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Light, conciousness, dreams

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posted on May, 3 2016 @ 11:31 PM
So my curiosity down several rabbit holes brings be to a few unanswered questions.

Is light the oldest thing in the universe? Given our prespectives on life literally rely on it, we precieve it and that is our reality so I figure it may as well be.

Conciousness is made of atoms? Or firing of neurons or what ever. It's energy... right? Feelings are your bodies neurological reaction to the chemicals being produced in your body. But that doesn't explain thoughts. Thoughts... trigger feelings. Thoughts are the real captain of the ship. So what are they?

Some say it is your soul, some say spirit, some say your conscience, others say your subconscious...

(In my opinion feelings are the conciousness, and thoughts are the subconscious.)

People want to know what happens to that when you die... So what is THAT? Digging my own rabbit hole here but..# it.

This is where dreams come into play for me. You go to sleep in your bed. And once you are dreaming, you don't really think. "Wait where am I? I was in my bed.. now I'm here wtf!" (Or maybe you do, idk.) You just roll with it, and don't really care. YOUR WHOLE REALITY JUST CHANGED BEFORE YOUR EYES AND YOU DON'T EVEN CARE! And this happens every night for most people.

My point is, dreams seem real right? They feel real until you become too aware of the fact that you are dreaming and get sucked back into your reality that you call home. Which ties into my original point, you left your physical body to play out another role in your sleep, but using the same persona, the same personality... YOU. Whatever that is. That subconscious idea of you. That's who you play everytime.

Is YOU just a consept? Or is it an energy?

posted on May, 3 2016 @ 11:54 PM
Think about this;

When you are lucid dreaming or astral projected, that is, projected consciousness beyond the body and it's 5 senses...

There is light for you to see. How does one "see" in the dream, when they're eyes are shut? What sensory is being used to project the entire environment and everything being perceived or interacted with in the dream scape?

How is light, allowing the vision to be perceived and seen, like a window in the sub conscious mind?

When one is awake, their biological vessel, it's systems, it's 5 senses, it's neuro network, are at work.
With eyes open, external light penetrates the eyeballs which is sent to the brain, which takes in the light and it's information (what is being seen, the colours, environment etc).

Yet when one is asleep, the body is at rest, the bio systems are still functioning yet subtle and unaware by the consciousNess that is currently in another "space" experiencing it's dream/astral.

Still, that identity / awareness / consciousness is expediting light, an environment, information, and can see, hear, touch, smell, feel and even communicate.

Light. Consciousness. Dream.

posted on May, 4 2016 @ 12:07 AM
a reply to: Elementalist

"Dream seem real right?"

There are many beings in this planet who can create and manifest in their dream scape.

To most, the mental faculties are dormant and only used for a handful of things; remembering, thinking, communicating, concentrating or nothing.

Yet the brain and consciousness can do so much more; the whole imagination, creating things that are abstract and not yet of this world (inventing).

But it's that creating force in our brains/consciousness that is a big factor. The part of it that is not contained to linear and narrow thinking.
That expansive thinking that brings world's of ideas into the individual consciousness.

Image / Nation / imagination

For instance, shamans, monks, adepts, those who practice and discipline themselves and their internal natures; astral, dream scaping, remote viewing etc..

You really think these people sit in meditation hours on end, week in, week out, year through and through. .. for nothing?

Do you think they are experiencing anything with eyes shut and body control? What are they seeing, feeling, hearing, being receptive too beyond the body?

The internal experience is as much as the external experience.

Meaning the internal; within your own being, consciousness. Your dreams, your projections, your imaginations and inner workings.

As opposed to the external; that which is experienced outside of the temple, only available with 5 senses that are receptive to the outside world; nose, mouth, eyes, ears, nerves allow us to - smell, taste, see, hear and feel.

Internal vs external.

Does one ever feel like they are missing something dear in their life? Like a piece of them is not intact?

This is your other half, and it's not an external female or male person/identity in a body, though sometimes arrangements are made to realign self.

It's your internal self that is missing. That has been ignored. Your inner workings that were never given attention or care, that lay dormant.

Hence most don't see with a third eye, that window I talked about it the post above... the minds vision, where image nation is used and creates.

posted on May, 4 2016 @ 06:38 AM
the big secret is that in your dreams you are god.
and that dreams are other realities whether being a manufacturing of the brain or not.

if it were the case that dreams were manufactured by the mind then when you dream you created that reality.
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posted on May, 4 2016 @ 07:34 AM
a reply to: DeadCat

My theory has always relied on the 5th dimension being a reality, if a multiverse exists, dreams are reality - just your own conscienceness from another universe
so.. if this multiverse exists, the dreams you dream are real, whether they are just artificial conjurations of your mind or a direct line of sight, you are seeing a universe with another 'you' that actually exists.

So my theory stands - dreams are another life seen through the same eyes.

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