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The Errollorre Adventures

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posted on Apr, 21 2016 @ 09:14 PM
Chapter 14

Errollorre lay sprawled out on a cot in a guest room of the hidden forest library of Accasia.
He had consumed far too much elvan ale hours earlier. Now there was a ringing sound in his ears that awakened him.
“Oh my head.” moaned Errollorre. “I’ll never drink ale like that again.”
Errollorre looked around at the room that was dimly lit by one low flickering candle.
“It is not yet daybreak.” thought Errollorre. “I should be sleeping. But what is that constant ringing?”
Errollorre heard the ringing in his ears again and realized it was not in his head, but it was in the room.
He looked around and noticed in the rooms corner, a tall narrow box with glass windows.
It seemed to be made of metal and the ringing was coming from there.
Errollorre had no way of knowing it, but he was looking at a nineteen fifties style telephone booth.
Errollorre walked to the phone both and studied it. He touched it sides and pressed on the windows.
Finally he pushed on the door which folded back and opened.
The ringing was coming from the strange device hanging in the box.
Errollorre touched the phone and knocked the receiver off of the hook.
“Hello? Hello? Who’s there?” Came a small tinny voice from the cone hanging by a metal rope.
“What devilry is this?” said Errollorre. “Errollorre is that you? asked the voice.
“Errollorre pick up the cone and put it to your ear. This is Carl.” said the voice.
“The wizard Carl?” said Errollorre. Errollorre put the receiver to his ear.
“ Is that you Wizard Carl?” asked Errollorre. “Is this wizardry?”
“No you fool,” said Carl. “This is a phone call. Listen closely because the magic it took to get this phone booth in your room is going to wear off in a couple of minutes.”
“Wait a moment.” said Errollorre. “Why should I believe anything you say. You told me to tell Queen Lekya that you sent me to see her. But she said she never heard of a wizard named Carl.”
“I said tell her I sent you.” said Carl. “I didn’t say she knew me. Of course she doesn't know me. She dosen’t know every wizard in the world.
Just because I don’t belong to that stuck up group that hangs around her, my name is not in the grand book of wizards.
Do you know how much the dues are to belong to that snooty wizards guild?
Do they think I’m made of gold? Besides I’m too busy to go to their meetings and fundraising spaghetti dinners.”
“Now pay attention and listen.” said Carl.
“If you want to protect your friends and that library you're staying at, do what I say.
Do you still have that big lummox traveling with you?” asked the wizard.
“You mean Troll?” asked Errollorre. “Yes, he is out sleeping in the barn.
“Good.” said Carl. “Go get him and go out into the valley behind the barn.
Meet me by the side of the mountain where the valley first opens up into the field.
I’ll explain everything when you get there.”

The clicking sound Errollorre heard was the sound of Carl the wizard hanging up the phone.
Before Errollorre could say or do anything the phone booth around him dissipated into the air.
Errollorre buckled on his sword “Ginsu” and put on his cloak.
He quietly slipped out into the hallway and quickly made his way down the stone stairs out and behind the library without being noticed by the library's guardians.
He made his way to the barn and found Troll sleeping on a big pile of hay.
He was holding a horse under his arm like a child might sleep holding a Teddy Bear.
“Troll wake up.” Said Errollorre. “We have to meet the wizard Carl. He said we need to protect everyone.”
Troll woke up with a jolt and the horse escaped and ran for the hills. “Troll no like wizard.” Said Troll.
“But Troll go to keep people from getting hurt.”

posted on Apr, 21 2016 @ 09:15 PM

Errollorre and Troll walked for several miles in the cold rain.
The morning light was just beginning to shine when the reached the side of the mountain before the great field.
They stood and waited for over an hour for the wizard to arrive.
“I don’t understand it Troll.” said Errollorre. “The wizard Carl told me to meet him here. But there’s no sign of him.”
“How you talk to wizard?” Asked Troll.
“That’s a strange thing.” said Errollorre. “I heard these ringing bells and then…”

Before Errollorre could finish telling Troll about the phone call from the wizard, a whirlpool of smoke appeared on the side of the mountain near the ground.
Suddenly a cave opened up and there was a tremendous roaring sound that came from within and drew ever closer.
Errollorre as a precaution, and with a little bit of fear, dove behind some boulders and peered out to witness bursting through the smoke, and coming out of the cave, was a steam locomotive!

It was a Norfolk and Western “J” Class 611 steam engine hauling boxcars full of various freight.
The train screeched to a noisy stop and one of the boxcar doors opened.
Out hopped the wizard Carl.
Carl walked towards the trains’ engine and yelled up to it’s driver. “Thanks for the lift Chooch.” said Carl.
“No problem.” said the engineer.
The the train lurched forward and disappeared into another whirlpool on the opposite side of the mountain pass.

“Wizard Carl.” said Errollorre. “What? How?”
“Nevermind all that.” said Carl. “We have more pressing issues. Follow me.”
The wizard led Errollorre and Troll to some tall grass on top of a slope that went down into a wide valley and field.
“This grass will conceal us for now.” said the wizard. “Look down below.”
Errollorre looked into the valley and could see at the far end marching towards them were thousands of large bulky two legged beings carrying warhammers.
“What are they?” asked Errollorre.
“They are call Mudlugs.” said Carl. “Created by witchery. They are made of dirt and rock but the walk like men.
They are strong and can kill with their warhammers or even just by the blows from their hands.
The witch queen knows forces are preparing to attack her in the east. She has sent this demon force behind the lines to strike from behind and weaken Queen Lekya’s forces by a surprise attack.
As they march through this valley they will destroy everything in their path, including the forest library and everyone in it.”
“What can the three of us do against thousands?” said Errollorre.
“They’re blows are deadly, but if you strike one solid, they explode into a cloud of dust and dirt.” said the wizard.
“We have the element of surprise. We can fall upon them and with good fighting skill, we can take out hundreds of them before they can regroup.”

There was a long low hissing sound.
“What is that hissing?” asked Errollorre. “Is there some great snake in this grass?”
“I don’t know.” said the wizard. “It sounds like nothing that would come from the world of light.
And the very air about us seems to be thickening and smelling foul.”
“Sorry.” said Troll. “That was me.
Troll eat many sacks of horse oats back at barn. Oats make Trolls tummy rumble.”
“Merciful heavens.” said Errollorre. “The very grass is wilting under the smell!”

The grass surrounding Errollorre, the wizard, and Troll, quickly dried up and fell flat on the ground.
They were immediately spotted by the leading group of marching Mudlugs.
“Well so much for surprise.” said Errollorre.
“Let’s waste no time.” said the wizard. “Let’s charge them.”
“I have my sword.” said Errollorre. “And Troll seems able to use anything he finds as a weapon.
But what will you use?” asked Errollorre.
“A wizard always has a staff of power.” said Carl.
Reaching into his long fuzzy bathrobe the wizard pulled out a long wet mop.
“Behold the staff of cleanbrite!” said the wizard.
Errollorre looked at Troll and shrugged his shoulders.
“Attack!” Errollorre yelled. And the three charged into the Mudlugs.

Errollorre ducked as a Mudlug swung his warhammer and he plunged his sword deep into the Mudlug.
It immediately burst into a cloud of dirt and dust.
The wizard Carl spun round and round holding the mop in one hand and smashing Mudlugs into dust.
While occasionally with the other hand the wizard used wind force to send Mudlugs crashing backwards into each other.
Troll smashed Mudlugs with his fists. He laughed as each one exploded into clouds of dust.
At one point a Mudlugs was able to hit troll in the chest with his warhammer.
Troll looked at his chest where he was struck, then he looked at the Mudlug and laughed.
Then he smashed it to bits.
The battle raged on like this for several hours until the last Mudlug was turned into powder.
Exhausted, Errollorre, Troll and the wizard Carl sat down in the field and caught their breath.
“That was fun” said Troll.
“You are an idiot aren't you?” said the wizard Carl.
“Ah Fellows?” Said Errollorre what’s that sound?
The three could hear a low rumble and then felt the very ground begin to vibrate.
The wizard Carl stood up and looked.
“Oh no” he said. “Look!”
There in the distance marching towards them was an army of six thousand sword wielding human skeletons.

posted on Apr, 21 2016 @ 09:17 PM

“An army of the dead.” said Carl. “This will not be so easy.
When you strike these creatures the reassemble in minutes. The battle can rage forever.”
“Is there no way to stop them? asked Errollorre.
“There is one way.” said the wizard. “They can be burned with dragon fire.”
“Wizard Carl,” said Errollorre. “You went to the great dragon keep. Did you not bring us help from the mighty dragons?”
“Alas,” said the wizard. “Their leader is missing. He had gone to investigate ghost pirate ships heading for Accasia.
Now without his direction the other dragons are reluctant to leave the keep until he returns.”
“Then what shall we do? How will we stop this advancing army from destroying the library and all in its path?” asked Errollorre.
“I did secure the aide of one dragon.” Said Carl. “Perhaps the mightiest dragon in Accasia.
I was hesitant to call upon him because of the devastation he can cause. But because of this desperate situation I believe we must turn to his power now.
Gentlemen, I summon this day, a dragon of legend, one of myth and history, you will not forget the display you will see today. I give you that dragon of dragons….Nitro!”

The wizard raised his hand to the sky and Errollorre and Troll looked up.
They scanned the sky from east to west. From north to south. Up and Down. They saw nothing.
“Well?” said Errollorre. “Where is this wonder dragon?”
“Here.” said the wizard.
“Where?” asked Errollorre.
“Here.” said the wizard. “On my finger.”
Errollorre looked, and there on the wizard Carl’s finger, not quite an inch long, was a little tiny dragon.

“That?” said Errollorre “Is the mightiest dragon in the land?”
“Don’t let his size deceive you.” said the wizard. “ This is a miniature cadet dwarf pigmy neutron dragon.
Very rare. Very deadly. They have a terrific blast. Devastating and uncontrollable.
If this guy let’s loose there will be nothing standing.”

Suddenly a skeleton jumped up and swung a sword at Troll.
Troll grabbed its sword arm and tore it from the skeleton, Then he smashed the bones into the ground.
As they watched, the bones began to move towards each other, and reassemble.
“Quick.” said the wizard run for cover behind those rocks!”
Although Errollorre and Troll had their doubts about the dragon's abilities they ran and hid behind the boulders.
The wizard Carl raised his hand and the dragon “Nitro” lifted gently from his finger and floated into the sky.
They could hear his wings flapping and sounding like the buzzing of a bee as it rose ever higher in the air.
Finally reaching what it thought was an appropriate height it turned and faced the approaching army of skeletons.

Nitro’s eyes suddenly turned fire red and a glow of a furnace could be seen coming from his mouth.
Suddenly there was a burst of light.
Errollore thought that if he had ever seen a star explode it might look like this.
The brightness of the light blinded everyone and everything momentarily for miles.
As vision returned to Errollorre he could see only in black and white silhouettes.
Mostly white. There was heat. Tremendous heat. It felt as the very bones inside as person were being warmed.
White hot fire and flames.
Then normal light returned.
Vision came back to Errollorre.
He looked and all he could see was a barren wasteland.

Where there once was trees there was burnt ash.
Where once the army of skeletons marched there was nothing but white dust.
“Well if anyone in Accasia was looking for a place to build a town there are a couple square miles of clear land.” said Carl.

Nitro gently floated down and rested on the wizard's shoulder.
Then it leaned over and spoke into the wizards ear.
Then Nitro flew off.
“Where little buzzy dragon go?” asked Troll.
“He’s going to recharge somewhere and sleep.” said Carl.
“It may be a long time before he can send out another blast.
But I have bad news.”
“What news?” asked Errollorre.
“When Nitro was in the sky,” said the wizard. “He was able to see, that there was a second army of Muglugs moving from the other direction towards the library.
It will be upon the library in an hour.
There is no way we will get there before they begin to reek havoc upon it and its inhabitants!”

posted on Apr, 21 2016 @ 09:18 PM
Chapter 15

Three figures walked along a wide field towards a valley that would lead back to the Hidden Library of Accasia.
One was a large troll known as “Troll” who had turned from his former ways and now was a faithful companion and friend.

The other was a barefoot man wearing a long fuzzy bathrobe and a colander on his head while using a mop as a walking staff.
This was the great and mysterious wizard Carl.
The third member of the group was a man dressed in green clothing and looking a bit like Robin Hood,
or maybe Link from legend of Zelda, or a case could be made he looked like an old Peter Pan.
This was Errollorre of the Palindromes.

The three walked as quickly as they could, but they were exhausted from a day long battle they had with creatures known as “Mudlugs.”
Now they had learned that thousands more were heading towards the library and their friends from the opposite direction.
They felt anxious knowing they were unable to travel the long distance in time to fight the Muglugs and help their friends.

As Errollorre walked along he suddenly notice large shadows moving quickly across the ground.
He looked up to the sky to see it filled with flying dragons!
“Oh mean dragons.” Said Troll. “Dragons and Troll are not friends.”
“That was before Troll” said Errollorre. “They probably didn’t like how you used to act towards other creatures."
Errollorre turned toward the wizard Carl. “What I want to know is why is the sky filled with dragons when you said they wouldn’t leave the dragon keep, wizard Carl?”
“Maybe I exaggerated a bit.” said the wizard.
Errollorre just gave the wizard a stern look.
“Ok Ok the truth is I was embarrassed” said the wizard. “ I tried to teleport to the dragon keep but I kept missing. I landed at a donut shop, and then some poor gnomes honeymoon suite, then on a ghost ship, it went on and on. When I finally got to the dragon keep all the dragons had left. Except for the dragon, Nitro. Which worked out fine because he packs a potent punch.”

As the trio looked up at the dragons flying overhead they noticed one that was shinier than the others.
It looked as if it was made of silverware. Its armour seemed to be of various forks, knives and spoons.
Riding upon it was a powerful looking man in a kilt.
“I recognize that dragon and rider” said the wizard Carl. “That’s the fellow who gave me some of that brew in his flask.”

The wizard suddenly released a cloud of black smoke into the air.
“Good idea wizard Carl” said Errollorre. “You’re getting his attention so he will come down and help us.”
“Well I guess he could do that” said the wizard. “I was just hoping to get another drink from his flask.”

The silver dragon turned and swooped down towards the ground.
Troll spotted a huge towering ant hill containing viper ants.
A large aggressive ant species with massive pincers.
Troll dove into the ant hill and burrowed himself into it deeper in an attempt to hide himself from the dragon.

The dragon landed beside Errollorre and the wizard Carl.
Off of it jumped the kilted man.
“Hello I am Gordi” said the man. “And this is my dragon friend Sporky. Can I be a wee bit of service to you?”
“Well I am a bit thirsty” said the wizard Carl.
“Never mind him” said Errollorre. “The hidden library of the Accasian forest is about to be attacked by Muglugs and we have no way to help our friends who are there.”
As Errollorre spoke screams of pain could be heard coming from the direction of the ant hill.
“Oh I can assuredly help yee lads in this wee bit of difficulty.” said Gordi. “Muglugs are no match for dragons. I’ll tell the boys to knock em out as we head on to the great battle against the witch. Hold on I’ll be back.”

Gordi hopped onto Sporky and flew off to join the other dragons.
“Don’t ever tell someone to “nevermind” me again” said the wizard Carl to Errollorre. “Or I’ll turn you into a dung beetle.”
Errollorre was about to answer the wizard but was stopped by the sound of loud screams coming from the ant hill.
“We better go help Troll” said Errollorre.
Suddenly Gordi and Sporky returned and landed.
“Well lads, the deed is done” said Gordi. “Me dragon friends swooped down into the Muglugs and smashed them to powder. Twas a nice fun warm up to the real battle that lies ahead.”

Suddenly the side of the ant hill exploded open and Troll came running out waving his arms and screaming.
“Ouch! ouch! ouch! Nasty bugs bite everywhere!” yelled Troll.
Gordi looked at Errollorre and the wizard who just rolled their eyes.
“Get over here you big lummox” said the wizard.
Troll ran towards them while swatting ants that crawled all over him.
The wizard raised his hands. “Orkin!” he shouted.
The thousands of ants dematerialized from the body of Troll.

“How about we give you a wee lift to the library?” asked Gordi.
“That would be wonderful” said Errollorre. “ How will we all fit?”
“Well you and the fuzzy bathrobe guy can be carried in Sporky’s claws." said Gordi.
" The hefty hairy fellow can ride behind me, but I’ve gotta warn yee big guy, there no smooth spots on Sporky’s back where you’ve got to sit.”

After several minutes of convincing Troll climbed onto the back of Sporky behind Gordi.
Sporky lifted up and flew high in the sky. Then he turned and dove to the ground.
Swooping low and fast it grabbed Errollorre and the wizard Carl in each of its two claws.
Sporky lifted high into the air as Gordi tossed his flask down to the grateful wizards hands.
With Troll riding wide eyed in terror behind Gordi and sitting on multiple sharp forks and knives, they flew towards the great hidden Library of Accasia.

posted on Apr, 21 2016 @ 09:19 PM
Chapter 16

Errollorre walked into the courtyard of the hidden forest library of Accasia.
He was accompanied by Troll the troll, Carl the wizard and the kilted man who had brought them there,
Gordi and his dragon Sporky.
Errollorre watched as Night Star reunited with her old friend Gordi.
He saw the many emotions Night Star displayed of happiness, determination and sorrow,
at having to once again let go of friends.
Gordi departed on Sporky to join the gathering forces for the battle against the witch queen.

Errollorre stood there not wanting to disturb Night Star who was deep in thought.
It seemed such a special and sacred moment.
But it was suddenly shattered by the sound of metal crashing.
Night Star looked up to see a funny looking barefoot man in a fuzzy bathrobe with colander on his head had fallen drunkenly into a suit of armour.
Carl the wizard lay unconscious on the floor with the now collapsed armour suit scattered everywhere.

Pesky the pixie as usual began complaining about the situation.
Errollorre spoke up to explain.
“Please excuse my friend Carl the wizard. I’m afraid he had too much to drink from Sir Gordi’s flask on the ride over here.”

The tall long robed library guardian walked to the wizard to help him off the floor.
Troll ran over also to assist, but managed to get one of his long toenails which were now protruding out from his boot, tangled with the robe of the guardian.
There was the sound of a loud rip as the guardians robe tore half way up his side.
The guardian under the stress of the ongoing visits of Errollorre and Troll and the ensuing calamities the kept befalling the library , fell to his knees and wept silently.
Troll patted the guardian's head to comfort him.

But Troll misjudged his strength and the force of the pat sent the guardian sprawling onto the floor on top of the drunken wizard Carl.
A helmet from the scattered armour shot out from under the weight of the two collapsed men and ricocheted off of a pedestal on the other side of the courtyard.
The pedestal wobbled for a moment, then as all present stood transfixed watching the unfolding scene, as it toppled over, along with the statue that sat upon it, and crashed into the ivy covered lattice the lined the courtyard walls.

The weight of the statue that was tangle by its arm in the ivy, pulled the lattice from the walls.
As the group silently watched, wall after wall shed its lattice with the sound of crashing, as dust rose and occasionally another statue would topple.
“Oh look” said Troll as he dug into the rubble. “A four leaf clover.”

Before anyone could say anything a figure appeared in the doorway.
“Hello I am Ella” said a little winged Elf.
“I have come from Martin, who is trapped in the dark forest. I must return to help her and her companions to escape. But she wanted me to bring you this.”

Ella handed Night Star a scroll with an image of a necklace.
Then before anyone could say anything the little winged elf flew away.

posted on Apr, 21 2016 @ 09:26 PM

In a dark and damp room, deep within the black castle fortress on Dark Mountain, sat a tall, lean woman in a rocking chair. She wore a long thin black robe that clung to her body.
A long dead snake seved as a belt.
She had a black lace scarf hanging over her stringy and unwashed black and grey hair.
She did not rock.
Nor did she mind the smell of mildew and mold that filled the room.
She just stared into the opening of a well that lay flush on the wet moss covered floor.
The water in the well slowly swirled counter clockwise.
It was cloudy and boiled.
She thought, and remembered.

When she was a young girl, she had lived in the Accasian woodlands with her mother and father.
A small cabin but a happy home.
One day her father went out to hunt.
He never returned.
Her mother struggled to keep food on the table.
But she was helped by her sister, Aunt Meena.
Her mother one day told her to go out and play while she spoke with Aunt Meena who had come unexpectedly.
“Go out and play for a bit Eve Ella” said her mother.

Eve Ella, the woman hadn’t thought of her name in a long time.
Eve Ella didn’t exist anymore.
She remembered coming into the house only to be told by Aunt Meena her mother had gone away and would not be back.

She stayed at Aunt Meena’s wooden shack for weeks.
Eve Ella’s cabin had been burned to the ground.

One day Aunt Meena took Eve Ella on a journey.
Grasping Eve Ella with a boney hand Meena said “Come girl, you must learn the meaning of sacrifice.”
She was brought to the Dark Guild.
The women there looked old, dirty and unfed.
They looked over Eve Ella and then spoke among themselves.
Then the led Aunt Meena out to another room.
One of the old women returned and told Eve Ella her aunt had to leave and Eve Ella would be staying with them.
They said for her aunt to leave her.
It was a sacrifice.

The women taught her many things over the years.
She learned of hidden powers.
The harnessing of forces that most beings didn’t even know existed.
Yet there were things she would not do.
Horrible things.
Cruel things.
The women said it held her back to resist partaking of these rituals.
But although she had become harder in her outlook on life, there were lines she would not cross.

Now years later, the one once known as Eve Ella remembered the day when the women gathered with men of the Mage Guild.
Some of the men were sorcerers.
Some preferred to be called wizards.
The meeting of the guilds went on for weeks.
She was not allowed to attend many of the sessions because she had refused to complete her initiations.
So she wandered through the forest outside.
Then she met him.
A young man only a few years older than herself.
He was to be a wizard.
But he was still just an apprentice.

Over the next weeks they spent long days together.
They grew to care deeply for each other.
It was a great sadness when it was time to return with the women to the Dark Guild.
But the young apprentice promised he would contact her.

One day one of the women told Eve Ella that the young apprentice had stopped by to leave a message.
He told them he did not care for Eve Ella.
It was part of his training.
It was all make believe.
He felt and cared nothing for her.
Eve Ella was heartbroken.
Then she became angry.
She wanted to break things.
To hurt things.
She completed her initiation.
She enjoyed it.
She had no remorse.
No sadness.
No feeling ever again.

Now she sat staring into the water.
She had sent out many beings to find the object she needed.
The necklace with the rune stones of power.
She felt it was getting closer.
When at last she had the necklace she would be unstoppable.
Then no one would refuse her anything.
And everyone will pay.
Perhaps even that apprentice from so long ago still lived.
If he did, he will be found.
He will be taught a new game.
And here he will never forget who the Witch Queen is.
“We will meet soon my lying lover” said the Witch Queen.
“And what fun we’ll have my dearest Carl.”

posted on Apr, 21 2016 @ 09:28 PM
Chapter 18

Night was falling over the dark lands in Acassia.
Walking through its forest, in this forbidding section of the magical isle,
was an unusual collection of beings brought together on a mission.

It started months earlier when Aria the winged elf was bewitched by the Witch Queen.
She was cursed to live in the form of a ghost.
Her only hope to have the curse removed was to bring the witch an enchanted necklace containing rune stones of great power.
In her search for the necklace Aria had met the beautiful elf Night Star.
Her new elfin friend and her companions had set aside their personal quests to assist Aria in finding the necklace.
They had experienced many adventures together.

Recently information had arrived from their friend Martin on a description of the necklace.
To everyone’s surprise the necklace was there among them and in the possession of the troll called Troll.
Troll liked to collect jewels and shiny things and had somehow come across the necklace in his travels.
Now he willingly gave it to Aria.

Troll had come to Aria as the companion of the man known as Errollorre.
A tall strong man dressed like Robin Hood.
Or maybe an old Peter Pan.
As strange as his dress may of been his tale was stranger.
For he told Aria that they were to be wed.
That she was taken to the Witch Queen by Count Dricore on her wedding day.
That her memories were erased when she was changed into a ghost.

Yet another of this strange group was a barefoot man in a long fuzzy bathrobe with a colander on his head.
He held a wet mop as a staff as he walked along.
This was the wizard Carl.

Flying beside Night Star and constantly complaining about the whole quest was the pixie known as Pesky.
Walking ahead of the group was the young boy Garren, a white wolf known as Wolf,
and a strange goblin called Jojopo.
Boy and goblin led this party back through hidden paths to a secret entrance to the dungeon of the Witch Queen.

There was a loud crash and the sound of branches breaking.
“Sorry” said Troll, “I tripped on a log.”
“How are we going to sneak into the castle with all the racket coming from that beast?” Said Jojopo.
“You’ll be glad he’s around if we get into a fight.” Said Errollorre.
“We’re sure to get heard and attacked if he keeps making all that racket.” said the goblin.

Night Star stopped and looked at the group. “We’ve still have a long way to go.” said the elf. “I think we should camp here for the night. We can start again at morning light and reach the witch's castle by dusk.”

No campfire was lit that night.
They did not want to alert anyone to their presence in the dark forest.
Weary from the long journey through the thick woods everyone fell fast asleep.
Everyone except Aria.
Aria had walked silently along for many miles.
Deep in her thoughts all day long, she finally decided what she had to do.

As everyone slept Aria in her ghostly form went close to the unconscious Night Star.
Aria could see the top of the enchanted necklace Night Star had put on for safe keeping.
The rune stones had been replaced with copies to fool the Witch Queen when Aria would give her the necklace.
It was a risky plan.
It held much danger.
Aria would not let it happen.
Reaching out, Aria touched the small part of the necklace that was exposed under the cloak that Night Star had wrapped around herself.
When Aria touched the necklace, it faded into a ghostly form.
Grasping the necklace now in ghostly form Aria placed it around her neck and moved quickly away from the camp.

“Going somewhere?” Asked a voice behind Aria.
Aria turned to see Errollorre standing there.
“I must go” said Aria. “I’ve endangered everyone for too long on my behalf.”

“You people going to keep me awake by talking all night?” said another voice.
Aria and Errollorre looked to see it was the wizard Carl.
“I thank all of you for your help” said Aria. “But the witch waits for me.
I can fly unstopped through the front door of her castle. There is no need to endanger anyone else.”

“Maybe witch give Troll his runny nose back.” said Troll.
“As you can see, “ said Errollorre, “you have a lot of friends who want to help you. But more than that, I will never leave you.
I know you don’t remember me, but I was to pledge that I would stay with you until death do us part.
In my heart I had already made that pledge.
So no matter how hard you try to go your own way, I will follow you.”

“We will stand by your side also.” said another voice.
It was Night Star, who stood alongside Garren, Jojopo and Pesky the pixie and Wolf the white wolf.

Before Aria could say anything a voice boomed out from the shadows.
“Greetings and peace.”

The startled group drew out their swords and weapons as stepping out from the shadows was a tall elf like being in a glowing golden robe.
“I mean you no harm. I am Garondile of the Faery kingdom. I come to you from Queen Leyka herself with an urgent message for the one known as Night Star.
“I am Night Star.” said the beautiful elf.

“Queen Leyka has need of you.
The forces are assembled. Sir Gordi has agreed to lead the dragon assault upon the Witch Queen upon the mighty dragon, Sporky.
The Witch Queen knows of our impending attack. She builds her defences while preparing a counter attack.
Every moment of delay on our part gives her an upper hand to reign destruction and death upon innocent lives in Accasia. The Queen needs a battle hardened and experienced general to lead the ground forces upon the Witch Queen’s stronghold. There is no one available in Acassia with more knowledge of battle tactics than you, Night Star.
The Queen urges you to come at once without delay.
Acassia needs you.”

Night Star’s mind raced.
The Queen, indeed all of the magical island of Acassia were depending on her to lead a successful attack on the Witch Queen.
But what of her promise to help Aria?
How could she turn back from helping her when they had come so far and were so close?

Night Star turned to speak with Aria about the decision that was presented to her.
But when she looked, Night Star saw that Aria, Errollore, the wizard, and the troll, were gone.

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Chapter 19

Aria, Errollorre, Troll and the wizard Carl arrived and the entrance to the secret passageway to the Witch Queen’s castle.
Actually it led to the dungeon in the Witch Queen’s castle but they would figure how to break into the castle from there when they reached it.

“Well we made it.” Said Errollorre. “It’s right here where it said it would be on the map Garren and that goblin gave us.”
“I’ve done some crazy things in my day, but I never broke into a dungeon before.” Said the wizard Carl.
“Troll has bad feeling about this.” Said Troll.

Aria said nothing.
“Aria, is something wrong?” asked Errollorre.
“Is something wrong?” said Aria. “Yes something is wrong! You’re wrong!”

“What? What do you mean?” asked Errollorre.
“You!” said Aria. “I said I wanted no one to come with me.
I wanted to save everyone from endangering themselves for me.
It’s bad enough that you followed after me against my wishes.
But it’s worse still that you abandoned Night Star in her time of need.”

“I didn’t abandon her.” Said Errollorre.
“You most certainly did.” Said Aria.
“Armies are gathering. A great war is about to be fought. She needs troops and has a great responsibility. But in her time of need you run off.
She needs warriors and help.
How could you?”

“My whole purpose in Accasia was to find you.” Said Errollorre.
“But I realize there is a great cause occurring in this coming conflict between good and evil.
I think I can help you and Night Star at the same time.”

“How do you plan to do that?” asked Aria.
“Once in the castle we can spy out the situation. Maybe we can find weaknesses in the Witch Queen’s defenses.
Perhaps we can unlock some doors and let down the drawbridge.
A little inside sabotage can go a long way in helping an attacking army.
If we’re successful we can get back to Night Star and join her in the attack.”

Aria thought a moment then said.
“Maybe all this will help.
Alright, wait here a moment.
I’ll take full ghost form and fly down this passageway.
I will return and let you know if the way is clear.”

Aria became barely visible and flew down the passageway.
“Do you really believe all that you just told her?” asked the wizard.
“No, not really.” said Errollorre “ But who knows? Maybe we’ll get lucky.”

Aria returned after a few minutes.
“The path ahead is clear.” She said.
“Whatever beasts or creatures that were in these passageways must have gone to join the witch’s forces at her front lines.”

“Good” said Errollorre. “According to the map the length of this passage is equal to the road above to the witch’s castle.
While Troll, Carl and I make our way to the dungeon you can take the main road to the main entrance to the castle.
We will need a little extra time to break out of the dungeon and meet you at the throne room.”

“I’ll wait one hour when I reach the castle ” said Aria.
“After that whether you're there or not I’m going to face the witch.”
With that Aria turned and flew towards the castle.

“Why we help ugly ghost elf again?” Asked Troll.
“Come on” said Errollorre. “Let’s get moving.”

The trio walked through the damp narrow slimy rock tunnel for several miles until they reached a wall that contained a hidden door.
“The map says push here.” Said Errollorre.
They pressed on the rock wall and it slowly opened into a well furnished library.
“This is the room that Jojopo the goblin stayed in.” said Errollorre.
“The map says that door on the other wall opens into a dungeon cell that Garren was kept in."

They walked through the small door into a small cell.
Against the far wall was a heavy metal door with a small window with thick iron bars on the top.

“Well wizard Carl” said Errollorre. “It’s time for you to perform some magic on that door so we can get into the castle.”
“I don’t have any magic that will work on this kind of door” said the wizard.
“What? You're kidding.
We need to get into the castle and rescue Aria!” Said Errollorre.

“Relax” said the wizard. “Where magic fails science can work.”
“See those small holes above the door handle?
Those are the back of the locking mechanism.
We just need to take a little oil from that lamp over there and pour it into these holes.
When we ignite the oil it will burn the small wooden part of the locking mechanism used in these type of doors.
Once that is burnt we’ll be able to open the door.”

Errollorre retrieved the oil lamp and the wizard Carl poured a small amount of oil into the holes.
Then he said “Zippo” and the oil ignited inside the door and began to burn.
After several minutes they tried the door but it still would not open.

“Why isn’t it working? Asked Errollorre.
“The wood inside must be thick” said the wizard.
“This is going to take a second dose of oil and flame.”

“Troll get oil” said Troll.
Troll grabbed the oil lamp and quickly dumped its entire supply of oil into the cell door holes.
Oil ran down the side of the door and onto the floor.
The smoldering lock inside the door ignited the oil and there was a sudden burst of flame and black smoke.

“You brainless oaf!” yelled Carl. “The straw on the floor is on fire.
The smoke is pouring out into the hallway.
We’re going to have every guard on this cell block pour in here any moment.”

“Quick” said Errollorre,”Let’s go back into Jojopo’s room.”

Errollorre, Troll and the wizard barely made into the adjoining room when the cell door swung open and a half dozen dungeon guards swarmed in.

“Fire!”Yelled one guard. “Get some buckets of water!”
Several minutes went by as guards came and went with buckets of water to pour on the flames.
Finally the fire was out and the guards began to look around the smoke filled cell.

“How could this blaze have started?” Asked one guard.
“Look!” Said another. “There is a hidden door on this wall!”

The guards swung open the door to Jojopo’s room and saw Troll standing there.
“What the?” said one guard.
Troll dove into the guards.
Errollorre and Carl the wizard joined in the fight.
After a few frantic minutes the castle guards laid unconscious on the cell floor.

“Alright” said Errollorre.
“Let’s go to the witch's throne room. We’ve got to help Aria!”

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Chapter 20

Aria stood across the valley from the Witch Queen's’ castle.
She had waited a least an hour she judged by the the movement of the barely visible stars in the clouded night sky.
It was time for her to face the Witch Queen.
She would give her the enchanted necklace that had its rune stones replaced with fakes.
Aria hoped the witch would release her from the curse that made her a ghost,
before the witch would notice that the rune stones weren’t real.
How she would escape the witch after that she didn’t know.

Aria floated forward over a vermin filled moat and through the closed drawbridge.
She passed through the closed iron doors that secured the witch’s castle.
Invisible, she passed guards and evil warriors that walked the castle grounds.
She stood in front of the great black marble doors that stood closed to the entrance of the Witch Queen’s throne room.

“Come in my little butterfly.” said a woman's voice that seemed to come from everywhere.
Aria went forward and through the closed black marble doors and entered the witch’s lair.
Aria had been here before but she had no clear memory of that occasion.
Vague images of the day the witch cursed her flashed through her mind.
But she was unable to clearly remember exactly what had happened before that terrible day.

“Show yourself my little winged princess” said the witch as she sat on her throne made of various creatures skulls.
Aria made herself barely visible.
She did not trust the witch and knew if she stayed in a ghostly form she and the necklace could not be touched.
She slowly walked toward the witch’s throne.

The throne room was in a long hall filled with black marble and iron statues of dragons and snakes.
Above the throne room, suspended in the air, was a huge black polished crystal ball.
It slowly rotated.
Inside it could be seen black clouds,
lightning and faces and scenes from different moments in time, all swirling, expanding and contracting.

“Come closer little lamb” hissed the witch.
She narrowed her black colored eyes at Aria.
“Oh I see. You don’t trust me. Do you little winged one.” purred the Witch Queen.

“No I do not” said Aria. If you want this necklace you will have to lift the curse and give me back my physical body first, otherwise I will just keep it on me and it will remain in ghost form with me and out of your reach.”
The Witch Queen laughed.
“Of course, of course my sweet little elf.
You shall have what you worked so hard to get.”

The Witch Queen stood and raised her hands.
She began to say forbidden and horrible words.
Aria put her hands over her ears.
The very sound of the witch’s words made her feel sick and panicky.
The great black crystal ball began to turn faster.
Lightning and smoke spun around it.
A bright white light surrounded and swirled around Aria.
Aria began to feel heavy.
Her body thickened.
She had not felt her own flesh in many months.
She looked at her hands.
She had been so used to moving without watching her hands.
They were now becoming solid.
The light faded.
Aria was whole.
She fell to one knee as she felt herself breathing in and out for the first time in a long time.

The witch raised a hand and pointed at the now solid necklace around Aria’s throat.
It lifted and was pulled from Aria and flew into the witch’s hand.
The witch clasped the necklace around her own throat and waited.

Then she looked angrily at Aria.
Fire could be seen within the blackness of her eyes.
“Have you become such a fool as to think you could deceive me princess?” said the Witch Queen.
“The time you spent with your new friends has filled your head with false hope and delusions of self sacrifice.”
“Whatever hope or plan you thought to do will not succeed. I don’t need the rune stones to conquer Accasia. My armies are strong and merciless. We will destroy these pitiful forces that are marching towards me.
Then my dear, I shall level Accasia and will kill everyone in it until I find the indestructible rune stones.
As for your friends, I will capture that elf that has been helping you.
I will personally skin her alive and slowly kill her with the most painful and elaborate tortures I can devise.
I’ll grind the bones and flesh of every one of your companions and feed it to my pigs.
But I do have mercy.
You won’t have to watch.
For you shall die now.”

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The Witch Queens eyes sparked as she raised her hands toward Aria.
Suddenly leaping onto the floor from a balcony on the right side of the throne room was Errollorre.
Errollorre stood and faced the Witch Queen.
He put his hands on his hips threw back his head and gave out a hearty laugh.
“Ha! Did you think Aria would have to face you alone?” laughed Errollorre.
“I tell you now, there is no..”
Before Errollorre could finish his sentence he was struck with a bolt of black lightning and hurtled back against the closed marble doors.

“Well little one” said the Witch Queen, “I was mistaken. You won’t die just yet. First you will watch me kill your sweetheart here.”

The witch raised her hand to deliver a fatal strike, but before she could, there was a noise that drew her attention.
From the balcony on the left side of the throne room lept Troll.
Troll meant to land in front of the witch and to absorb the lightning strike aimed at Errollorre.
But he misjudged his leap and instead crashed into the giant rotating black crystal ball that hung over the throne room.

Troll tried to hang onto it, but it had a smooth surface.
Troll slid off and crashed to the floor.
The great crystal ball wobbled, and then as if in slow motion in fell to the floor and with a loud crash,
broke into thousands of pieces and shards.

The sound of legions of trapped spirits, moaning and screaming could be heard as they arose from the broken crystal ball.
Then they faded into nothingness.

The Witch Queen fell back onto her skull throne as if suddenly a great weakness had overtaken her.
The black color of her eyes faded and was replaced with a deep clear blue.

“You, will, pay” gasped the Witch Queen. “I am not still without power.”
The blackness had already begun to slowly fill her eyes again.
She raise a wand that had been sitting by her throne.
She aimed it at the groggy Errollorre, Troll and Aria.

Suddenly the great black marble doors that guarded the entrance to the witch’s throne room swung open.
A figure could be seen silhouetted from the light behind it.
Stepping into the light of the throne room was a barefoot man in a long fuzzy bathrobe.
He had a wet mop as a staff and wore a colander on his head.
It was the wizard Carl!

“What are you supposed to be?” asked the Witch Queen.
“Hello Eve Ella” said the wizard.
“Eve Ella?” thought the witch. “That voice. I remember that voice.”

For a moment the blackness again receded from the witch’s eyes.
“Who are you?” asked the Witch Queen.
“Don’t you know?” said the wizard. “Here let me help you remember.”

The wizard Carl reached up and removed the colander from his head.
He let it drop to the floor.
Suddenly a glowing and sparkling white light began to swirl around the wizard's head.
His features began to change.
The light circled down and around the wizard's body transforming his appearance.
The light orbited the wizard quickly.
Then it disappeared.

The wizard now stood there tall and in a long white robe.
His hair and beard was long and white.
His strong facial features were that of a man who was once a handsome youth.
Although he appeared old and wise, he also seemed still quite strong and vigorous.
His mop had now transformed into a long wizard’s staff, topped off with a carved golden eagle with its wings outspread. The wizard Carl leaned slightly on his staff and gave a smile to the Witch Queen.
“Hello Eve Ella” he said.

“Carlandar?” said the witch. “My long lost wizard from long ago, Carlandar? My Carl?
“Yes Eve Ella” said the wizard. “It is I, your Carl.”

The Witch Queen stood and looked upon the Wizard with a mix of emotions.
So transfixed was she on once again seeing her lost love from her youth that she didn’t notice the wizard signalling Aria, Errollorre and Troll.
Behind his back the wizard Carl motioned his hand towards the open black marble entrance doors.
Aria, Errollorre and Troll slowly moved towards the doors as the wizard and witch spoke to each other.

“You left me.” said the Witch Queen. “You said you never loved me. That it was a joke.”
“No no” said the wizard. “You were lied to by the witches with whom you were staying.
I came to see you. They told me you had gone away.
I found out later how they lied and said I was just playing you for a fool.
I was deep in my studies at that point and not free to go to you.
When at last I had a chance you had ascended into the position of Queen of the Witches.
I chose to disguise my appearance to keep everyone, including you, from being hurt.
But now is the time for truth.”

Aria, Errollorre and Troll had managed to slip out the entrance doors.
They paused and looked back for a moment and saw and heard the Witch Queen one last time.

“So you say you really did love me my dearest Carlandar?” said the witch.
She took one step towards the wizard.
“I have thought of you many times over the years.
I longed to see you again in my heart. I hoped a moment just like this one would come.
I can’t tell you how happy this makes me.”

Blackness filled the eyes of the witch.
“Die lying wizard!” yelled the witch.
The Witch Queen extended her hands towards the wizard.
Before he could react a bolt of black lighting, far stronger than the one she had used before,
shot from her hands and hit the wizard Carl.
The wizard exploded into flaming pieces.

“No!” yelled Errollorre.
Aria grabbed Errollorre’s hand and pulled hard.
The witch looked towards them.
Aria said to Errollorre.

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Chapter 21

Errollorre, Aria and Troll ran through the corridors of the Witch Queen’s castle.
The Witch Queen had alerted the castle guards of the presence of intruders.
They were to be captured dead or alive.

Errollorre, Aria and Troll had so far managed to avoid detection.
This was in part because they were headed in the one direction no one in the castle would expect them to go, the dungeon.

Halfway through a long corridor that they were running through was a stairway leading down to the castle’s dungeon levels.
As they turned to go down the stairs they were spotted by four guards coming up the other side of the corridor.
The trio raced down the stairs with the guards giving chase.

They reached the bottom of the stairs and only took a few steps forward when they were met by three more guards in the lower hallway.
They were surrounded.

Aria backed up and pressed against the hallway wall.
She had only had her solid physical body back for a very short time.
She was used to her ghostly form.
Aria was at first surprised when she was unable to simply pass through the wall to escape.
Now she was trapped between two sets of guards.

Errollorre drew out his sword “Ginsu” and with blinding speed stabbed one of the three guards sending him fatally wounded to the floor.
Troll grabbed the fallen guard by the ankles and began using him as a club on the four guards behind them.

Errollore stabbed and parried the swords of the two guards in front of him.
In just a few moments the battle was over and the guards lay on the floor.

Errollorre, Aria and Troll ran to the prison cell that led to the secret room of Jojopo.
From there they enter the secret passage that went out under the castle into a cave that opened up on the other side of the valley.

The trio exited the damp rock cave onto a narrow path in the woods.
They had only ventured a few steps on the path when a castle guard jumped out from the woods and grabbed Aria from behind.
He put a sword to her throat.
A voice yelled out from behind the trees, “Surrender or she dies!”

A dozen castle guards emerged from the surrounding forest and surrounded Errollorre and Troll.
There walking out from the forest was Prince Dricore.

“Dricore!” snarled Errollorre.
“If you want to see your princess live then get on your knees and put your hands behind your back” said Dricore.

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Errollorre and Troll fell to their knees and put their hands behind their backs.
The castle guards tied their hands and feet together and took away their weapons.
When Errollorre and Troll were securely bound and unable to get up Prince Dricore spoke to the guards.
“I’ll take the elf girl with me back to the castle. After we're gone kill these two.”

Aria still stood there with a guard behind her and a sword held across her throat.
Her mind was confused. Her old memories from before the Witch Queen had cursed her had not returned. She had brief images and impulses that swirled through her mind.
What she did next surprised no one more than herself.

Aria let her body go limp.
As she fell down in front of the guard she reached up and pulled his sword back.
It went deep into the guard and fatally wounded him.
She reached up and grabbed a dagger from the sheath on the fallen guards belt.
She threw it hard and it went deep into the chest of another guard.

As another guard lunged at her with his sword she grabbed the sword of the first dead guard and blocked the downward attack of this guard's sword.
She kicked him in his knee and as he fell she stabbed him.

Taking this guards sword she spun both swords in either hand like batons.
As the rest of the guards closed in Aria lunged a sword with one hand and blocked attacks with the sword in the other.
One by one guards were falling dead by the precise attacks of Aria.
She spun with two swords extended and killed several guards who had stepped into the spinning blades.
She spun the swords in her hands, and with the blades facing behind her plunged them into two guards who had tried to sneak up behind her.

With the two swords embedded in the dead guards Aria did a somersault over the body of a fallen guard.
She grabbed his sword and came to her feet with her sword now at the throat of Prince Dricore.
Errollorre and Troll looked at each other with their mouths open in shock.

“What are you waiting for princess?” asked Dricore.
“You just killed a dozen of the Witch Queen’s finest warriors. Yet here you are, with a sword to the throat of the one who caused you to miss your wedding, to be cursed by the witch, to have given you so many months of struggle and heartache, and yet, there is something stopping you from killing me.”

Aria looked at Dricore.
He was right. Something was stopping her. There was a flicker of a memory.
But it wasn’t clear. Her mind was not yet clear.

“Let me tell you why you won’t kill me princess” said Dricore.
“It’s because even you in all your anger, can’t kill your father.”

“What? No! You are a liar!” cried Aria.
“Brush the hair back from my ears” said Dricore.
With one hand still holding a sword to Dricore’s throat she removed his helmet and pushed the hair from his ears.
He had the pointed ears of an elf.
“My cloak Aria” said Dricore.
Aria pulled the cloak off of Dricore to reveal he had wings! He was a winged elf.

“They don’t work for me anymore” said Dricore “So you don’t have to worry about me suddenly flying away.”

“No no” said Aria. “Why? If this is true. Why did you do this to me?”
“Your memories of what I’m going to tell you will eventually return.
Perhaps my telling it will make them come back quicker” said Dricore.
“This is why I did what I did.”

“Everything I did was to save you. I was prince of the Dark Lands.
It was called the Dark lands because of the black color of the trees and leaves.
The witches castle was once our castle Aria. We ruled our small part of Accasia in peace for all who lived within our realm.

One day the witch came to our land. Before we knew what was going on she had bewitched many within our kingdom to follow her. We were overthrown.
She decided to let us live if we served her faithfully.
At first she didn’t seem much different from many other monarchs I have known.
But as the months went by her commands and desires grew darker.”

“We were forbidden to intermingle with any outsiders who were not fully devoted to the Witch Queen.
An exception was made when we were sent as her representatives to the land of the Palindromes to forge a trade agreement.
She planned to eventually enslave them. When you fell in love with that fool over there you put your life in danger.
I kidnapped you for your safety when you would not listen to reason.
You would not put that idiot out of your mind so I asked the witch to erase your memory of him.
But she did much more. She saw an opportunity to use you to help her find the necklace with the rune stones of power.
So she made you a ghost, something I never wanted for you.
Now you’ve deceived her. But if I return with you to the castle and kill these fools here who helped you, then there is a chance she will spare your life and we can rule a part of Accasia in her coming kingdom.”

Aria took the sword away from Dricore’s throat.
“Never” said Aria. “I would rather die with my friends than serve the evil witch.”
Before she could say more there was a loud howl coming from inside the cave.

“What is that? Asked Aria.
“We are too late” said Dricore. “The witch has released a death hound. It has been given the scent of your blood. There is nothing that can kill it. It is coming for you”

Dricore walked over to a fallen guard and picked up a sword.
Aria did not know why she made no move to stop him.
“Aria” said Dricore. “I am sorry. Everything I did I did because I loved my little girl.”
Dricore walked over and cut the ropes holding Errollorre.
“I don’t regret preventing your marriage. This man is an idiot.”
Dricore proceeded to cut the ropes holding Troll.

“I can’t bring myself to call you father” said Aria. “Yet in my heart I know what you have said is true. Even though my mind is still clouded. Come with us.
Join us. The people of Accasia are a forgiving people. If you fight with us they will see and understand.”

“It’s too late” said Dricore. “Look at your two friends there. See the look in their eyes. They have heard of the death hound. It will never quit. It will follow the blood scent forever until it kills its owner.
There is only one way, you must go and I will face the hound.
“You?” said Aria. “Why you?”
“Because I share your blood Aria. It will be satisfied with mine. Go!”

Aria stood there conflicted. She knew what Dricore said was true, but she didn’t yet feel like his daughter. She forced herself to give him a quick hug and then Aria , Errollorre and Troll ran down the path to meet the armies of the Faery Kingdom.

Dricore turned and faced the cave entrance.
The howls from the hound grew louder.
At last the monstrous demon dog squeezed out of the opening to the cave.
The massive hairless beast growled with red flaming eyes.
Acid-like drool dripped from its large fangs and burned the ground where it landed.

Dricore stepped forward and dropped his sword.
“Here I am hell hound” said Dricore. “Get on with it.”
The death hound sniffed the air.
It got a whiff of the scent that was driving it to kill.
Then he looked at Dricore.
The death hound pounced.

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You did a great job in here Errollore!

I couldn't possibly find all my entries from when Night Star first began her adventures. Her tale began long ago and is never ending, lost between the endless pages of chit chat and other story lines that is the Shed, now up to The Shed 4. Perhaps after our battle with the witch Queen, we can start a new adventure together in a separate thread. It has been a great pleasure writing with you and it might be interesting to start something new together. Something you can think about anyway.

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Nice job Errol, now slow down so I can star your work lol

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Thank you Night and Thank you Quantum.
I appreciate your support.

I actually have a story idea in my mind for a Shed adventure after this story line concludes.
At the present rate I expect we can begin writing it in the year 2021. lol

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I think I have a star on all. I would give you 100 if I could
LOL, I can't wait for the new idea!
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Thank you for taking the time to get all this story together.

Using your words, The shed is like jumping on a moving train.

There are parts I have missed.

If anyone is looking for me in the next couple of nites. This is where I will be.

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Argh stole my idea!S&F

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Chapter 22

Errollorre, Aria and Troll had only ran on the forest path for a minute when Aria suddenly stopped.
“What are you doing?” Errollorre asked Aria. “The death hound is not far behind us. You can’t let it get the scent of your blood.”
“I was confused for a moment” said Aria. “I can’t leave my father back there to face death.
I know he has done terrible things, and I know my memories of him are not clear, but I know I am not the kind of person that would abandon anyone, especially my father in his time of need.”

Errollorre looked at Troll who just shrugged his shoulders.
“Alright” said Errollorre. “We’ll go back. Perhaps we’re not too late and maybe we can save Dricore.”

Just then the woods behind them exploded into flames.
“Black Dragons!” yelled Troll.
The sky above was filled with a dozen gigantic black dragons.
They swooped low over the forests and rained fire down upon the trees.

“The Witch Queen is preparing for the war” said Errollorre. “She has sent the dragons to burn down the trees around her castle’s lands so the armies attacking her won’t have any cover to use to hide themselves.”

“Dragons coming again!” said a nervous Troll.
“We’re going to be roasted alive if we don’t find some protection quick” said Errollorre.
“Look” said Aria. “There is a stream ahead. See, it has a small waterfall. Run towards it!”

Aria, Errollorre and Troll ran towards the stream and small waterfall several dozen yards ahead.
The trees behind and around them burst in fireballs as the dragons destroyed the forest with fire.
The trio dove into the stream and ran up to the waterfall.
There was a small indentation in the rocks behind the waterfall for the three of them to fit into.

They sat there for a moment looking through the water falling down from above like a curtain in front of them.
They could see through the water the distorted image of a dragon high in the sky flying their way shooting fire.

Suddenly the curtain of water in front of them burst into scalding hot steam as the fire from the dragon hit it.
Hot, wet fog surrounded Errollorre, Aria and Troll for a few moments as they huddled together trying to protect themselves from the heat.
Then the water began to flow again in front of them.

They cautiously stepped out from behind the waterfall.
The forest in all direction around them was a burning inferno.
“Look the dragons are flying off towards the south” said Aria.
That’s where the coastal villages are” said Errollorre. “If there are stragglers or folks stuck in their homes unable to get out they will be killed by those dragons!”
“Maybe ugly elf woman and armies see dragons and help” said Troll.
Errollorre nodded. “Maybe, but they’re going to need something pretty powerful to fight those dragons.”

Aria looked back towards the cave. She could see nothing but flames and burning trees.

“Aria there is no way to go back and help Dricore. He knew plenty of tricks.
He had the dark magic. If anyone could find a way out of that situation it was him.” said Errollorre.
Aria slowly and sadly nodded.

“We need to get back to the Faery kingdom” said Errollorre.
“We can’t go through the woods. We would be burned alive with all the fire.
There is only one thing to do. We will follow this stream until we get out of the burning forest.”

Errollorre and Troll drudged along the stream bed for hours. Aria the winged elf flew a couple of feet above them.
She would try to hide a smile when occasionally Errollorre and Troll would sink in hip deep mud or flounder in suddenly deep and fast moving water.

At last they reached the outskirts of the Faery Kingdom. They joined the throng of warriors clogging the road with various carts and weapons.

“Let’s rest a moment before we enter the town” said Errollorre.
Errollorre and Aria sat under a tree. Troll leaned on a wagon that was abandoned after being stuck in the muddy road.
Troll noticed on the wagon something that looked like a large seat that would fit the large troll comfortably.
Troll climbed up onto the cart and rested in the seat.

Aria tapped Errollorre on the shoulder and pointed towards Troll.
Errollorre looked at Troll then shouted.
“Troll get down from there! That’s not a chair. That’s a catapult!”

Too late. There was a snapping sound of ropes and the creaking of wood as the catapult sprang forward and launched Troll high and fast into the air towards the Faery Kingdom.


Queen Lekya sat at the end of a long table filled with maps and charts.
Leaders from all the clans and beings of Accasia had gathered there in this war room to discuss strategies and scenarios.
“We must prepare for the unexpected” said the Queen to the assembled group.
“The Witch Queen is clever and merciless. We must assume all possibilities and the potential of unthinkable acts from her.”
“Night Star will lead the main force towards the castle. Her leadership and knowledge will be needed to guide our troops in what is probabley the most dangerous assault from our forces.”

Suddenly there was a crash.
The wooden beams and tiled walls of the hall in which the Queen and advisors were gathered was shattered high near the ceiling.
Exploding through the the newly created hole and down onto the the long table was Troll.

The table snapped in half and crashed to the ground when Troll landed on it.
Maps and charts flew everywhere.
The chamber doors flew open and an out of breath Errollorre and Aria stood there wide eyed surveying the scene.

Troll lay there for a moment then noticed he had one foot sitting on the lap of Queen Leyka.
He quickley removed it and stood and bowed to the Queen.
“Your majesty, your Troll return to help” said Troll.
As he bowed a large piece of plaster that had been sitting on his head fell to the floor and created a small dust cloud.
Despite the damage Queen Lekya had to laugh.

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Chapter 23

The gnome Gritnow and his wife Sandshe lived in a high roofed home made of tall trees.
The chose to live deep in the forests of Accasia because gnomes preferred the quiet and private life.

It had been a month since their failed second honeymoon attempt at the Dark Star Inn.
The whole incident had left Sandshe badly shaken and traumatized.
But with the loving support and care of Gritnow she was finally relaxing and becoming her old self again.
Sandshe sat upright on their large bed and watched Gritnow as he wrote at the desk.
“What are you doing?” asked Sandshe.
“I’m writing a letter to the owner of the Dark Star” said Gritnow. “I’m demanding a refund for our stay there.”
“Why don’t you forget about that for now and join me for a nap” said Sandshe.
“It’s a bit early for me to take a nap” said Gritnow. “I’ve got a...oh, ahem, yes I could use a nap” laughed Gritnow.
Sandshe giggled as Gritnow ran over and lept into the bed.
They leaned toward each other.

Suddenly a large black swirling cloud appeared next to their bed.
Sandshe shrieked as the cloud spun like a whirlpool.
Inside of it could be seen churning smoke and glimpses of stars and lightning.
Suddenly a barefoot man wearing a long fuzzy bathrobe and wearing a colander on his head stepped out of the swirling whirlpool and onto Sandshe and Gritnow’s bed.
It was the Wizard Carl.

“Excuse me” said Carl as he leaned back into the portal and yelled.
“Hurry up this thing won’t stay open forever!”
Sandshe held Gritnow tight as stepping through the portal onto their bed was a tall winged elf dressed in black leather armour.
It was Prince Dricore!
“The death hound is behind me” said Dricore.
“This has only delayed the inevitable. It will follow me until the end of time or until it kills me.”
Gritnow had enough. He gathered up his courage and said, “See here you two. This is my home and you are tresspas..”
Suddenly there was a terrifying howl coming from the portal.
“Get up and run!” yelled Carl.

The gnomes and Carl and Dricore ran to the far side of the room when the death hound leapt out of the portal and onto the bed.
The head of the death hound touched the high ceiling in the house.
The drool from its large fangs dripped down and burned holes through the bedding.

The trapped foursome was pressed against the wall on the far side of the room.
The door and window of the room lay behind the death hound.
“Any ideas?” asked Carl.
“There is but one solution” said Dricore. “I must sacrifice myself to this beast.”
“I thank you for trying to rescue me, but my fate is sealed.”
“Well I have a confession to make” said the wizard. “I didn’t try to rescue you.
When I escaped from the castle and got to the end of the cave I saw my way was blocked by that Death Hound.
I conjured up this portal as a way for me to escape around you two. I didn’t think it would be so big the you both would fall into it.”

Dricore looked at Carl with a mixture of surprise and disappointment.
The death hound let out a howl and inched closer.
The portal began to shake and close.
Dricore smacked Gritnow on the back and yelled, “Run towards the left!”
Gritnow and Sanshe without even thinking why or what they were doing ran left while screaming at the top of their lungs.
The death hound looked at them and moved a few feet towards them.
At that moment Dricore ran and leapt into the closing portal that the hound at momentarily stepped away from.
The death hound recognized the scent of Dricore and ran and also leapt into the portal.
But the portal closed while the death hound was only halfway into it.
The front half of the death hound disappeared with the portal.
The disconnected hind end of the hound fell over backwards and onto Sandshee.
Sandshee screamed and fainted. She awakened again momentarily looked at the rear end of the death hound and screamed and fainted again.
“Well now I know how to kill a death hound” said the wizard.

Suddenly the whole room shook.
“Is the death hound coming back?” asked Gritnow while holding the unconscious Sandshee.
“No” said the wizard. “That was something else.”

Carl went outside and climbed the tallest tree he could find.
He took a long look then quickly came down and back into the house.

“How far away are we from the Faery Kingdom?” Carl asked Gritnow.
“About ten miles as the crow flies.” said Gritnow.
“That’s not a bad idea.” said the wizard.
Carl opened the front door and let out a “Caw Caw”.
Then he turned to Gritnow and Sandshe.
“I’m sorry folks but war has come to your home. In a very short time the enemy will be here. Run as fast as you can from this place. Head for the Faery Kingdom there are caves near there where you can wait out the battle.”

Hundreds of crows began to flock in the front yard of the gnomes home.
Carl went out and the crows grasped the wizards arms and anywhere else they could and lifted him high off the ground.
They flew off toward the Farey Kingdom.

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