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Some numbers from Indiana's primary

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posted on May, 4 2016 @ 08:08 AM
Everybody see's election results at the state level but they are not usually broken down county by county so I thought I would give you some numbers from two neighboring counties.
I don't know if the numbers mean anything but I found them to be interesting.

Just for reference, Allen county population 363k has the city of Fort Wayne.
Dekalb county which borders Allen county has a population of 42k

First senator Marlin stutzman was crushed by Todd young on the state level 67% to 33%. 641k to 317k
Yet in Allen county stutzman won 41k to 20k
In dekalb county stutzman won 5.5k to 2.7k

This state beatdown was likely because of the heat he has received from questionable spending of campaign funds.
He is a local resident so that probably explains why he won these counties.

The presidential race was the most interesting.
Trump won over Cruz big time state wide by a wide margin but not locally.

Allen county
Cruz. 29,963
Trump. 29473

Dekalb county
Cruz. 3,748
Trump. 4,203

As you can see the presidential race was pretty close locally.
I find it interesting how our little piece of the world differs from the rest of the country.

Oh and here are the democrat numbers for those that are interested.
They pretty much went in line with the rest of the state.

Allen county
Clinton. 15,032
Sanders. 16,435

Dekalb county
Clinton. 1,139
Sanders. 1,269

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