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Endless upward progression.

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posted on Apr, 30 2016 @ 12:32 PM
I speak the Truth as much as I can.
I am a young devotee of The Word,
and I will do what I can.
Because the time is now,
for the things that we need,
the place is here,
for the things that we seek.
So, please,
listen to these words that I am trying to speak.
I am freestyling this song and writing it down,
please wear a smile and don't you dare frown.
The Truth and Life is everywhere to be found.
Except within the mind, deceived all around.
Stop living in your head and dive into your Present,
It's the best gift from God you could ever imagine.
So go ahead, it's easy, you'll see,
Perseverance is all that you need.
When you live in the moment, you know that All is well.
It's the universe sending you it's best notes.
The ones that you need to hear to find the change that you seek.
It's at work in this song, as you might tell.
What's it, you ask? It's in your question.
It's the thing that you need to find the best in.
Yourself and everything you invest in.
The road is long, it's swell and it's hell.
The reason for this is plain to see.
When you take 1 away from 0 you get -1.
when you take what you want you leave negativity.
But if you add one to -1 you get zero. if you minus a negative you get a positive.
Then you put that 1 in to get zero again.
The cycle never stops, its a boundless upward progression.
Let me phrase that a little bit differently.
So many people take what they 'need' and grab all they can,
desperately seeking their salvation of positivity
but in reality only create ever more negativity.
If you benefit the world around you,
you forcibly bring plus into being. When you embrace pain and suffering,
you are ensuring that the amount of minus is inherently decreasing.
Let this be an Anthem, let it march in your Soul,
when you make plus in the world and take minus for yourself, everything cancels out to 0.
by living at one with the world in 0, only something can come from nothing.
the world turns plus and give it to you, leaving you plus and the world minus.
so you start it again, now as a spiritual being,
pouring in plus and taking minus to return to zero and do it again.

posted on Apr, 30 2016 @ 12:47 PM
This song is incomplete.

It is a part of a two piece inspired writing. One story and one song. The story is incomplete too, but ill share it as well.


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