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Peeping Tom and the King

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posted on May, 2 2016 @ 07:37 PM
Peeping Tom stood infront of the King and said -;" We need a world for people to believe in " The King stood silent..
Peeping Tom knew lies maybe couldnt save this Kingdom, but he knew the truth wouldnt set anyone free..
Peeping Tom tried to explain -;" It is not my world, i found a dragon and he speaks in words i fear yet makes me amazed " The King stood silent yet again..

And they both stood quiet for a while, until the sun was starting to set.

Then the King answered -;" The dragon spoke to me and he wants to take you on a journey. "

Peeping Tom did not know the Dragon has been watching him for some time..

Peeping Tom stood quiet, and thought for a while.. And answered the King -;" Let me think it for a while and i will reply. "

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