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The Apple of life and the Apple of knowledge.

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posted on May, 7 2016 @ 10:19 AM
Lucifer was a beautiful blonde male angel (virgin) who had a black serpent named Obion. Walking in the garden of Eden, they notice an apple dripping blood. Walking towards the Apple they talked about what it would do. The Apple was pumping while drops of blood formed a small puddle on the ground. The roots of the tree would suck up this blood and breath, like humans.

Lucifer was enticed as Obion tried to snap him out of it. Lucifer couldn't resist but to ask "Get it for me please." Obion pleaded Lucifer not to eat it as it would curse him an undying death. Lucifer's eyes changed colors from staring at the Apple. Turning his gaze to Obion, he hypnotizes Obion. "But it's delicious."

Obion obeys without hesitation and cuts the only vein from the bloody Apple. Lucifer's hands blood red from catching the Apple, beholds its apparence. Slowly and carefully, Lucifer takes one bite and his body begins to transform. Lucifer's body begins to bleed and skin itself until he's flesh is exposed. He no longer is blonde or beautiful, but a walking corpse.

The puddle of blood starts to move and sinks itself into the dirt. Half the tree withers, and the other side contains the Apple of knowledge, intact. Adam, a young lad,who was a hippie was with his girlfriend Eve. Eve was very beautiful, the first beauty of all beautiful women. Lucifer could not resist but to lust for her. He had no chance.

Obion followed Lucifer, yet could not resist his new image. He bites Lucifer on the arm and angers him. "What the # you did that for?" Lucifer says. Obion's fangs hanging on "you taste good!" Lucifer walks up to Eve and tells her to eat from the tree. She resisted and so Obion seduced Eve into eating the Apple. She's convinced.

The Golden Apple brought blessings to any one who eats of it. Eve and Adam take one bite together and vanish. Lucifer and Obion hear God's voice and sends him away from the garden.

Upon arriving home, it's dusk and Lucifer was greeted with an anger mod. They shredded Obion to pieces and Lucifer they tied to a stake. Cutting off a goats head and hoves, they place it on his head and his legs. They begin to torture him until he was no more.
Every limb hacked, very heavy probing, until his he was sliced.

The next morning followed and his bones scattered. His flesh was consumed by the hunger torturers... He was no more... Or is he...

posted on May, 7 2016 @ 03:56 PM
did u see the png of mark walking past all those people with the virtual reality headsets on?

posted on May, 7 2016 @ 05:15 PM
a reply to: luciferslight

Nice writing!

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