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Venice has very unusual low tides.

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posted on Jan, 14 2005 @ 08:53 AM
This is probably a result of the quake and tsunami, but i thought i would post this because ever since i started my interest in all things on Earth, i found this amazing.

Gondolas left high and dry in Venice

Officials have indicated the low water levels are due to lunar activity. The new moon this week has helped push water levels to their lowest point in more than a decade, nearly 80 centimetres below sea level.

"The phenomenon is due to low pressure, that is, the good weather that coincides with the syzygy, the alignment of the moon, earth and sun," Venice's tides office said.

However, officials have assured tourists that water levels will soon start rising again, restoring the city's romantic look.

The lowest fall on record was 1.21 metres below sea level in 1934.


Now for the non-metric, 80cm = just over 2.5ft. And only 1.3ft short of the level in 1934.


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