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Weird Weather Watch 2005

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posted on Jan, 16 2005 @ 02:11 AM

Originally posted by WyrdeOne
Great post, how comprehensive do you claim it to be? I wonder if that's all, what sources did you use, and what is your guess as to the total percentage of unusal activity accounted for? Also, a note on the explosions, meteors are really nothing new, meteor showers are nothing new, and asteroids passing by the earth are nothing new. No cause for alarm, our status as a species is unchanged, we could still all die at any moment.

Read this

Thats where my list came from.
She's a russian lady, I dont know much about her but shes pretty much all about dooms day and I dont really like how she usualy ends her articles saying how ignorant westerners are, but all of the weather reports are facts and she links each one to specific pages. Her stuff is pretty interesting.

As for meteors, yeah they allways happen but sightings have been reported alot more latley it seems.

posted on Jan, 16 2005 @ 03:52 AM
Estonia's warmest winter for two centuries has woken some of its 600 bears several months early from hibernation, wildlife experts said on Friday.

TALLINN, Estonia (Reuters) --

The bears' early reappearance has raised concerns for the survival of this year's cubs.

"It has been very warm and wet and many flooded rivers have forced bears out of their dens and out of hibernation," said Kalev Manniste, a senior official at the Baltic country's State Forest Service.

"Just a few days ago a hunter was telling me that he saw a she-bear with a very small cub walking across the field," he told Reuters.

"The cub the hunter saw looked too small to survive the winter." .reut/index.html

A powerful storm packing winds of up to 125 mph battered Scotland and Northern Ireland, killing three people and leaving tens of thousands without electricity, police and emergency services said on Wednesday. The storm, one of the strongest to hit northern Britain in a decade, was blamed for a third death in Dundee, Scotland,

Fierce storm lashes U.K.
LONDON (Reuters) —

In Northern Ireland's second city, Londonderry, a man was killed when the vehicle he was driving was blown off a bridge and plunged 100 feet onto a riverbank.

A second driver was killed in eastern Scotland when a lorry rolled onto his car. tm

posted on Jan, 16 2005 @ 04:22 AM
In the Seattle Metro area, the temps have been colder than normal, and today, North of Seattle, we just had a rather nasty Ice storm complete with hail, which is very unusual for this area in the middle of winter.

Normally, thunderstorms and hail happen in the spring and summer here, and ice storms are unusual at this elevation and in this area, as they more frequently hit Eastern Washington and the mountains.

posted on Jan, 16 2005 @ 04:59 AM
has anybody heard of the boscastle flood for those who dont live in england this happened late 2004 heres the link:

posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 07:25 PM

Jan 17, 4:31 PM (ET)

By The Associated Press

Temperatures plummeted across the eastern half of the nation Monday, approaching an all-time record in northern Minnesota and freezing the Gulf Coast as a river of Arctic air pushed southward.

Thermometers registered a low of 54 degrees below zero at Embarrass, Minn.

"You keep living, but it gets old after a while," said Christine Mackai, the town clerk for the community of 691 people in northeast Minnesota.

Minnesota's record is 60 below, set on Feb. 2, 1996, in Tower, about 10 miles north of Embarrass.

While below-zero readings stayed in the upper Midwest, thermometers dropped below the freezing mark all the way to the Gulf of Mexico coast.

The morning low was 28, with wind chills in the upper teens, at Mobile, Ala., Gulfport-Biloxi, Miss., and Pensacola, Fla. A hard freeze warning was in effect overnight into Tuesday morning for parts of Mississippi, the weather service said.

Elsewhere in northern Minnesota on Monday, Babbitt chilled to 51 below, and International Falls - which calls itself the Nation's Icebox - dropped to 44 below, the national Weather Service said. Farther south, Minneapolis-St. Paul bottomed out at a mere 11 below.

The arctic blast followed several days of subzero temperatures. Weather service meteorologist Greg Frosig in Duluth said Monday's high would still be below zero in northern Minnesota.

posted on Jan, 18 2005 @ 06:59 AM
Kinda chilly hear...

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Jan 18th, 2005

posted on Jan, 18 2005 @ 01:28 PM
The weather here has been absolutely crazy today, I've never known anything like it. Whilst at work today we had heavy snow, a painful hailstorm, sleet, rain, thunder, lightning and ferocious cold winds...and this all took place in a 6 hour window of time.

But here's the killer, I'm sitting in work (by the window) when the storms going nuts then the lightning kicks in. The next thing we know we hear this loud noise, then out of the middle of nowhere a fecking military helicopter lands in our car park just outside my window!!! It's the craziest sight I've ever seen, jaws just dropped. They got grounded because of the lightning and made an emergency landing at our car park, it was hysterical seeing the soldiers hanging around the helicopter waiting for it to blow over, no one dared go outside.

I can't believe it's the one fecking day I didn't have my camera with me, the batteries were dead.

It was truly a sight as you don't normally see anything like that here. I haven't seen a military helicopter in many years here, never mind make an emergency landing not far from me, oh well...

[edit on 18-1-2005 by John Nada]

posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 12:17 AM
We are back to below freezing temps in the Southwestern part of Virginia. One of my friends liked the warm weather last week. The reason I don't like it is because it is abnormal. I don't like to see things out of balance. Food supplies can get screwed up because of abnormal weather, so wierd weather isn't something I'm happy with.


posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 07:42 AM
Ahem. Shanghai has just had the first real snow (over 2in) in SEVEN YEARS. Heads up!

posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 07:45 AM
Fairly Warm out today...compared to yesturday.


Wind: From SSW at 30 mph
Humidity: 91%
Pressure: 29.87 in.
Dew Point: 23°F

Right now its snowing lightly. Not much really to see hear, its kinda nice out actually.

posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 07:56 AM
summer or not summer it's summer here in new zealand and it's been a great one the most coldest one ver rain. and almost frost and snow on the hills in some case's is it summer here or not or are we just in a real bad low

posted on Jan, 22 2005 @ 06:11 PM
Very cold day here.

Around -30C and almost two feet of snow

posted on Jan, 22 2005 @ 06:16 PM
that would be weird for july.....

posted on Jan, 25 2005 @ 11:49 PM
Nothing all that noteworthy in Southewestern Virginia that I see at the moment. Cold like Winter should be.


posted on Jan, 26 2005 @ 02:49 PM
Pine Bluff, AR

70deg and sunny... last week it was 27 and cloudy... week b4 that, 60's and sunny... waiting now for the plague of locusts...

posted on Jan, 26 2005 @ 11:42 PM
That's a roller coaster ride. I chuckled when you mentioned the locusts. Were you being serious?


posted on Jan, 27 2005 @ 10:11 AM
We in Ottawa have been very lucky in terms of precipitation this winter (thank god), unlike the Maritimes or Eastern US. However, we've been experiencing completely wild temperature changes. One day it's +3 C, the next -22 C. And then back up.

posted on Jan, 28 2005 @ 12:41 AM
Let's hope this instability will level out and go back to normal. I'd hate to see frost or snow in the summer. That could do some damage on food supplies.


posted on Feb, 8 2005 @ 11:37 PM
Allright, how about some bugs on the outside tonight. Low of around 47.7 F.


posted on Feb, 9 2005 @ 08:57 PM
I've been surfing and I am coming across claims of first time snow in the United Arab of Emirates and heavy rains in the desert. and now blizzards in the middle east, either things are getting wierder or we are paying more attention.

Snow blizzards sweep Holy Land

In Iran, parts of the north of the country and Tehran were paralysed after being hit by several days of record snowfall, with dozens of flights cancelled and key roads also cut off.

State media said up to 1.5 metres (five feet) of snow had fallen in the north over the past few days, the heaviest in at least 10 years

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