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Cold chills of Love...

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posted on May, 6 2016 @ 05:27 PM
Cold chills of love went away,
Warm skin blew it away,
Talking in love is the way,
So you say,
Seeing sheets with love,
My head is in love,
Shoes of new are of you,
Clay got in the way,
I feel it everyday,
Hay stacks of love,
Straw fields of kisses,
Orange moons of time,
Souls of youth are here,
My true ways my dear,
The bottle of time is trapped,
Sinking in love is a trap,
Fleeting you soul within,
Sin of city begains,
Guest of honor is here,
Never far,
A love of light and a mind of death only your soul rests in time and in hands of others. Live a clean life in time of deep spaces and wish your hatred away!


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