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Animal or Creature

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posted on May, 4 2016 @ 08:37 PM
I looked myself in the mirror, what i saw was nothing unique.. I tried to see where evolution and where Intelligent design crossed roads.. I knew my history and past, i was a halfblood.. My mother was an animal of evolution and my father a creature of intelligent design.. She tried so many times to fit in, but evolution has its prize.. No matter how hard she tried, she was an animal of mother nature.. And my father a creature who bowed before God.. I was given a soul by God, my mother was not.. .. My father and my brother still has theirs..

I changed when i stood in the hallway of the Kingdom of God, and said ;" Release my soul " and he said "nei ".

So i ripped my soul apart and the pain i endured was nothing i could imagine.. Now i stand before you all, an animal of mother earth.. But still bow before God.

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