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Islamic Prophecy- Final Signs of Qiyaamah

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posted on Feb, 27 2006 @ 07:06 PM
There is no mention of the Anti Christ (Dajjal) in the Holy Quran. There is mention of the Anti Christ (Dajjal) in the hadith sharif which is sayings and the practices of the Prophet (peace be upon him). The Anti Christ (Dajjal) will come to decieve mankind not just muslims but everyone.

*The only person mentioned in the Quran who is out to destroy every believer is Shaytan (Iblis The devil). The Anti Christ and Iblis are 2 diffrent people.

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posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 01:44 PM
I understand that they reverence Jesus Scorp. Thing is they reverence THEIR Jesus. So this could be even worse than disrespecting him. Here's why-

1) They will perceive us as a bunch of liars (and attempt to change our laws by force to the "rightful" pro-Allah Christianity)

2)They will attempt to corrupt our scriptures in favour of their viewpoint (ie: Gospel of Barnabas and other Islamic forgeries).

3) They will diminish Christ from a God to a puppet of their own false God. This is reprehensible. As a Christian I cannot stand by as someone reduces my God into a caricature of what he was.

anyway, you get the point.

posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 03:09 PM
With so much hate Nakash its a pity you can't see the truth. Hate will take you a long way away from truth.

posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 03:16 PM

I wouldn't blame them anyway for seeing things their own way. We believe in Moses too, but we think of ourselves as religiously superior to the Jews. If not, we wouldn't have been able to continue our religious existence. In my opinion, what matters is that they have accepted Jesus as a must-be-revered prophet. And that whatever their belief, they are honest in their beliefs. It's as sinful in their religion to disrespect Jesus as it is to disrespect Mohammed.

posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 03:21 PM
Something for my dear Seems-to-be-muslim friend

It's not hate. Read my previous post. We are all honest in our religions and that suffices the omnipresent God. Call this existence Allah, Yahwe, or Ahura. The One God looks at the clean hands, not full ones.

Don't forget if he wanted to think like you, he would become a muslim, and not a christian. The same applies to you, to me, and to everybody else in the world (except a few non-believers who, according to all holy books, will reside forever in Hell.)


posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 09:38 PM
No hate Xt, I'm just not convinced in the Islamic Jesus. I have duties to proceed with as a Christian, and one of them is to dispute that Jesus Christ was a mere prophet giving way for Mohammed. That's all. It's great to know you reverence him (though in a far different conception)

You got the point Scorp, it's a question of freewill. I don't oblige him to believe in the Biblical Jesus, he doesn't oblige me into Allah instead of YHVH. In fact, I think the sole point of dispute Christendom has with the Islamic world is this concept of imposed sharia law on non-muslims. I agree fully with the secular world's concept of having the choice to choose your beliefs, one of the few things I do agree with. Of course I do wish more people would choose Jesus Christ instead of nihilist nonsense....

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posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 01:13 PM
Under Islamic Shariah under a Khalifa non muslims have to pay the jizya(The tax). They are allowed to worship in their churches etc. For example if non muslim women were to go out they would have to be covered up islamically etc. Only under a khalifa is punishment able to be carried out. Such as for rape.. wether non muslim or muslim is either death, opposite limbs cut off, crucified or banished depending on the khalifa's choice. For adultery if both the people are married they are stoned to death etc. If non married couple had intimate relations without being married they are lashed 80 lashes. Islamic law applies to all those people within the islamic empire. At the moment there is no khalifa.. no islamic empire.. therefore shariah applies to muslims. No punishments can be carried out on anyone being muslim or non muslim.

* Reliable sources have said the timing of Imam Mahdi is soon.. wether it is this year or in the next 10 years only Allah knows best.

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posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 04:56 PM
I believe that the Qu'ran is a base from which you can further build. If the would give exact things to do for all time then the message would become way too big and we would recieve messages to this day. I consider that very impractical.

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 07:57 PM
Majic Would love to hear your dream, you did ask a few pages back if anyone wanted to hear your Chirstmas dream -

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 08:03 PM
Xt, I admire many things Muslims do- their respect for the sanctity of women, their devotion to God (even though a false God), their disgust at alcohol which is a bane upon civilization (why ban Heroine when alcohol kills more people every year?), and many other things. I also enjoy reading the many Muslim authors (Avicenna for instance) who contributed to the advance of civilization. However, let me make this clear: your prophet was a false one. The Quran is a botched up parody of the Bible, and you know this is true (the reason why Muslims love talking about "Quranic mathematical miracles" and so forth). Muhammed denied the divinity of Christ to make way for himself. His life was cruel and savage and hardly the example a real prophet should set forth. Now I'm not saying a prophet is above sin, but he must be contrite in his heart when dealing with his creator. Muhammed was arrogant, he killed, raped, and robbed hundreds and never shed a tear, I don't even know what he could have done further in his life if he wasn't poisoned by a Jewesss who wanted revenge for the slaughter of her family. I cannot accept Sharia law because it was written by a flawed man, why should I replace the immutable law of YHVH for the law of Muhammed? Not that there aren't many things Christians can't learn from Muslims (I am sure Muslims, and also Jews, keep our law in many many points better than we do !) Also I owe nothing to the Muslim world- why shouldn't YOU pay Jizya instead? While you Shiites and Sunnis were fighting each other on who would be the next Caliph, the Western World was rebuilding from centuries of your people's pillaging. We earned our place, and it would be unfair to abdicate it. It would be in fact disgraceful- why reward mediocricity? Islam is a typical pagan religion, in that it presents no plan of salvation, no self-consistent God, no balance, no beauty, just a Zeus like parody asking his followers to fight for his kingdom (what real God need's that?) so that his followers can indulge in sensual earthly pleasures in some delusional Caliphate full of slaves licking their boots. I am too smart for this type of ideology. The God I follow is the Good shepherd, he lays his life down for his sheep, he has genuine concern over his creations, and he has infinite power to crush his enemies. I invite you to be one of my brothers in heaven, let's reign as friends of God as promised to us instead of following some Satanic deception which denies us the incredibly generous offer given by our creator.

I know several Muslims who made this decision and NEVER regretted it.Here are a few stories I was reading the other day, let them explain to you what your missing out:

Let some of my brother's words explain your doubts. Let's make a promise- you will read One Gospel of your choosing of the New Testament ( I suggest John), and I will read any 3 Suras of your choosing of the Quran. I want you to learn about my religion, so you can benefit. Deal ?

A copy to browse, for our deal:

for download:

Gospel of John for reading:

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posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 12:50 PM
We will just have to wait and see my friend ..

*btw I have had a vision of Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) about 2 years ago in the night time (fully awake) .. he came down straight into my house where i was sleeping with angelic noises. He turned and looked at me .. with a nice face and went straight back up into the sky. I have no need to joke with anyone.. but if Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) was upset with me wouldn't you think he would have told me? or somehow hinted me..? Now you can go on and on about this and that my friend.. but how many can tell you they have seen Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) with their 2 eyes. How can I be sure? I am as confident it was him .. as you are confident with your religeon :-)

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posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 01:31 PM
Dear Nakash, I still cannot understand why you are so intolerant when it comes to muslims' beliefs. This is what I get from this discussion.
1- You charge muslims with having their own view of Jesus Christ. A Jew can easily charge you with having your own view of Moses, and so on.
2- You call muslims' God a false one. This reminds me of an episode of South Park in which some Christians in Hell found out that the true religion was mormonism. How sure can we really be about the authenticity of our religion? Were you there when the Bible was written? The Church of 16th century had Bible-proven reasons that the Earth is flat. Search the internet and you can find many sites questioning the whole Christian doctrine. Some of the charges seem too logical to me to be ignored. But unlike some friends of mine, I haven't lost my faith in it totally. The Bible was not meant to be 100 percent fool-proof. But I don't care. I read it and do according to it whenever it seems logical to me. Like you, I hate wine, but I don't care why Jesus turned water to wine. Whether it really happened or was added later, I don't care. Because I have my wisdom to rely on.
3- The Quran is a botched up parody of the Bible? As a Jew, I could tell you that the Bible is a botched up parody of the Torah. But is it really true?
4- Your view of Mohammed is incredibly wrong. I don't know how you got it. He may not be a prophet, but he was indeed a great man of his time. When he conquered Mecca, he forgave all his sworn enemies. During his life, he nevered fought for conquering the world. Instead, he sent messengers to different kings and invited them to accept his religion. He got married several times all right, but he never raped and he definitely was not a sexual pervert. In fact, raping is thought one of the (I think) forty biggest crimes in Islam which won't be forgiven by God. Definitely not an arrogant person, because the tales say you couldn't recognize him among his followers in Mecca if you hadn't seen him before. His life, before and after his ruling, was equal to the poorest of his people. He was called "the honest one" among his friends and enemies equal, and robbing people is totally out of the question because he never owned any big deal of money and he never had an expensive life. What is awesome is that the muslims think all prophets lived honestly. They think Jesus, Moses, Abraham and all had the same personality and the greatest one among their own people.
5- The story of Jizya, the way XT put it forward, is totally wrong. It's not the money non-muslims give to muslims the way he said it. Jizya was a kind of tax for those non-muslims living in the Islamic Empire. The muslims paid their taxes too, but because the way the money was spent was different it was given a different name. (I think mainly it was to ensure unity among disunited Arabs of those years.) But even non-muslims had a wonderful life with muslims. An amazing story tells us about Mohammad's cousin, Ali, who when heard a Jewish woman was attacked and robbed of her jewels in a far muslim city, told the people in a mosque: "If a man hears this and dies of grief, it comes as no surprise to me." What later was done by greedy caliphs has nothing to do with them, the same way as what the popes did in the 16th century had nothing to do with Jesus Christ's teachings.
6- Islam was the first religion to ban slavery. But for those people who still resisted the idea, Islam has a very detailed set of instructions to ensure their safety and comfort. Interesting to know that Islam even talks about slaves' sexual needs and that they should be given the opportunity to satisfy that. And that slaves should be given a decent meal, a decent place to sleep, and that no way a master may insult his slave by cruel words. And many many more ...
7- Your idea of respecting muslims is also strange. You call their God a false God, their prophet a pervert ,a rapist and a bloodthirsty ruler. You call their book a botch up parody. Where is the idea of respect here?
8- To sum up, I invite you all to respecting each other. Nobody was there when God created the world. Nobody was there when God sent His messengers unto the Earth to lead people. As a result, nobody can be sure what/who is exactly right or wrong. If I was born in China, I'd be a buddhist. If I was born in Iraq, I'd be a muslim. Now I'm a christian 'cause I was born here, in the heart of christian kingdom. This certainly doesn't count. God is much cleverer and far kinder to punish people for these social effects. God looks at clean hands, not full ones. And this world won't be a good place to live, unless we all start to undestand our differences and learn to tolerate them. That's why we think of religion as a personal issue. I don't think we can muck people because they eat what we don't like.
9- Believe in any religion you like, but being a human is a worldwide concept. Killing, terror, lying, murder, backbiting, ... are all bad in all worthy religions. Why not focus on these aspects of our similarities?

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posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 04:56 PM
XT I'm all ears, could you please share with me Your visitation in depth, on Jesus, You can share it on my " You Can Know Your Guardian Angels Name"
thread, if you want, if you don't want to elaborate further on here!

I would really Love to hear more! What an incredible experience I'm sure!


posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 07:49 PM
XT I am surprised at your experience, but we all experience Satanic deceptions during our lives. Ive told Angelwings here on another thread of one such experience I had. Satan isn't a two horned being with a pitchfork, he is an angel of light and can easily manipulate people into underestimating him (why mediums had the death penalty during the Old Testament- imagine the cruelty of paying somebody to fill their pockets while giving you a damnable lie from hell as comfort? Too cruel, too infamous but still possible.)

Scorp, my answers:

1) Yet are they right? We have the Torah free of commentary and can easily discern who Moses was.

2)There are no Scientific errors in the Bible. Nobody in the middle ages believed the Earth to be Flat (Dante built his whole cosmology on a round earth for instance). This comes from a myth that the Sailors heading for the Americas feared falling off the Earth. Their actual fears (while understandably ridiculous to us) were not so- sea monsters reported by Marco Polo and America Vespucio (two infamous hoaxsters but world travellers) were the cause.

3) Again irrelevant. Your view of the Torah is the product of centuries of commentary, tradition, and reactionary thought towards Christianity. It is obviously to be expected that your view will be different from mine (yet incorrect). For one Christendom follows NT theology- not Popes, not commentators, not history, not tradition. The NT simply builds upon the Torah itself presenting a case for the Messianic claim of Christ, the Torah is built towards a Messianic approach so the only question remaining is if Christ was the figure it spoke of (which he is). Many rabbis often have issues over why we don't include lengthy commentaries and vignettes upon the Torah or Tanakh. The reason is twofold- you NEVER place a commentator's words above those of a prophet, and secondly you don't replace Biblical doctrine with Babylonian theology (which texts such as the Book of Maccabees and the Talmud in essence are, the latter even having complicated ritual towards the worship of Baal in it's Mishnah section). This is why many Christians say Roman Catholics aren't Christians- because their theology has been corrupted up to the core by the council of Trent, Popes, and pagan leaders such as Constantine. The same with the rabbinic tradition which made the exact same mistakes.

4) My view of Muhammed is based upon the Quran. I don't need to place it's teachings here but I will Sura by Sura if you so wish. It details a story of piracy, rape (including the marriage of a 9 year old girl called Aisha, in the Hadiths not the Quran mind you, yet other examples of behaviour of the same caliber is found in the Quran), murder and calculated genocide, and so forth. Muslims don't believe what the Quran itself has to say because they are taught to memorize it in Arabic which for the most part is a foreign language to them.

5) Again, history says otherwise. As a Jew you should know how Hasidic traditions evolved in part due to Islamic persecution. Making other people's pay tribute is wrong to say the least, it is behaviour I'd expect from intolerant conquerors bent on loot (which by the way is condoned several times in the Quran by Muhammed, looting is. In fact, those who do the first looting for the Muslim Mahdi in Syria are said to be "blessed above all others". Imagine that- you get REWARDED for looting and pillaging somebody's Town. Doesn't sound tolerant to me. Also Muslims view Caliphs in a much similar way Catholics view their Pope- he is a spiritual succesor to Muhammed's tradition.

6) Islam practiced Black slavery way before Europe did, in fact Slavery was first introduced into Europe by Iberian sailors who saw Muslims taking slaves in the Ivory coast. Muslims enslaved 7 million blacks historically. Muhammed called Blacks in the Quran "slaves" and "Raisin heads" in fact, he was also a white man with red hair. They ended slavery early most probably (my guess) do to pressure from Europe which was threatening war at the decay of Islam to fight the perverted practice of enslaving captured children into mercenaries (Jannisaries). Slavery did not end in Islam due to Good or tolerance, but due to conflict and neccesity. Of that I am sure.

7) My Respect is for Muslims, their character, good intentions, and adherence to many concepts which were wrongly abandoned centuries ago in Christendom (example? banning alcohol is a famous one, public display of depravity is another, and so forth). Paul once said of his companions (he was a temple enforcer, a pharisee) that they had an incredible zeal for God but were on the wrong path. I feel the same for Muslims. They have potential, they could make provide of the finest Christians to ever live, they could reign as kings in the New Earth instead of dedicating themselves to some futile final war against Israel and a descent into cruelty and deception lead by a false leader. I want them as brothers, not as pawns for Satan.

8) I disagree with the "we can't know God" argument. Any God worth his name will prepare a core group of followers to carry out his will on Earth (be it what it may), protect his teachings, and have a consistent plan for Humanity. The "I don't know what God want's" approach just put's you in a twilight subject to manipualtion by the society you live in, and supernatural forces around you (there is a spiritual war going on).

9)That goes back to what I was arguing before- if you don't believe God has a focused plan for you, express wishes, you will have some difficulty deciding what to do with your life and most likely just follow atheism or some selfish form of agnosticism where your own will comes first, God later- for whatever. What if the unknowable God you mention is Kali, and murder and genocide are not only OK but required sacraments (I'm not doing justice to this deity of Hinduism, this is just an example)?

Anyway, it's a debate, but that's my opinion.....

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posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 11:03 PM
Under a islamic government muslims are forbidden to pay taxes. Muslims are obligated to give 2.5% of their earnings if they meet the threshold for the year. If they don't meet the threshhold they do not have to pay zakat (charity) which are given to the poor. The Jizya is only payed by non muslims basically for guranteed protection against enemies.. never do muslims pay the taxes. Also islam doesn't ban slavery and allows it. But they give the slave rights.. such as able to still have 4 wives if they choose to.. own things etc.. . They eat with their masters .. and muslims are urged not to beat the slaves etc and to treat them with respect. At the moment slavery is abolished.. but if muslims are under a calipha system again.. which will only happen in Imam Mahdi (peace be upon him) time .. most likely slavery will be used again. I can site proofs if they are needed ..scorp please inform me where you have the idea that muslims pay taxes under a calipha system? also the ban on slavery..!

posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 11:06 PM
Nakash i am surprised... If Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) is your lord .. yet satan can appear as him.. something sounds pretty fishy to me don't you think? Don't you think you could be fooled by satan or are you immuned? Your digging a hole deeper and deeper for yourself..

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posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 11:20 PM
So true Xt about Satan taking the form of Jesus, that is why Scripture says to pray & test all spirits to see if they are true!
Good Point!

posted on Mar, 3 2006 @ 01:05 AM

Originally posted by proprog
well, according to the book I read a long time ago, I do not recall the name,
These are a few of the likely signs for the start of qiyamaah (judgement day):

[...] important mosque near Baghdad will be demolished. I shall remind you that last year , Americans broke into a mosque near baghdad by demolishing one of its walls.


Didn't this just happened?

Iraqi blast damages Shia shrine

Is that close enough to Baghdad? Could this be what that prophecy is actually talking about, not that other mosque the Americans did?

posted on Mar, 3 2006 @ 08:55 AM
Actually a big sign that will happen in Iraq is that (euphrates river) will dry up wether it be from the dam which controls the flow into iraq i think its located in turkey or it just simply drying up. Scientist have found that the river is losing its water supply year after year. The Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) has said:

“The Hour will not come to pass before the River Euphrates dries up to unveil the mountain of gold, for which people will fight. Ninety-nine out of one hundred will die (in the fighting) and every man amongst them will say: “Perhaps I may be the only one to remain alive.”

Soon the river Euphrates will disclose the treasure (the mountain) of gold, so whoever will be present at that time should not take anything of it. (Sahih Bukhari)

* Angelwings i am familer with other types of spirits what we call jinns. I have had vast experiances with them and they are totally diffrent than that of angels. The presence ..feel are totally diffrent. I have a jinn in my house that puts the tv cable on and off.. shows itself once to me.. it looked like a walking animal.. you can see flying sparks if you don't read certain prayers all the time. One time it put an illusion of someone infront of me who i never met.. the following week I went to that persons funeral (a friend of my dad's who i never met). Angels have a totally diffrent presence.. if one is not familiar about with such experiances you can't simply talk about it from reading books.

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posted on Mar, 3 2006 @ 11:54 AM
On your question XT- there are explicit RULES for testing angels (to see if they are unclean spirits), prophets (to see if they are what they claim), and the Messiah (to see if he is who he claims to be). You can easily see if a being of light claiming to be your dead relative is a trickster and deceiver just by that fact alone- the dead don't return. An angel will follow orders from God and not give you new doctrine to deceive you (ie: an angel will not give you teachings on Karma and reincarnation, but *will* aid you in fullfilling divine mandates expressed by scriptures). All Prophets can perform miracles. That is usually the first and most important rule which Muhammed failed (he had his followers read the Quran every time they asked for a miracle). That is not enough though- a prophet must be consistent with all others before him (ie: he must not contradict a former prophet to make way for his teachings, he must be consistent with all former teachings, even if it is in his own special way for God cannot contradict himself). Muhammed also failed this test. Third, as for Messianic claims, we have a plethora of prophecy to weigh any claimant to this magnificent title. There are about 5 dozen extremely specific prophecies in the Tanakh/ Old testament which only a clear cut person can ever single handedly fullfill. So Muhammed also failed this test.

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