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The Mandela Effect Can No Longer Be Denied: Berenstein Was The Tip of The Iceberg

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posted on Apr, 8 2018 @ 01:11 AM
Logos are changed by the makers. This happens quite a lot

posted on Jun, 26 2018 @ 04:35 PM
I have found the Berenstein name alive and well!!

For those of us who know the Berenstein side of life and consider it a stain on our collective social history to be dumb enough to believe that memories are infallible (never was a claim by me!) and other some such arguments about selective memory and all the repetitive posts showing studies that yeah, a single memory is susceptible because that was never in question either! At least by me. We get it! Memories are not perfect!

But when you sit there and watch an internet website change from "Townsend" (as in Pete, The Who's guitarist/song writer) to the ever present and way it will always be spelled, "Townshend" it is nice just to see name in print as you remember it being.

So with the Berenstein Bears surname! This has nothing to do with proving anybody wrong. It is about those of us who feel comfort in a childhood memory just looking like it should be!

In nuclear physics, specifically plasma physics, there is an effect in plasma where electrostatic waves form in plasma. There is a treasure trove of articles on plasma physics that will make you smile with recognition! (arXiv:1103.4484v2) - A survey of electron Bernstein wave heating and current drive potential for spherical tokamaks. (free PDF) - Ultra-relativistic electrostatic Bernstein waves.

My google search using "berenstein waves plasma physics" (even then they wanted to "correct" the spelling, bastids).

When the world gets you down with the ever present stain of humanity, visit the land where the name lives on... in plasma physics research!

Gone but not forgotten!

posted on Jan, 20 2020 @ 08:20 PM
Can I send you a PM? I am new here to ATS but I have a question about ME Thank youa reply to: TombEscaper

posted on Nov, 5 2020 @ 08:45 AM

originally posted by: homeskillet
Does anyone own an old copy of a Reba Mcentire/Mcentyre album ? That should clear some confusion up.

No, it shouldn't. You're not thinking fourth-dimensionally!

If something was recently changed IN THE PAST, then the time-ripple would have affected everything from that point forward into the future (except our memory for some reason). Therefore, no matter how old the album is, it won't clear up any confusion, it will have the changed name on it.

Why do people not understand THIS core thing about Mandela Effect? No amount of digging in the past, no matter how deep, will be any proof one way or another, as when things changed, they didn't change just for modern things, they changed for the WHOLE timeline (not that time is a line, but terminology doesn't exist for this kind of explanations).

Many people seem to think that there was a time in this timeline, when the 'old name' was used, and THEN it was changed at some point near this point in time, near past, so if we just dig deep enough into the past, we can see if the name changed or not. People think so linearly and one-dimensionally about this.

If someone changes something in the past, then that something will obviously be changed from that point forward, so the 'new name' will 'always have been the name' in that timeline.

So basically it's not that the name was changed, it's that the TIMELINE was changed, so that the name was 'always the new name' in this changed timeline. If the change was observed only 1 year ago, it doesn't change the fact that the new version can be find in products from 10, 40 or 80 years ago.

Sigh.. should I even bother?

posted on Nov, 5 2020 @ 08:49 AM
a reply to: DonnieJanusDarko

Something similarly weird happened to me - not sure, if it's Mandela Effect, but maybe worth noting within all the weirdness that's going on.

I was reading Mad Magazine before going for grocery shopping. They had a spoof of 'The Jerk' (an old movie with Steve Martin). It rang a bell, maybe I had seen it a long time ago, and it seemed funny, so I decided to find and watch that movie and fully read the spoof AFTER the movie, so I will get more out of it.

So I watched the movie, it was more annoying than funny, but I thought, at least I can now read that spoof.

I couldn't find it. I checked every single MAD Magazine I had, and it was nowhere to be found. I rechecked and tried to be as thorough as possible, I checked many years during that era fully - nothing. What the heck? I wouldn't even have known to watch that movie if it hadn't been for that spoof!

I finally found a list of all spoofs of movies in Mad Magazines.. 'The Jerk' wasn't even on the list. What... how is this even possible?

Well, things like this have been happening to me a lot. For me, the biggest effects are Australia, New Zealand, human anatomy and Dolly's Braces.

posted on Nov, 5 2020 @ 08:58 AM

originally posted by: GoShredAK
I'm mostly in the CERN boat. It seems feasible to me that the LHC Is altering the fabric of time.

I think we should avoid jumping to (easy) explanations, just like the onlookers should avoid jumping to easy conclusions.

In my opinion, LHC and Cern can't have such power as to move a planet from an edge of a galaxy to a completely different point. Otherwise, it might be a feasible and interesting explanation, but when you think of ALL the implications, it has to be something more powerful than a planetary tech. The energy required is massive, and to be able to do something like this without anyone even noticing... kind of makes my head confused.

You may be right yet, but I just can't wrap my head around ANY explanation that anyone has given, or any that I have been trying to conjure up and think about. I just can't imagine an explanation that would fit all the facts. Even if I could explain moving a continent, how the heck do I explain moving of a whole planet (or even the whole solar system)? Even if I could explain that, then how the heck do I explain it happening in a way that doesn't disturb people's lives AT ALL?

How can some details change, but yet some others just remain EXACTLY as I remember them, including some decades old, very tiny and complex details. How?

posted on Nov, 5 2020 @ 09:10 AM

Atlantis is a myth and although very few (if any) scientists may believe it really exists

Do people still believe this lie?

Atlantis is definitely not a myth. How do you think 'Atlantic Ocean' got its name? You can still basically see the remnants of where it used to be when you use Google Earth, and even where Mu was.

There are other sources of information than Plato and 'scientists'. Do scientists really BELIEVE things? I thought they were 100% empirists.

In any case, Atlantis doesn't require beliefs, it doesn't require the modern anti-God so many seem to worship (science this, science that, scientists have said this or that - although science has made so many mistakes and errors they haven't been able to fix and produced so much cruelty, with their ongoing nihilism and denying of real science, which is the Divine Creator - 'science' that creates more and more effective weapons so more people can be murdered more efficiently, doesn't deserve to even be called 'science').

Atlantis existed, and was a very advanced and spiritually cultivated civilization with a trained priest-class - true priests are spiritually trained people that can handle energy fluctuations, emotions and opening of spiritual abilities. But as this happened, most people weren't able to, so a slave and master-classes started to form on Atlantis more and more clearly, so in the end, the millions of enslaved people had no other hope but to wish for death.

Normally, a human being's telepathic and telekinetic abilities are not that great, but when millions of people, whose lower spiritual abilities are opened powerfully wish for the same thing, it has an irresistible force on reality. So it was not a coincidence that when Mallona exploded (a planet that used to be in our solar system somewhere between Mars and Jupiter) Earth's other moon (called Azatlan

posted on Nov, 5 2020 @ 09:28 AM

originally posted by: EequalsMC2
Almost as dumb as flat earth tards.

You don't even see how you are manipulated, do you?

Flat Earth stuff is 'damage control', it's an ingenious ploy to make masses avoid the difficult topics, because now they associate ANYTHING 'odd' with 'flat earth', so they can easily dismiss everything that is against the official story by just some crazy theories by people who don't understand reality, and continue their slave wage path without worry.

If there wasn't 'flat earthers', things like Mandela Effect, or certain whistleblowers about official stories couldn't be dismissed so easily and readily. I have to hand it to them.

"Official Story Wrong?? What?? Oh, it's like Flat Earth. How ridiculous! Nothing to see here, ahh."

It's amazing, how effective it has been. And you just eat it hook, line and sinker..

No one is stupid enough to REALLY believe flat earth, their body language reveals it. Ok, maybe some are, but there's definitely a deep reason for someone keeping this stupidity alit. It's an agenda, don't fall for it.

Mandela Effect is completely different from the 'flat earth' stuff.

1) Flat Earth-stuff is generated because of an agenda that it directly helps. Follow the money, etc. Doesn't work with Mandela Effect. No one benefits.

2) Flat Earth is a ridiculous, easily disprovable THEORY that some people just CHOOSE to believe, no one forces them to think Earth is flat. With Mandela Effect, it's more like reality slams you in the face with a hammer, and nothing makes sense. It's more like a Twilight Zone episode, where you 100% KNOW how and what something is, but everyone around you swears it has always been completely different. I have found many Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes that actually show what the experience is like.

Mandela Effect victims do not choose this, they don't WANT this, they don't benefit from this, they HATE it, and they don't have explanation or agenda or anything like that behind it. They just want the world to make sense, but they just KNOW things were one way, and now they have 'always been the other way'. Mandela Effect is not a CHOICE, it either happens to you, or it doesn't, and there's no explanation for any of it. Flat Earthers at least think there is an explanation (even if they can't come up with a rational one).

Flat Earthers can change their view any time they want, any time someone proves to them Earth is round, and some people have come around to the rational side. This can't happen with Mandela Effect, because it's like sky suddenly being not only green, but always have been green. How sure would you be that no, it's blue. Think if you had to accept it being green, and it being blue was just a 'memory problem' that you somehow choose... how insulted would you feel?

3) Flat Earth is a THEORY. You can freely believe it or not, you can research it, you can have opinions about it.

Mandela Effect is NOT a theory. You can't choose whether to 'believe' it or not, you can't have an opinion about it. You know it as sure as you know your own name or your parents' face, or anything you know as surely as you can know anything.

It's like if the letters L and S suddenly switched places on keyboard - and it was ALWAYS this way suddenly. How would you react?

Flat Earth is just agenda first, and secondly, someone believing the most ridiculous arguments and being swayed by them, without testing or researching. Testing and researching, doing experiments, etc. can reveal how things really are.

I am open to any tests that would somehow prove that Mandela Effect didn't happen after all. But it's a different thing. in Mandela Effect, you would have to prove that Dolly never had braces. But 'never' doesn't mean THIS timeline, you would somehow have to prove she didn't have braces on ANY timelines (or whatever it is).

It's impossible to prove. You can only prove she never had braces on THIS timeline, but you can't prove that we weren't ever in a timeline, where she actually had them. You can do experiments to prove Earth is round - it's up to the individual as to whether to decide that proof is convincing or not (to me, it is), but there are NO experiments you can do about Mandela Effect.

Dolly not having braces is a FACT, no one is denying it. But I, among so many others, CLEARLY remember Dolly actually having had braces, thinking it was a cute and perfectly humorous moment, when BOTH of them reveal 'metal teeth' to each other, and are truly 'meant to be together'. It made so much sense and I remember laughing about it.

But Dolly never had braces in this timeline, so anything that can be proven in this timeline, is just that she never had braces in this timeline. It doesn't mean it's just a memory thing, if people have switched timelines, or if timeline has been changed.

Of course this kind of explanations just go way beyond what some people can accept as possibilities in reality, so they HAVE to explain it without taking any kind of 'reality manipulation' or 'timeline traveling/changing' into account, and we arrive at the point where victims of Mandela Effect are unfairly and illogically compared to flat-earthers, although they have nothing in common.

I guess it LOOKS like they're similar things from someone's perspective that has never been a victim of Mandela Effect, and can't take into account anything but the most nihilistic worldviews..

The difference is, no one CHOOSES to be victim of Mandela Effect. Believe me, there was a time, when I was kindly laughing a bit at Mandela Effect people, saying 'they are going a bit too far with this'. I can understand what it's like to be on both sides of this particular fence, and I can assure you there's nothing wrong with the rationality or memory of Mandela Effect victims. We are not crazy. We are not misremembering. There's something else happening, no matter _how_ unrealistic and 'fantastic' it may seem to people that are not suffering from this effect.

It's basically an unfortunate happenstance, it's not something anyone chooses, so could people PLEASE have some more compassion. Thank you.

posted on Nov, 5 2020 @ 09:29 AM

originally posted by: Hyperboles
Logos are changed by the makers. This happens quite a lot

Yes. But this has nothing to do with Mandela Effect. No one would bat an eye of it was only about a corporation changing its logo.

It's about reality changing, not about logo changing. When the reality changes, the logo has ALWAYS been the logo it never was before reality changed. You are not thinking fourth-dimensionally.

posted on Nov, 5 2020 @ 09:31 AM

But, what is your intended point with your insistence that this only affects North Americans?

It certainly affects people all over the world. I have visited USA, but I have never really lived there, I have lived most of my life thousands of kilometers away from that particular country.

posted on Nov, 5 2020 @ 09:52 AM
Maybe I can say a few words about the whole 'empath' business.

I can only theorize about why people get irritated by usage of such unusual terminology when referring to yourself..

..but what kind of irks me about it is:

a) It feels like unnecessary egoism and pedestalizing yourself in the expense of your fellow discussers
b) Takes focus away from the topic at hand
c) Looks like you are saying you're the only one that can have empathy, while all the other people don't have this ability
d) You do not define it, so it becomes a bit confusing statement "I am an empath". Fine, then I am a "sympath". See how it can create confusion?
e) It's not normal everyday language that people use, so it feels pompous and pretentious at the same time. Oh, you belong to some elite class most people don't? Aren't YOU special... (Just to describe how it feels, not an attack)
f) For someone that's somehow super empathetic, 'empaths' seem very clueless to people's reactions to their unusual and sudden 'empath' declarations. Surely an empath would be able to predict and feel people's reactions and the reasons for those reactions before (or after) using this kind of word?
g) In a way, it looks like people that say "I am a doctor, and I want breakfast!". As if them being 'doctor' makes them more important than others, so they deserve special, preferential treatment.
h) You don't explain what the point of calling yourself an 'empath' is. What's the end result of that? Why do that? Why is it important? What does it change? Are you suddenly better discusser?
i) It seems like you are putting other people down, declaring yourself to be more 'human' than others, because only you rare 'empaths' can have the full range of humanity, and include empathy towards others, when in reality, we ALL have the abilty to be empathetic, people just choose to use it differently and in different amounts in different situations.
j) It seems unrealistic - are you really empathetic towards every single individual you meet, including cashiers, clerks, the man that stares you creepily in the crowd, the invisible Linux-nerd in the corner, the woman that flirts with your husband? No one here believes you 'empaths' are any better than anyone else, so it comes off as eye-rollingly corny and cringy that you try to imply so.

You have faults just like everyone else, and we all know it. When you suddenly declare yourself an 'empath', it's like saying you are suddenly a flawless angel and your word CAN NOT BE QUESTIONED, and you float above us earthworms, and you glow your mercy upon us if you are in a good mood, and we better just know our place and look up to your divine mercy enviously..

Ok, I got a bit carried away, but these are a few pointers to answer your question about 'why people freak out if you say you are an empath'.

I advice you 'empaths' to just be empathetic enough to realize it's not a good idea to call yourself an 'empath', and just talk about the topic at hand, stop making yourself an exhibition and just enjoy the mystery of Mandela Effect and the conversation. Don't call yourself 'indigo', 'crystal', 'empath', 'unicorn', 'spirit healer' or whatnot. Just talk about the topic, please. There are more important things than stroking your own egos, you know. (No offence)

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posted on Nov, 5 2020 @ 10:06 AM

Well your original reply was to ask me what is more likely faulty memory or science fiction space travel.

People don't seem to understand that it's this VERY thing that makes Mandela Effect the most FRUSTRATING ailment ever.

I don't want to accept that reality has changed, or something SO unimaginably fantastic is going on that I can't even wrap my head around most of it. I don't want the Mandela Effect, I WANT the world to make sense, and to be explainable by my tiny brain from my tiny frog-perspective.

It's not like people have a choice and they stubbornly choose the 'unrealistic' explanation out of just being so stupid or so crazy.

It's not like people just misremember and rather believe they're right out of just being jerks and refuse to accept the reality.

It's a SHOCKING experience - I know perfectly well that no one could just move a planet from one place in a galaxy to another without constellations changing and without anyone noticing. I have no explanation for it, and I know exactly how fantastic it sounds. I would LOVE to be able to just choose to believe in the easiest and most mundane explanation - that's what Mandela Effect victims first try to do, but it's impossible. When you know something is blue, you can't be convinced that it has always been green, no matter how much sense it makes.

So it's not a question of what's LIKELY. I would love to just accept what's likely. But how do you accept something you know 100% surely to have been different - not in actual past of this timeline, but in the past of your OWN life.

It's like Back to the Future II - the timeline skewed, and if you go to the wrong 1985, it was always like that. But for Doc and Marty, there existed a DIFFERENT 1985 in their PERSONAL pasts. No matter how you go to 1960s from the wrong 1985, Biff was always rich, and yet no one can convince Marty and Doc of that fact, because they have experience of 1985, where Biff wasn't rich. From THAT timeline's 1960s, Biff wouldn't have been rich.

You can't prove that 'it was always like this, so Mandela Effect is a memory mistake' by digging to the WRONG 1985, because obviously it WAS always like this in the wrong 1985. But it wasn't like this in the right 1985.

We don't have access to the other 1985, so we can't prove anything one way or another. And yet people keep talking only about the history of the wrong 1985, without ever realizing there was a DIFFERENT 1985, which is what the 'change' refers to.

It doesn't refer to the wrong 1985, because in that, everything already always was wrong. Nothing changed WITHIN the wrong 1985's timeline. Could this explanation finally reach these people?

posted on Nov, 5 2020 @ 10:12 AM
Here's an idea. Perhaps its not the timeline changing at all.

Lets just say that the multiverse theory is true, what if each time a universe is destroyed, some peoples consciousness is transferred to the next universe so we remember things a little different.

Think of the infinite multiverse like a closed book of blank pages. Each blank page is a universe of its own, side by side, mostly the same but with slight differences. When one page is destroyed or removed, there are some individuals who are transferred to the next page and so on and so on each time the current page is destroyed. So when we go to the new universe, we remember how things were in our own but are different in this one. The Mandela effect at its finest.

I would imagine each universe has its own unique frequency inherent in all forms of matter in its universe. What if we could find that frequency and are able to test individuals to see if they resonate at the same frequency as the universe they came from. Anyone with a different frequency than the current universe would obviously be from a different one.

Ugh, I wish i had time to flesh this theory out better, sorry. But you get the gist of what I'm getting at.
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posted on Nov, 5 2020 @ 10:18 AM

Here's a question for the "Mandela effect" believers: if you really honestly think

You are already proving you don't even understand what the Mandela Effect is.

It is NOT about believing. It's not about choice. It's not about what someone thinks.

It's not something you can just snap people out of by saying "Look, you didn't come from another dimension, why would you think that?".

Do you honestly expect them to say "Oh, I never thought of it THAT way, of course, now I see the light, thanks! I am glad I don't have to BELIEVE that anymore!"

Do you?

Mandela Effect is not a choice, it's a victimhood of a terrible, confusing, life-changing hammer in the face that happens when you realize you're not wrong, but yet something isn't how it should be. It's like your sister some day not only changing to your brother, but always having been your brother.

Mandela Effect is not a theory, it's not something people just choose to think. It doesn't begin by people thinking "Hey, I want to think I came from another dimension and remember things wrong but not admit it!"

It begins with "What? That's not supposed to look like that!" and then confusion follows, you go through ALL possibilities (believe me, we've all heard ALL of them before you ever even thought of your clever 'memory/meme/do you really think/you're so dumb/you are just crazy' stuff, because WE thought of those very explanations very much and very carefully.

Mandela Effect is basically an IMPOSSIBLE thing happening, that you don't want happening, and yet you can't deny it is happening, because it factually is. Then we get nitwits to tell us our memory is faulty and to insult us as if we somehow CHOSE to experience this.

It's an experience, it's a victimhood, and it MAY happen to you, so I would be a bit more humble before accusing people armed with your 'clever' (and insulting) explanations, AS IF every single one of us wouldn't have thought of that. Yes, we are aware of the 'memory problem' theory, we are aware of 'we might be crazy' theory, we are afraid of your 'confirmation bias' and all those 'psychological effects' and YES, we are aware how CRAZY IT SOUNDS, we know it perfectly well.

We know it sounds crazier than any crazy thing anyone in a fantasy movie has ever said to someone who didn't believe them.

Time travel, planet relocating, continents moving, names that have ALWAYS been one way, somehow having been completely different, it's just not possible. And yet, it's absolutely happening. No one is more confused about it than we are, and no one wants a rational explanation more than we do.

But there isn't one.

You think you're SO clever slapping these 'psychological insults' into our faces, but it solves absolutely nothing.

I know you have to do it to save your own psyche, but at least you could have a bit of compassion.. how can this many people and this much residue remember things so wrong and yet so similarly? Wouldn't it be more random, if it was just a memory glitch that just happens to affect so many people? Wouldn't these people exhibit symptoms of being crazy and remembering other things wrong as well? Somehow they remember so many other things so sharply that haven't changed, why is that?

I should tell you where you can shove your 'confirmation bias', but it must be already difficult to live with such a fragile psyche that it can't even open the possibility for anything other than the nihilistic, even if it would mean helping fellow human beings.

It's hard to cope with Mandela Effect -without- being insulted, we really don't need this added burden. Fine, slap your labels and stigma upon us and then please go away, if you're /done, then really, BE DONE and let us discuss it in peace, ok? Not too much to ask, right?

posted on Nov, 5 2020 @ 10:32 AM
a reply to: peewee1263

came across this whole "Mandela Effect" about a year or so ago. I am one of those that remember Berenstein Bears, dilemna, etc., while still open to the fact that my memory probably isn't what it used to be. Then today I was reading this thread, and came across Eli Whitney being a white man. When I went to school, I was always taught that he was a white man. Well, some time back, I was reading posts on another site about all of this, and it said that Whitney was a black man! I immediately went to Google, and lo and behold, there was a picture of Whitney, a black man! Mind immediately blown. Now here I am today, and I see that he is white again. I go back to Google, and yep, white! Now I know that I saw a pic of him being black, there's no doubt about that, and it wasn't that long ago. I just don't know what to believe anymore.


What?? WHAT??

This... has to be my first "flip-flop". I was always a bit sceptical, when people talked about 'flip-flops', didn't really know what to think about that.

It was a huge thing, big deal and a real shock to many people to find that he was a black man, so he was one of those examples of people being 'sub-consciously racist' or something in some people's minds. I never really knew much about him, barely even recognized the name (I don't live in USA, so I can't know everything about some other country). It wasn't a big deal to me, it was just a small chuckle, and proof that black people can be inventive and celebrated by history as well, even from that era.

I honestly, 100% didn't believe you, when you said he's back to white. I researched this part when Mandela Effect had already hit me, and although I couldn't join people's shock that he's a black man instead of white, I sympathized with them, and noted it as an interesting Mandela Effect, where someone changed race instead of just name, etc.

I could swear he was black the last time I checked, and it wasn't very long ago, either! How did you experience him turning back to white in 2016, when I could swear he was black maybe a year or two ago? Oh my .. this doesn't make ANY sense!

Maybe this is what insanity really is? I don't really know anything anymore.. him being white shocked me to the core! WHAT? White? At this point I wouldn't be surprised, if he was black if I go and check him again today.

I am afraid to go deeper into the rabbit hole, I just want to forget the whole 'Mandela Effect'. I thought it was a stable phenomenon, but HOW THE HECK DID HE TURN TO WHITE?!

This is so scary, I don't know if I can sleep.. I can't accept this.. this is not reality anymore, what is this??
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posted on Nov, 5 2020 @ 11:31 AM

originally posted by: Shoujikina
It's hard to cope with Mandela Effect -without- being insulted, we really don't need this added burden. Fine, slap your labels and stigma upon us and then please go away, if you're /done, then really, BE DONE and let us discuss it in peace, ok? Not too much to ask, right?

Wrong, as this is a public forum where debate and discussion is encouraged - it isn’t a platform for people to preach an unquestionable opinion as fact without question.

So to that I say, ME is not a real thing. By that I mean it is not a supernatural phenomenon or anything to do with ‘dimensional shifts’ or ‘vibrations to another plane of existence’.

It’s simply people mis-remembering facts. That’s it. And for the most part, ALL of the usual ME suspects are easily explained through the fairly recent propagation of pop culture and mass media, especially thanks to the internet which helps to distribute false-facts even more rapidly.

Take the classic Star Wars misquote of, “Luke, I am your father.” (LIAYF). Dozens of MElievers say that’s proof of ME. It isn’t. The genuine quote is, and always was, “No, I am your father”. (NIAYF)

Why do MELievers think the other way? Because pop culture has reinforced the LIAYF quote because it was used so often in other films, sitcoms, parodies and so on, but because of decontextualisation, the Darth Vader story about Obi Wan and who killed Luke’s father is lost. So the quote was re-referenced with ‘Luke’, so people knew it was from Star Wars.

This isn’t new. This happens all the time. And this is what ME is: incorrect memories either by accident or reinforcement from pop culture around us.

The sooner you MElievers understand this, the easier your lives will be.

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posted on Nov, 5 2020 @ 05:01 PM

originally posted by: homeskillet
Does anyone own an old copy of a Reba Mcentire/Mcentyre album ? That should clear some confusion up.

If only it worked that way, but the old things end up changed. Researching turns into an endless snipe hunt that you eventually give up.
Bibles have changed, the Berensteen bears copies changed, all reference material regarding your searches have been manipulated and altered. This is weirdly real, and I have no clue as to the "why" it is going on.
Reality is obviously malleable. My personal truths include how falling down, out of the shower or from the back of a truck and so on, in slow a motion nearly detached view, and not getting hurt, at all! As a kid, I drowned and was rescued from heaven. :-|
This world we are in is beyond our comprehension. It'll make sense when we're dead!

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