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A simple tale of a man who refused a crown

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posted on May, 7 2016 @ 07:20 PM

There was once a man, who was crowned a king of the unknown. A world he never knew existed, a world where magic becomes real.
His grandfather was forged by war and was injured by a thorn. The simple man offered a crown because of his grandfathers deeds, but the simple man refused to take the throne, and the crown, he gave that to a poor man.

The simple man was called wicked and cruel by those who wanted more, but it was just the way he was taught to rule.
As time flew by many tried to convince the simple man to take the crown and all he ever said was "nei and back down".

Yet one day his father said; " Its time you came home. " The simple man was indeed a unique creature in the world of magic, and what happened during that time, put the real world into panic. All attempts to bring him home always ended in a disaster, friends and foes did not matter, he wanted to be his own master.

Today they sit father and son, hoping for a better future, not just for mankind but for all living creatures. The throne and the crown, well, lets just say its not the simple man on the chair.
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