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Meet the company offering a chance at immortality for $200,000

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posted on Apr, 26 2016 @ 06:39 PM

originally posted by: intrptr

originally posted by: FamCore
a reply to: solongandgoodnight

All I can picture is the talking heads on Futurama


I want to know where they are keeping all the deceased souls.

Excellent point
Kind of makes a mockery of all religions that profess souls and afterlife..
if these dead people were ever revived.

posted on Apr, 27 2016 @ 01:08 AM
I think I would do this but only if my brain and memories were mapped and stored beforehand.

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posted on Apr, 27 2016 @ 03:03 AM
a reply to: rickymouse

I don't understand how they could keep the cells from exploding when they freeze it.

Probably this kind of stuff:


posted on Apr, 27 2016 @ 06:15 AM
a reply to: Nthedarksidea69

The cells are part of the container, the consciousness is not te container but identifies with the container as home... an ego does not have to be present for that container to be home. Particles behave in a similar fashion, with a connection say between an electron locally and the other part of it across the universe and the tie inbetween it of energy... this is much like a worm hole of space and time relative to the particle as it was once in this place and the energy from there to across the universe is still present... like time laspe photoghraphy catching a squence, if we were to experience time slow down we would see these trails as some drugs have given the effect of that alter perception, speed perception up of time passing and it is similar to a very drunk cab ride that feels as if one was at the bar 5 seconds ago as other preceptions or consciousnesses are severly dulled.

Remember 7 consciousnesses, the senses each have a consciousness and various attachments the mind is the consciousness that sorts and files the various attachments and tries to make sense of known and unknown for some solidity or continuity of consciousness as a separate experiencing self. The last consciousness of all pervasive space experiences no attachment nor bias between the other 6 with ego, a non differetantion consciousness that has a frame and is simply a part of the framework beyond the tropes the other 6 consciousnesses are attached to and discriminate as self and other by... when experience is experience and theres no need to assert a self to have that experience be supported or a self to be supported by experience. Impermanence is the result of such bias and distinctions as all of them are subject to change and suffer from that change if not seen as positive to that self identifying ego needing a support to exist or a self deluded by such notions thinking it is needed to exist.

Of course no matter what graspings, labels, separations, distinctions, life and its interactions go on... how they are precieved of course is yet another matter altogether.

As someone else said in a previous comment, devil... well devil is a belief, and those sharing that concept as a reality will certinally see a devil or devils everywhere when it actually is just a concept one has attached too as existing making thought and examination of life less complicated for them to experience or figure out. Just label it and say devil and well of course in doing so one must have the other extreme and in choosing extremes over full understanding of the issues and trying to solve them there is no hope for balance just a world of extremes and a lot of finger pointing... no closer to the truth of reality than before just more chaos from blame instead of laying such subjective bias down, and objectively solving problems and making the world a better place for all life beyond dualistic notions for whatever reasons that are either from logic extremes rational extremes without a balance of pure reason in the middle of both subjects.

Fear is the obvious motivator and people thinking hey I can freeze myself and sort of sleep through it and seem like a dream or no time has passed? Thats just life anyway with cognitive dissonace and self rationalizing behavoirs not beneficial for growth so stagnant in life or stagnant as a block of ice? No real difference in reality.

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