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Traumatizing Babies = Manufactured MPD?

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posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 07:39 AM

Originally posted by aleon1018
I have vague recollections of alters and little to no information or aquiring these alters knowledge that apparently spoke other languages also. I was given a recording of at least one of my alleged alters and it was stolen/manipulated by a now ex-friend of mine. To the best of my recall, most of the tape was giberish and a few German words here and there. The end of the tape was supposedly much more accurate and involved.

Most of the past 5 years has been some recall of missing time memories. Many of which appear to involve the paranormal and not just alters. One name which was used to allegedly call this one alter I had also recalled meeting in person. Apparently, not human either. Delusions or false memories, I'm not sure anymore.

I've recalled smashed cars, a few of them flattened and many of them were apparently police cars. Not something I'm capable of having done either. Interesting special effects though.

It's my guess that MK ultra and it's paranormal connections have been around for a very long time or what was formerly known as demonic or spiritual possessions. Much of which seem to be more closely related to the alien and abduction scenarios. Pretty much a part of everything as if some extreme grandiose delusion.

Again, no proof yet, if ever. (yawn)

Thanks for your experiences there. It sounds like you are dealing with these feelings pretty well, is that right?

You say you've had your alters on tape. What do you recall when it was played for you? The words spoken in German could be indicative of what is called "Greenbaum" programming, as supposedly Mengele was involved in training these kids and that was his alias for these purposes. I have no proof of course.

As for memories of smashed cars, lots of things get done or resolved in wrecking yards, at least in Hollywood. Smashed cars might indicate something like that. I also agree that the paranormal gets mixed in there also. Are 'demons' sometimes alters personalities? It is interesting to consider.

Thanks for posting and feel free to talk more. If there is anything to this whole story, then it is imperitive that humanity expose it and stop it. Thanks for contributing to that.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 12:57 PM
reply to post by smallpeeps

Since the thread is about babies, I guess I should mention my earliest recall was at the age of 3 years old. Many of these events do seem to have been staged in some way. After recalling so many bizarre things, it kinda sucks not remembering vivid details. I don't think my life will ever be the same recalling these events, illusions or delusions.

It's not easy to verbalize and I don't care to discuss these events with my therapist. He's basically cut me off anyway and it seems delusional or crazy anyway. Besides, I'm just not very good at telling stories in person.(either)

I'm not over it and saddened by the lack of any proof. The tape, I'm pretty sure, wasn't in my possession very long. I would have to probably go under hypnosis to recall these events in any detail. I do recall having seen one who visited me in my home when I was a kid.

I guess it was more like an exorcist event that failed.

There were supposedly other languages such as Aramaic, Chinese, Cherokee and others, but I don't recall the words. I do remember trying to learn a small few from books my father had. I've had my suspicions he worked for the CIA. I have my doubts he was in Dallas in 63 though.

Besides, the guy on the grassy knoll was said to be about 2 feet tall.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 04:03 PM

Originally posted by smallpeeps
Also let's recall that alchohol is also called "spirits" and I can say for certain in my experience that two things are true: 1: Alchohol enables alter spirits, and 2: Cannabis disables them and facilitates internal cohesion.

Very interesting insight. By internal cohesion, do you mean that it draws the alters into a single personality, or that they are less likely to emerge? If the former, I would have thought that cannabis would be of use on a therapeutic level…possibly? I know from my own experience of cannabis that it tends to create a passivity, or rather an ability to distance oneself from the ‘action’ so to speak, calms any anxiety response and instills an acceptance of even the worst of circumstances, making it seem less important to the head space. This in my opinion can be a good and a bad thing, as you are really only finding a short term relief from the situation as opposed to confronting the problems. Alcohol, presumably, lowers the inhibitions and would you agree that it would most likely, in such a case, bring forth the most dominant and/or aggressive personality? And, would I be right to assume that it is usually this personality that ‘deals’ with the abuse, or experiences the abuse in order to protect the ‘weaker’ personality aspects? Or does it, in your experience, create a conflict between the alters, as each wants to come forward due to the intoxication response?

Originally posted by smallpeeps
I can confirm that a ritually DID person will lose some of their dissociative cohesiveness if they are exposed to cannabis which was shown by MK Ultra to be actually DIScooperative in regards to hypnosis and programming. I do not think many people are aware of this truth but I have seen it happen for myself where a dissociative person will begin talking about their trauma while simultaneously afraid of the things they are saying. The truth will sometimes bubble out of them and it hurts but that's symptomatic of the drug's ability to heal. Alchohol has the opposite affect and actually strengthens or enables the alters to be more in control, in my experience.

I think it would help me if you could further explain what you mean by ‘dissociative cohesiveness’. I think I know what you mean and again, if that is the case, it would seem that it would serve as a useful therapeutic device.

What I was really leading to was ‘hard’ drug use. Heroin in particular, as that particular addiction can create further abusive and dependent relationships, and it is less ‘acceptable’, which in turn keeps the victim within the under-belly of society and criminalised. In such cases they will have considerable difficulty ‘escaping’ from their circumstances or have the ‘credibility’ required to break the cycle through legal means.

Originally posted by smallpeeps
Remember how Oswald was being interviewed on camera right after the capture and he said he was "Hoping someone will come forward to exonerate me" ...Now why would he say that? To me he looked like a little kid there on camera, hoping someone had not strung him out to dry.

Passivity, or dependence, or co-dependence, perhaps? Have you looked at Timothy McVeigh at all? Quite similar behavioural patterns, before, during and after, the only difference seeming to me that he ‘accepted’ his fate, or had been more thoroughly conditioned. I have read, in none too reputable sources so I cannot comment on the veracity, that McVeigh was visited by Dr Louis West up to fourteen times (there is some suggestion that this is why Chandra Levy was murdered because she queried the visits – it was evidently her responsibility to monitor visits to Federal institutions) while he was in custody. West famously examined Ruby shortly before his death and stated that he was insane and delusional. He was also a founding member of the False Memory Foundation, as well as annually, right up to his death, the recipient of millions in CIA funding.

Ahhh…thinking about it, do you mean that when the individual uses cannabis, they are able to talk about events experienced while in an alter personality…as in, it breaks down the mental compartmentalisation? Unifies the separate memories without the need for the ‘defensive personalities’?

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 04:06 PM
This is the M Kultra mind control program that seemed to originate from Mengle, and was incorporated into the mechanisms of our society across the board. In my opinion, if you scratch the surface of life just a little, you'll find feelers out for these programs in most public and private schools, and many institutions.
It has been said that is the main purpose for the satanic cult groups as well across the country, and that they were set up all over north america by the luciferean cartel.

We live in a completely different world than meets the eye.

posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 08:57 PM

Originally posted by KilgoreTrout
Very interesting insight. By internal cohesion, do you mean that it draws the alters into a single personality, or that they are less likely to emerge?

We can't discuss drug topics at ATS anymore, sorry, but this truth will have to stay hidden so we can get ATS lots of hits on Google, champion of freedom.

Mind Control tends not to trend highly with the Chinese Google subsidiaries, recent studies have shown.

Alcohol, presumably, lowers the inhibitions and would you agree that it would most likely, in such a case, bring forth the most dominant and/or aggressive personality?

I think it's legal for us to discuss alchohol on ATS because is is not "illicit" though it has been used to destroy native cultures covertly. Yes, it makes people into angry jerks much of the time, particularly if they are in a frame of mind which is focused on harm having been done to them.

We cannot talk about heroin's effect on the human body here at ATS, so I'll just say yes, you are right, people get hooked on heroin and shackled into their mind because of it. They feel worthless and the addicitve use perpetuates that feeling inside themselves making them more easily controlled.

I want to talk more about this KT, but the effects of drugs are not to be discussed here at ATS and even if it could free a lot of people globally, that truth cannot supercede the dynamics of the ATS future profit-schema and Google partnership. We cannot risk one post screwing up the search results and our rankings within them.

posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 10:05 PM
I'm familiar with the Operation Monarch writings, as well as the Illuminati Slave books and refuse to vouch for the validity of the claims made therein regarding the methods of creating a dissociated subject.

Those sorts of methods strike me as little more than sensationalist pseudoscientific ramblings in the hopes of swaying people to rely on the "wisdom" of their "church" through abusive fear mongering.

Not to mention those examples are just "completely over the top". There are other, less pronounced methods to induce that initial foundation of fear, distrust, etc.

I do, however, think there is a much more refined methodology behind the MKULTRA program, primarily because the entire nature of the military is based on obedience and efficiency. Not to mention we could look at any bootcamp and see tried and true methods of indoctrination in progress.


The other night I was reading this article regarding the manipulation of the reptilian brain by Clotaire Rapaille who was a child psychologist working with autistic children before deciding to move into the advertising industry.

Even though the abuse issue is not addressed directly, it does show how the three primary areas of the brain can be appealled to in order to achieve a desired efffect within certain demographics of people.

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posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 04:48 AM
Hey y'all, here's a bounce for the little peeps whose cries we cannot hear.

The plight of the young, on Earth, is reprehensible. This cannot be denied. Being born on Earth, means having a hard cruel life, unless you are very lucky to be born in certain good circumstances.

Let us never let this subject fall from the radar.

All those who denied the pursuit of truth will pay for their actions. That's not a threat, merely a statement of how the process of reciprocation works universally.

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