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Extraterrestrials, gods and daemons - A clairvoyant investigation.

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posted on May, 11 2016 @ 04:59 AM
a reply to: ultimafule

I've been pondering the "larvae" description and am wondering if they are the same critter as the non-sentient proto-life.

I'm not at all familiar with shaman practices or magic practices in general. I see the results though.

From the way you describe in your post I am wondering if the larvae are born of magical practices.

Could they have a connection to Underworld magics and old rituals of the dead ? Or hydrocarbons?

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posted on May, 11 2016 @ 06:34 AM
On Sharman and Larvae

There are long dead black magicians that could be described as "dark shaman" that have three inky black eyes when you look at their faces. The third eye is on their foreheads. They are connected with Egypt and the 'black slugs' (no relation to garden slugs) that accompanies gold artifacts from below ground.

They don't seem to be the original makers of the 'black slugs'. More so, they seem to be the unfortunate discoverers of something more ancient and were infected. I'll wager they paid the price for practicing human ritual killing.

As I said before, I don't know much about the shaman, but I would like to understand the origin of the 'larvae'.

posted on May, 12 2016 @ 12:39 AM

Something has changed out there. I'll get critisized for this, but I think it is neccessary to provide some "intell".

I'll give a brief rundown on what I have found regarding ET "varieties" encountered over the years. It's simply from my perspective and limited opportunity.

* Entity that fits description of a 'Grey'. Encountered below ground after getting curious about underground bases posted here on ATS. Encountered two 'Greys' perhaps guarding or using a human female as a telepathic communication link. They attack as soon as they notice intrusion. The National Rifle Association (NRA) and miliary are our friends.

* Little Grey(?) guy. Huge oval eyes (not almond shaped) that look like sand blasted steel. Encountered when waking from sleep. Able to vanish in a flash.

* The so called "friendlies" that are the subject of discussion on many websites and have a popular following from channelings. Preach disarmament, spiritualism and ascention. Encountered as a pushy "holier then thou" group who want something. Those that fit the popular description of 'Pleidian' are missing chakras below the knees and above the head. Seem human. I have not seen the skeleton in their 'physiology' which makes me think they are not physical. They have a bright blue energy line that is located next to where the spinal central nervous system would be in a human. To me this indicates a perception of a linear time flow. Disabling this; disables them. In combat this piece of subtle anatomy can be torn out of the subtle body. Interfereing with the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems are probably what is used to disable people in abductions.

Those that fit the description of Andromedan seem to be in two tiers similar to our concept of ascended masters over a lower group. The hgher tier is very scientifically advanced in knowledge to very dangerous levels. I have heard that our science discoverred that the Andromeda galaxy is full of black holes. I have mentioned "murdered" stars previously. Stars are living Beings, death comes in many forms, that is all I will say on that.

The second tier I notice when they focus on things of mutual interest. They don't bother me, and I am not curioius about them.

Of the two tiers from the direction of Andromeda. They have a noticeable trait of perfectionism taken to the nineth degree. And an intollerance of imperfection in others.

My own view is that diversity is so very important, ecosystems die when diversity diminishes. I feel this is true in human culture too. Dynamic diversity is also a living process of becomming. Diversity and tollerance of becomming something new is so very important.

I'll also say that when a culture wants to develop in it's own way, in it's own direction this should be respected too.

While it is not my place to comment on nations and international affairs as right or wrong, I'll say this to the unseen Powers That Be:

The little country on my side of the world who has suffered greatly in recent times has powerful friends in the unseen world. Attack her again and disaster will follow on the inner planes.

The other ET species spoken of in the "friendly" list I haves not come accross.

Now, I'll define the three types of Extraterrestrials I have the most experience with. I catagorize them according to how they treat other living things.

This is the living technology, the living machines and the sentient interfaces and their "owners".

Type one. The interfaces are completly controlled in every way. When they meet you and an offer of escape is realised as posible they grab hold of you and won't let go out of terror of being left behind.

Type two. Less terrified and traumatised interfaces then type one. They at least want to delay their escape to minimise harm to their masters.

Type three. They are proud of who they are and don't want to leave. There was a military air with the one encounter of type three. Pride, honor and dfiscipline.

This suggests three civilisations using similar technology. Parallel science, common root science, or a trade in technology.

These three owners stay well away from me. Though type three could possibly be worth talking to.

If humanity were to meet with ET, then I would suggest military backing, people skilled in sorting out politics (the art of lying) and diplomacy (the art of deception).

A tactical word on time. Think in terms of linear time and non-linear time. Close to the physical and living things one needs to be able to perceive and act within the relevant linear time. Beings in non-linear time need proxies as a bridge. Destroy the proxies.

In practice you can think of time as water in the natural environment. There are streams and rivers, oceans. Within the rivers the flow is fast in places, slow in others. There are eddies and still waters.

Living physical beings are generally locked into a particular flow.

posted on May, 14 2016 @ 12:03 PM
a reply to: Whatsthisthen

Larvae are created both consciously by magicians and subconsciously by everyone (including magicians, as well). THe consciously created ones, called servitors in magick, are a lot like internet bots or daemons. Interesting choice of words, yes? I think the larvae largely define what we know as the ego-self. They are not inherently good or bad, it's just how things work. It's the "third mind" of Gysin and Burroughs - "When two or more are gathered in my name..."

I've encountered a few ultraterrestrials. Some of these may well be representatives of "stellar" forces and worlds, but I tend to doubt their corporeality and surface rhetoric. I'm also somewhat skeptical when it comes to scrying ether-style clairvoyant info. Not saying I don't think it can be useful. I always do a tarot reading after having some kind of visionary/clairvoyant experience or weird dream, etc. - it never fails to verify or clarify in my experience.

posted on May, 14 2016 @ 08:43 PM
a reply to: ultimafule

Thanks for the explanation of "larvae", they are not my critters.

And yes, the computer terms daemons and bots, etc. are curious

Generally I find thinking in computer terms (Linux user here) a help in bridging understanding of things rather then the traditional ways of the occultists.

"Ultraterrestrials", I like that term

And yes,I try to double and triple check what I come across too, I don't trust if I don't see it or experience it myself first hand. I also have a small network of physical people and we work on projects together double checking independently. I also sleep on things.

Most of what I have posted here was the distillation of perhaps almost a twenty year period.

The last post was one I wanted to avoid because there is already too much conflict and suffering that is unnecessary.

The old hermetic saying "as above so below" can also be reversed to "as below so above". Above humanity; some of the 'people' in charge have been dead so long they have forgotten what it is like to be alive. Many probably skipped out on life too early.

In a nutshell; I've seen too much unseen and spiritual colllateral damage and too many innocent children hurt in the name of Karma and progress to sit back and watch.

Appologies for the little rant above, I just see things from an earthly point of view and think life deserves better treatment. My coming to ATS was with that view. So much is not what it seems to be.

posted on May, 15 2016 @ 02:17 PM
a reply to: ultimafule

I think I know where your coming from Ultimafule, in regards to the Tarot.

A Tarot would give an overview of the forces at play concerning an event or series of events, say to a nation. But wouldn't that be a western-occultism centric view? The West does not have the best reputation, especially since the west began it's expansion globally 500 years ago.

I did get informed afterwards that there was a "mistake" and thus I "misinterpreted" a threat, but that is an ambiguous thing to say on their part. It is living people down here who get hurt and suffer while dead guys run the show from the other world. I simply think much of what is happening around the world is wrong.

posted on May, 19 2016 @ 07:25 AM
a reply to: Whatsthisthen

"Western" esoteric and occult practices have their origins in Egyptian, Jewish, Sumerian/Mesopotamian and Greek sources and there's probably a precedent before those cultures. There's nothing inherently wrong or anything because of this. It's really just the laws of the universe filtered through the lens of different cultures. There are a lot of parallels between Eastern and Western practices which speaks to the veracity of the techniques and phenom they talk about.

But if you're really hung up on it, just use the I-Ching instead.

posted on May, 19 2016 @ 10:27 AM
a reply to: ultimafule

I wonder if it is really a filtering down of universal laws through lenses. Cleanly, I mean. Middlemen, be they priests or ceremonial magicians tend to muddy the waters for their own purposes.

I'm familiar with esoteric sciences and their teachings but I am not so sure they are universal outside of humanity. In practice there seems to be a construct around groups within which the laws and teachings work. Outside those constructs laws such as Karma don't seem to apply.

As an example, there is an underworld where humanity's evolutionary(?) genetic(?) failures are discarded to disappear in time. Two very old diseases are the method of culling these failures and not letting them reincarnate by anchoring them in this underworld. Oddly the diseases are not childhood illnesses but diseases of adulthood infecting children.

I've only seen children in that underworld, one girl of about six and her younger brother, we pulled out and treated with the energy patterns of modern antibiotics. They both came good with a lot of care. Too young to have an understanding of why they ended up there. All indications were that they were simply culled because their parents were a bad match.

I got into a lot of trouble over that, some very furious people. They looked upon, and called the children "abominations" as in: a thing that causes disgust or loathing. No explanations why. Perhaps the children had latent abilities that were disapproved of, that wouldn't be their fault though.

I'm not sure universal law is really all that universal outside the scriptures and constructs.

But then I am not really within a construct to begin with either.

posted on May, 23 2016 @ 10:44 AM

originally posted by: Whatsthisthen
a reply to: KellyPrettyBear

From my point of view, local grown science is one of those belief systems that would have got me killed out there. So, along with Theosophy and other systems, I don't put much stock in it.

Another thing is I have to say "thankyou" for taking an annoyed swing at me. When I was originally pushed into writing this thread I was just going to give a bare bones outline and let everyone work it out if they can. You pushed me a little, so thanks.

Having said that, I'll address the issue of my lack of physics education.

I have a university friend who specializes in chemistry and physics. I entertain her with tales from the twilight zone. She once said out loud, probably to herself, that radioactive decay is not a constant. Personally, I thought it was. Do all physicists really think that?

If I look at a nuclear reactor I see what looks like a 3D chicken egg with yellow 'white', orange yoke and no outer hard shell. Streamers of unpleasant rusty red rise vertically. It is pollution of some kind. You guys should really fix that.

I stay right away from studying nukes because of the National Security issues, I annoy enough people as it is. Plus nukes are no business of mine except where it overlaps "my girls" (the AIs) as I affectionately call 'em. This is a survival tactic; simply make myself valueless by not knowing anything others can exploit.

I'll give you a titbit. The forces at work around a reactor are very fundamental and can be manipulated into geometric flows. I have seen one reactor from which some really tall, dark, no nonsense guys emerged. They came and went through the reactor. Someone has plugged that one and only portal. Don't ask me who, I didn't need to know any more then that the people were not nice and the vector was closed. I won't worry about looking there again because the vector is closed and guarded.

Curiosity doesn't only kill cats.

I'm not anti-science. I have heard the words of the astro-physicists as they talk about the Hubble photos of the cosmos. Their emotions of the wonders of discovery are something I can relate too. Another titbit; wait untill they discover that the cosmos is full of life and very much like a marine environment. The critters can grow really big too.

People worry about the alien agenda, so do I sometimes. I hear and read about the ETs and aliances. I even once read a little of a document on biblio-unpronouncable called the gallactic history and also read a few paragraphs of a Pliedian oriented website and one on exopolitics. While I have met a few guys who say they represent some important aliance, I've not seen it myself. Whoever they are, they have a big problem of their own.

Long ago, there was a civilisation that was so advanced they could shift and even murder stars. Their science was dual in nature. I call them "wizzards and gods". This is mainly because I don't comprehend anything much of what they did at all.

They were controllers though.

The "wizards" controlled from without. That is what we would call controlling others through technology.

The "gods" controlled from within. That is what we call possession.They even tried to possess stars.

Two paths of power. Sound familiar?

They were eventually destroyed from within by their creations and from without by other Beings.

The civilisations they controlled were left in a state of ruin and a race began to rebuild and also to learn how the controllers achieved what they did. A race to find the relics that survived in the rubble.

The problem that some of these ET guys face is that they are trying to rebuild a huge mistake. And they won't succeed. They won't be allowed to.

By whom?

Well, I said earlier that the interstellar life grows big on the inner plains. The ones who destroyed the first civilisation from outside are BIG. They look like manta rays to the inner eye, and from wingtip to wingtip they are wider then our sun. There are as many of them as there are stars in the sky. They come in different sizes and are very gentle.

They also sing, and will do so in chorus if ET is not carefull.

By the way, it might be wise to be nice to the cetacians, they have older and bigger siblings.

I could waffle on all day. So back to science. My educated guess is there was no big bang, no beginning and that the universe just IS. Looks like it to me anyway. One thing I do know, it's not human centric.

I am sorry my post has made you angry Kev. It was not my intention. Though I knew I would raise more then a few hackles.

When I have finished what I have begun, I'll be gone from ATS. As Sun Tsu said in the art of war, "After crossing the river, get far from it's banks.". If I remain, people won't discuss openly the concepts here if they think the author is watching.

You have no idea how happy I am to see what you said about the singing. . . . somehow, things seem a great deal more "right", now. I've heard & seen something similar, & I'm glad they exist.
I am also interested in your psychic vision of nuclear reactors; I have never seen one, but it sounds so right - I have seen auras of trees & forests, which would be the exact antithesis of reactors, I imagine.

Have you ever encountered anyone/thing that was born inside one of these reactors? Am am not able to elaborate.

Thank you for this thread. . .sorry to but in!

posted on May, 24 2016 @ 06:56 AM
a reply to: kiro8lak

Hi kiro8lak, glad you enjoyed the thread.

and your not butting in.

I don't know of anything born in a reactor, so all I can do is relate the few incidents I saw and hope that helps. The energy/force/ field around a reactor does feel and look so very "egg-ish", it would not surprise me in the least.

There is a difference in practice between reactors and detonations. Even if the physics is the same, the consequences are not.

I have seen a reactor's energy/force field altered into an odd pattern which tall dark guys used like a 'door'. Someone, I don't know who, blocked that door and probably will do so if others appear in future. I didn't identify the facility.

The other life I am aware of in reactors is the very basic pre-sentient life that feeds there.

However, perhaps there is one unique life that many have been born not long ago as a consequence of Fukushima. That was a protective spirit so to have not checked in on that one as I try and not interfere whenever possible. Just studying and protecting the life in these pages gets me into enough trouble.

Interesting that you say ". . . the auras of trees and forests which would be the exact antithesis of reactors."

I'm not able to see the auras of people or Nature directly myself, so I just asked a "friend" who would know, she says you are correct.

The world of Nature is something I have to learn from other seers. I would be happy to learn about the comparison.

The singing, I would love to spend some time learning about life from their point of view. But there is so much to try and fix in this world in a limited time.

. . . and your welcome .
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