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Tamir Rice/Michael Brown/LaVoy Finicum: ALL Wrongful Deaths for the SAME Reason...

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posted on May, 1 2016 @ 11:18 PM

originally posted by: Boadicea
a reply to: BelowLowAnnouncement

I may agree with your premise on occasions where the victim is innocent. But with criminals? Michael Brown? He was a victim of his own stupid decisions, not a victim of the police. We live in a society, there are rules. He didn't have to fight with the police, he was just trying violently to avoid taking responsibility for his actions. He forced the situation, not the police.

Except it is not up to police to determine guilt nor to impose punishment. It is the job of officers to protect and defend life -- ALL lives -- and to arrest those suspected of crimes. It is not the job of officers to play judge, jury and executioner.

Again, no matter what Michael Brown did or did not do, Officer Wilson had no right to create and escalate a dangerous and life-threatening situation; but Officer Wilson had every responsibility -- both moral and legal -- to protect and defend Michael Brown's life and to do anything and everything necessary and proper to avoid such a situation... Once he did create that dangerous and life-threatening situation, Michael Brown had every right to protect and defend himself. By the actions Officer Wilson took, HE forced the situation... not Michael Brown.

Oh please! I do not condone violence but You can't be so naïve. All governments on earth derive THEIR POWER through violence and will always resort to violence to get it's way. If Mike Brown would have gotten off the road and listened to the officer He would still be alive but He didn't. Mike brown didn't do the smart thing but He pulled an idiot and attacked a cop which lead to Him getting killed. I might not be the smartest guy on earth but I would assume if You attack a Man with a gun the likelihood of getting shot escalates considerably. So please stop acting like Mike Browns parents and Mike Brown Himself didn't share some responsibility for Mike Brown getting killed for His foolishness.

posted on May, 1 2016 @ 11:25 PM
a reply to: sean

You summed that up very well, and brought up many good points. Thank you!

There was nothing necessary, much less proper, about the way LaVoy Finicum was killed. The coverup is crazy. The Feds won't even turn over all their evidence to the defendants, and there's some kind of gag order on all of the defendants but I haven't been able to nail down exactly what yet. The Las Vegas Review Journal have filed an objection in court against the Feds request for a protective order to seal evidence/information:

RJ fights government secrecy in Bunkerville standoff case

If approved by a federal judge, the government protective order would “impede the rights” of the Review-Journal and other news outlets to cover a case of “local and national importance,” McLetchie said.

The order protects “virtually all documents produced by the government from disclosure” and fails to “articulate good cause for denying the public access to information about this prosecution,” she added.

McLetchie asked U.S. Magistrate Judge Peggy Leen to let the Review-Journal and Battle Born Media, which publishes weekly newspapers in rural Nevada, intervene in the high-profile criminal case and voice their opposition to the government’s secrecy push.

The Feds also want the defendants barred from releasing any evidence/information to the public. That may be why they haven't turned it all over yet -- They're waiting for the judge's ruling on the protective order.
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posted on May, 1 2016 @ 11:37 PM
a reply to: jkm1864

Please. I am a citizen, not a subject. I will always expect and demand more from a trained and armed law enforcement officer than I will from an 18-year-old manboy fresh out of high school.

As I already explained, Officer Wilson had an obligation to protect life -- not to create a volatile situation. Whatever Michael Brown did or did not do, Officer Wilson alone is responsible and criminally liable for what Officer Wilson did to provoke and escalate a confrontation which resulted in Officer Wilson killing a person.

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