is a scientist, religion is beyond the realm of science. That site also seems to be associated with harun yahya, at least from the pop-ups, harun yahya is a group of propagandists, i'd be wary of the information there.

posted on Mar, 23 2006 @ 03:14 AM

Although apologist scholars believe that an actual Jesus lived on earth, the reasons for this appear obvious considering their
Christian beliefs. Although some secular freethinkers and atheists accept a historical Jesus (minus the miracles), they, like
most Chrisitans, simply accept the traditional view without question. As time goes on, more and more scholars have begun to
open the way to a more honest look at the evidence, or should I say, the lack of evidence. So for those who wish to rely on
scholarly opinion, I will give a few quotes from Biblical scholars, past and present:
When the Church mythologists established their system, they collected all the writings they could find and managed them as
they pleased. It is a matter altogether of uncertainty to us whether such of the writings as now appear under the name of the
Old and New Testaments are in the same state in which those collectors say they found them, or whether they added, altered,
abridged or dressed them up.
-Thomas Paine (The Age of Reason)

visit source for full article

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posted on Mar, 23 2006 @ 03:21 PM
Scorp, the Church fathers collected the writings using a very useful principle which avoided that sort of thing- instead of "declaring" which writings were Christian and which weren't out of their own whims, they simply collected the writings most commonly used by Christians (of each of the 7 asian churches) and put them together into the NT. Nobody said what was right or wong, they simply gave an "official seal of approval" to the writing being used. Later on a few disputes happened over what sections should be allowed to constitute the Torah section of the Bible, and again this was quickly resolved. Jews used the Greek Septuagint as their primary scripture, so the Church fathers collected it (and the Masoteric text) along with documents which were often used as secondary sources (the apocrypha). The diaspora helped considerably, though there were many disputes over the new Christians and the Jewish population (both under extreme persecution by the Cesars), the more liberal and enlightened scholars traded ideas thus assuring no primary document was left out of the bible. Either way, Judaism was widely practiced in the Roman empire, synagogues were found in many places outside Israel, so Roman Jews who became Christians such as those in Corinth lended their aid in forming a single self-consistent document which could be used by all the new converts. By the time the radical heretic types such as the Gnostics came , it was fairly easy to pick them out (the ideas of "secret revelations" and other pagan ideas were by now discredited in the community). I can assure you that there was nothing "random" on how the bible was put together- it was a LONG painful journey, just like putting together the Greek Septuagint took 70 rabbis and nearly two centuries of constant revision and checking.

posted on Mar, 24 2006 @ 08:41 PM
I know exactly what your saying about one can't learn from just reading books!
Interesting about the Jinn in your house! Haven't you tried to get rid of it?
I know they can cause a lot of trouble! At first they don't seem to be that much of a problem, but I've witnessed in many cases that their annoying mischief's that they do to one's territory, escalates with time! I would get him removed now while you still can!

posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 07:21 PM
This is a great video you should all watch which refers to this topic .......

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posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 07:30 PM
Thank You Ms Palestinian.

fascinating video and there are a few more interesting videos linked there too.

posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 08:25 PM
Thank you miss Palestinian, but remember that I am a Christian and that I don't believe in Islam. Nice of you though

posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 09:03 PM
You're Always welcome

Nakash: Well sir, I would like to learn about Christians and their beliefs. I have been learning from many of my friends but honestly i don't ever see myself going towards it ,am not saying that to be offensive but you are right and people have their own way of understanding religions or the beliefs that they are willing to sacrfice for.But as for you , if you were to get me to convert [Which i doubt] What things would you point out that might get me to that point of understanding the last day and what kind of evidence will you provide to guide me?

Am not trying to debate , But i really want to understand since am reading the bible but i barely understand what goes on and how the chapters fall on one another.
Thanks for your time

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posted on Apr, 6 2006 @ 07:16 PM

Originally posted by MsPalestinian08
This is a great video you should all watch which refers to this topic .......

Ah, Harun Yahya. Harun Yahya is the pen name of possibly a group of writers from turkey. I am more familiar with their stuff on "islamic creationism", which is almost exclusively taken as a whole from american creationists arguements, merely put into an islamic context.

I see no reason to take anything that that group says about the koran and its interpretations and how they related to the world with any weight. They are fabricators and distortionists wrt creationism and science.

Is there any reason to think that this video will be different?

posted on Apr, 8 2006 @ 05:31 PM
Various Biblical interpertations on Gog-Magog

Just who is Gog-Magog is a question that is on many peoples minds with many interpetations. I'm not going to get to detailed but I believe it has two meanings, heres one article which speaks heavily on Gog-Magog and secret societies, I'll post it in other places but I also wish to post it here. The view that I would like to point out is Gog-Magog as East and West.
After 1979 Revolution, 'Gog and Magog' have been continously considered as 'the East and the West'. The famous Iranian Slogan of 'Nah Shargi, Nah Garbi' (No East, No West) shows all militarized, political and economical movements of Islamists are configured by the 'Gog and Magog (Yajooj and Majooj) Axis'; actually George Bush notion of 'Axis of Evil' was a less complicated modification of 'Gog and Magog (Yajooj-Majooj) Axis' already suggested by Shia Islamists, and oversimplified re-modification which can be easily digested by the masses.

This is the first of two more articles, but I was wondering if there were any views on this one.

I think this belongs here also.

posted on Apr, 8 2006 @ 08:39 PM
MsPalestinian, go to the original source instead of hearing me :

Here are plenty of testimonials from Christians who came from Muslim countries. They will give you a "feel" for Christianity and how it differs from Islam:

Read a few of the accounts, learn a bit from them.

posted on Jun, 27 2006 @ 08:09 AM
muhummard was a prophet .he saw a roman occupied city in turkey fall into the hands of moslems this came true the second prodiction is that the quran will be preached across the land of rome i to see this prophecy there are cells in italy,france ,england ,spain they are there for a reason blowing bombs is childs play to them occupation is the main goal they will cross the sea and invade and take rome but muhammard failed too see what will happen next i see a great landing of weasterners on the beaches of france and they will not fail

posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 01:07 PM

Originally posted by Nygdan..."christian nazis"...

An oxymoron is none the less an oxymoron for its referring to Christians.

For the sake of you who seem determined to equate every so-called christian movement with Christianity, let me reinform you:

Christians are those who follow Christ. That is, they live and behave as He lived and behaved, to a greater or lesser degree, allowing for individual foibles and level of faith.

You can't be a Christian and hate Jews, Jerusalem, or Israel, since if you are a Christian you know that: 1) Jews are God's chosen people and He doesn't blink in His choices, 2) A blessing is on those who pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and 3) He has given Israel to the Jews, and no one else, and that those who are against His chosen people and His chosen land are against Him, and therefore are not Christians at all.

Now, can we say nazis without linking them to Christians? Also, not forgetting that there wre many real Christians who hid the Jews, and otherwise assisted them during that terrible period, and who did suffer for their assistance at the very hands that persecuted the Jews.

edited to correct typing errors

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posted on Jul, 16 2006 @ 07:18 AM
The Minor Signs of the Last Day

* When it will be regarded as a shame to act on Quranic injunctions.
* When untrustworthy people will be regarded as trustworthy and the trustworthy will be regarded as untrustworthy.
* When it will be hot in winter (and vice versa).
* When the length of days is stretched, i.e. a journey of a few days is covered in a matter of hours.
* When orators and lecturers lie openly.
* When people dispute over petty issues.
* When women with children come displeased on account of them bearing offspring, and barren women remain happy on account of having no responsibility of offspring.
* When oppression, jealousy, and greed become the order of the day.
* When people blatantly follow their passions and whims.
* When lies prevail over the truth.
* When violence, bloodshed and anarchy become common.
* When immorality overtakes shamelessness and is perpetrated publicly.
* When legislation matters pertaining to Deen is handed over to the worst elements of the Ummat, and if people accept them and are satisfied with their findings, then such persons will not smell the fragrance of Jannat.
* When the offspring become a cause of grief and anger (for their parents).

posted on Jul, 18 2006 @ 08:03 PM

Originally posted by worldwatcher
no one's interested? I find that hard to believe

well I find it interesting that Syria plays a large part in the Islamic doomsday prophecy, especially with the current politics being played out in the middle east.

from the other links:

The two Christian armies reunite, conquering Syria.
Imam Mahdi and the Muslim army go to Syria to confront the Christians. The Christians, before the battle, will ask Muslims for the return of their prisoners-of-war. The Muslims will refuse. The battle will begin. One-third of Imam Mahdi’s army will flee (their repentance will not be accepted), one-third will be martyred, and one-third will gain victory over the Christians.

I'm requoting hopes in show the relation of the current situation in the ME and the Islamic prophecies foretold. Now if I'm not mistaken Eid Ul Adha will happen Dec. 31, 2006 and if I am right in equating the devastation and destruction described in my initial post, we could have a nuclear attack from one of the involved parties, sometime early 2007

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posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 02:01 AM

Originally posted by worldwatcher
Well we know already that most major religions all have visions of the end of the world, armeggedon, kali yuga, but what about Islam? This is very interesting and makes an excellent discussion when comparing to the christian version of Armeggedon.

Ummmmm, Saudi Arabia wasn't founded until either the late 19th or early 20th century. So how could the Koran make mention of it? It's all hog wash that the Islamo-nazi's are using to try and scare everyone.

(big quote shortened)

[edit on 9-21-2007 by worldwatcher]

posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 10:04 AM

Originally posted by worldwatcher
A night three nights long will follow the fog.

There are MANY prophecies within the Catholic faith about The Three Days of
Darkness. This seems to match up. There is no mention of fog before hand
however. The Catholic saints all prophecied The Three Days of Darkness that
will come suddenly and unexpectedly with no warning. During The Three Days
anyone caught outside or anyone looking out windows will die instantly. No one
is to open their doors for any reason. Evil will be unleashed and evil spirits will
stand at doors pretending to be relatives asking to come in .. but when the people
inside open doors they will immediately die a horrid death.

The Catholic prophecies all include that no lights or flashlights will work. It will
be total darkness EXCEPT for blessed candles made of pure beeswax. The
darkness will be thick and total except for the lights from the blessed candles.

There will be massive earthquakes and red lightning will flash in the blackness.

I find it interesting that Islam has a Three Days of Darkness just like Catholic
Prophecy does. I wonder if the Native American Indians have it in their prophecies
or if anyone else does?

posted on Sep, 20 2007 @ 08:08 PM
I revisited this thread in hopes of shedding light to some of the current news coming out of the middle east. Many people seem to think war with Iran is inevitable and I also feel that way, however I don't agree with the line of the thought that we'll just start attacking Iran or Iran will just attack us, instead, I'm looking at Islamic prophecy because I believe Ahmadinejad is a devout follower of Islamic prophecy and is working to fulfill those prophecies. In recent speeches he's expressed his beliefs that the Hidden Iman will return soon.
Escalation in the Positions of Iranian President Ahmadinejad– Special Report

So following that line of thinking, I believe Syria will be the stage and the signal that we are indeed about to face some tough times. All eyes should be on the lookout for developments between Israel and Syria that will draw Iran out to make a definitive or even more military stance. We're seeing the rumblings already.
Report: Israel spots nuclear installations in Syria
Syria 'fires on Israel warplanes'
Iran offers to aid Syria following new tensions with Israel

keep in mind the following as you consider the Final Signs of Qiyammah. If they believe the end of the world is at hand, what is there to lose. If they believe it will start in Syria, guess where it will start?

Iran promises 'response' to Zionism's supporters on Oct. 12

I'll be coming back to this topic soon, after some additional research, but in the meantime I welcome any additional opinions, thoughts and knowledge on the topic of prophecy and "mysticism" in Islam.

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