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Sun's Rays

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posted on Apr, 29 2016 @ 10:01 PM
The Sun's rays grace my skin, my flesh praises its every gaze. The warmth it could provide, what weather could unfurl. And beneath it all I lay, bare with all my sin. So dear won't you come and ask me anything? For I hold no lock and wish to have no secret.

The Sun's rays upon me lay brandishing unto me a mark. A mark of sin, a mark sent to Death, and I the one to die. So I clambered upon my knees and begged for some way out.

Thus unto me a great lord to carry my sin and to live beneath this burden of pain and suffering. To beg no more any graces, lest I shall be hurdled down the depths of Hell.

So I lay beneath the ray of sunlight. Darling, won't you dare to ask me anything, for which I would answer? I lay here with all my sin, and dare not to give some lie. I lay beneath here and I lay here dying for all the hurt I've done. Cry not for me, care not at all. For with my death, the world free of sin.

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