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The Errollorre Adventures

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posted on Apr, 21 2016 @ 08:24 PM
Errollorre of course is not my name. It is the name I created for the fictional character that was to appear in stories I wrote for The Shed
a creation of jaceygirl
a wonderful spot on ATS that has continued on through many versions. (The Shed 2, The Shed 3 etc.)

I could write pages describing the wonderful people and welcoming atmosphere of "The Shed."
But I leave that for perhaps another time.

One continuous theme since its inception is the encouragement of those in the Shed to participate in writing an imaginary story of life in this magic land where anything is possible.
I have taken advantage of this opportunity and contributed my own silly tales to the growing folklore of the Shed.

I have decided to place chapters of my story here that have first appeared in The Shed for ease of reading.
If one would desire to read the story as one continuous piece this will facilitate that ability.

I do not claim to be Tolkien or Mad magazine. Perhaps my efforts lie somewhere in between.
More likely the lay in a gutter outside a greasy spoon diner.
None the less I boldly and without the shame that I probably should display present my stories for public reading.
Just don't read it aloud. Not if you desire the appearance of sanity.

I would also like to point out that some characters in this story ( Garren, The Faery Queen Lekya , the goblin. Pesky the pixie and Night Star,(All created by Night Star) Gordi and Sporky(created by Gordi)) were created in other Shed stories and appear with permission of the authors in this tale.
(Our story lines often intersect. )

So with that imprecise and lazy introduction I present to you.

The Adventures of Errollorre

Chapter 1

High up on the side of Mount Stallion stood a man on an outcropping of rocks.
Gazing out over the landscape below he placed his hands on his hips, threw his head back and gave out a hearty laugh.

This was Errollorre of the Palindromes.
He was dressed in green tinted clothes fit for a man of the woodlands.
It was obvious he was going for the “Robin Hood” look.
But it was common when he passed through a village that residents would ask him, “Are you Peter Pan?”
Sometimes children would ask if he was “Link” from the Legend of Zelda.”
But none of this could extinguish the good humor and optimism of Errollore.

Now he surveyed the landscape below.
The hard journey of many days had brought him to the outskirts of Shedland as it was known by some.
“Soon”, Erollore thought, “I will meet the kind hearted residents of The Shed, and at last find that which I seek.”
At the thought of this Errollorre once again threw back his head and gave out a hearty laugh.

Suddenly the large rock that Errollorre stood on gave way and began to roll down the mountain side.
Errollorre began to fall without hope of catching himself. He quickley decided to roll himself into a ball to minimize potential injury from his out of control descent.

The ball of Errollorre began to pick of speed as it bounced and rolled down the mountainside.
Branches of trees, and frequently small trees themselves snapped and broke under the force of the speeding Errollorre.

A small graceful unicorn foal gently drank from a bank of The Mystic River.
It lifted it’s head when it heard the snapping and cracking and occasional scream of pain from the direction of the mountain above.
The unicorn watched as from the forest edge behind him a sudden parade of deer, mountain lions, squirrels and rabbits, exited the forest at a full run, with terror in their eyes.
Next came a loud cracking sound and the great bleeding ball of Errollorre burst out of the treeline and sailed over the unicorns frightened head.

Errollorre landed with a splash in the river which quickly rushed him downstream toward the great waterfall.

There was an enormous pool of water far down in the valley below that the waterfall emptied into.
The turbulence directly beneath the falls quickly smoothed out into a peaceful scene in which mermaids froliced and played in the water, while centaurs and other mythical creature strutted and relaxed on the sun filled shoreline.

There was a beautiful rainbow the hovered over the edge of the falls.
The various colors of this magical rainbow were so vivid and dark that it was almost impossible to see through it.

Suddenly bursting through the rainbow and momentarily dissipating it, was the ball of Errollorre.
With a great scream, the ball of Erollore cannonballed into the pool below.
The mermaids began to swim for their lives but several of them were caught in the wake of the Errollorre cannonball.
These unfortunate water maids were flung onto the shore where they flapped like fish out of water.
One landed on the back of a fleeing centaur and was seen disappearing into the woods at a full gallop.

Errollorre pulled himself out of the water and lay on the shore for a few moments.
The water must of had magical properties to it because several small fractures in his body were already almost healed and his blood loss was beginning to lesson.
Errollorre rose to his feet and thought about what had just happened.
Then once again he placed his hands on hips, threw his head back and let out with a hearty laugh.
It was then he noticed he was surrounded by angry centaurs,mermaids, and and ever increasing variety of magical creatures.

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posted on Apr, 21 2016 @ 08:26 PM

Chapter 2

For three days Errollore had made his way through the thick trees and brush of the Great Forest of Shedland.
He was told by a helpful centaur that The Shed could be found in a clearing somewhere within the forest. Then the centaur gave Errollore a swift kick and walked away.
“Yet another bruise to heal with the ones the enchanted beings gave me.” thought Errollore.
At the thought of it Errollore put his hands on his hips, threw his head back and gave out a hearty laugh.

The sound of his laughter alerted a passing army of hungry ogres to his presence.
They rushed at Errollore from all directions.
The were huge, hairy, drooling beasts with large lower fangs and carrying battle axes.
They also smelled most foul.
Errollore did a somersault down and through the legs of the closest ogre.
Leaping to his feet Errollore placed a well aimed foot at the behind of the ogre sending him hurtling into yet another group of pursuing ogres.
Spinning around Errollore spied a large vine hanging from a nearby tree. With a burst of speed Errollore ran and with a mighty leap grabbed the vine and swung gracefully face first into a large tree.
The unconscious Errollore fell to the ground with a thud.

The drool from the surrounding ogres looking down on Errollore, dripped onto his face, rousing him from sleep.
“Cook make tender.” said one ogre. “No time cook.” said another. “Fresh faster.”
Just as Errollore was about to become a buffett a loud voice rang out seemingly from all directions.
The ogres stopped and looked as the very air about them seemed to be pulled into a single point.
Soon a threatening black cloud, the size of a tomato formed in their midst.
It gave out a clap of thunder and a bolt of lighting several inches long shot to the ground, seriously damaging a blade of clover.
The ogres looked at each other, then began to laugh.
Suddenly a whirlwind sprang up and hurled the ogres out and into the trees.
Errollore still woozy from the smack into the tree, looked up and saw stepping out of the whirlwind, a barefoot man in a fuzzy bathrobe with a colander on his head.
“Come quickly with me before the ogres return.” said the strange man.
Errollore passed out.

Errollore awoke in a small hut that smelled of garlic and menthol.
The strange man sat at a desk filled with books and scrolls and seemed to be mixing liquids together in a small jar.
“There is drink over there if you thirst.” said the strange man.
“Thank you.” said Errollorre. “”My throat is parched.”
Errollorre walked into a room with various meats and herbs hanging to dry.
There was a basin and beside it a stove with a pot of blue liquid in it.
Errollore was too thirsty to be choosey so he took a small tin cup, and dipped it into the liquid. He took a drink.
“Oh!”, said Errollore, “That it awful!”
“I would think so”, said the strange man. “That pot is for boiling the stains out of my under garments.” “I thought for sure you would prefer to drink from the pump.”
Errollore quickly pumped a cup a water and drank it down.
He repeated this process a dozen more times.

Then he looked at the strange man who had brought him to this hut.
“Who are you sir? How did you chase those ogres away? Are you a magician?”
“A MAGICIAN?!!” said the strange man in a loud voice.
“I’ll have you know sir that I studied with Anderfeld of High Castle.
I have memorized the inscriptions inside the forbidden tombs.
I have copied the ancient scrolls of Mardake, and spoken the hidden tongue of the Lazeri.
Trained in the mysteries of the hidden, schooled in the fire of Landoor.
Considered a peer of the Lost Wizards,
Behold, I am Carl!

“Carl?” asked Errollorre. “That’s not a name I would expect for a wizard.”
“What are you going to do.” shrugged the wizard. “You get the name your parents give you.”

“Please tell me mighty Carl, do you know the way to The Shed?”
The wizard laughed. “The Shed is it? “You don’t find the Shed lad, the Shed finds you.”
“If your heart is right, and your spirit is kindred, you will arrive there.”

“I can not wait to be chosen.” said Errollorre. “My need is urgent. I believe my path and those of the Shed intersect and we can be of great help to each other in a great danger that lies ahead.”
“You know,” said the wizard, “You’re the third person that said that to me this week. Things really are slowing down. I usually hear that from a dozen questers by midweek.”

“Please sir!” said Errollore.
“Well you're the first to beg, so I guess that counts for something.” said the wizard.
“I’ve got good news and bad news. What do you want to hear first?” asked the wizard.
“I guess the bad news.” said Errollore. “Then your information will end on an optimistic note.”
“Don’t bet on it.” said the wizard. “Ok, so here’s the bad news, the Shed is empty.”
“What?!!” said Errollore.
“They’ve all gone to the Island of Accasia.” said the wizard.
“Then I’ll go there!” said Errollore.
“Well you can’t just do that either kid.” “Accasia is somewhere out in the Great Sea.”
“No one will sail out there to look for it because the sea is swimming with ghost pirates and other sea demons.”
“If you had a dragon you might be able to fly out there. But all the accommodating dragons are out protecting Accasia.”
“So what is the good news?” asked Errollore.
“Did I say good?” asked wizard. “Let’s call it the slim chance of hope news.”
“Tell me oh mighty Carl.”
“There are portals in space and time that can transport a being from here to wherever they end.”
“I know of a portal, that was lost to the memory of history, that leads to Accasia.” said the wizard.
“But, for it to work, you must decide before you even approach it, that you will pass through no matter what the cost.” said the wizard.
“Oh great Carl, I have decided. I will not turn back. I will face whatever challenge or obstacle that lies before me to get to Accasia. What must I do to pass through this portal?” asked Errollore.
“Simple” said Carl pointing to the horizon, “You must leap into that volcano.”

posted on Apr, 21 2016 @ 08:29 PM
a reply to: Errollorre

Chapter 3

Errollorre stood on the edge of a boiling volcano. He looked down into the crater and beheld a large angry lake of molten lava, churning and flowing at a great distance below.
Beside Errollorre stood a strange barefoot man, with a colander on his head, in a fuzzy bathrobe. This was the wizard known as Carl.
They both watched a large granite rock break away from the side of the volcano crater and fall into the lake of lava below.
It melted like ice in moments.
“Are you sure that’s where the entrance to the portal to Accasia is?” asked Errollorre.
“I think so.” said the wizard.
“YOU THINK SO??” yelled Errollorre. “Don’t you know? Haven't you seen it being used before?”
“Oh I’ve seen several beings dive into it.” said the wizard. “I just never seen anyone come back out.”
“Well”, said Errollorre, “I’ve got to get to Accasia. I guess one way or another this is going to be a one way trip. Until we meet again, farewell oh wizard Carl.”
“I think goodbye might be more appropriate here.” said the wizard.
And with that, he gave Errollorre a shove into the volcano.

Time can often seem to slow down when one is in a life threatening situation.
For Errollorre that didn’t happen.
The ten seconds it took to reach the lava lake felt like two.
But he did have time to notice his vision becoming cloudy from the smoke coming off of his eyebrows.
The heat grew as he got closer. He thought he would melt before he even impacted the lava.
But to his surprise and relief when he struck the surface of the molten rock, he did not burst into flames but instead disappeared into what could be described as a pool of swirling water.

Inside a large damp cave, a whirlpool suddenly appeared on a part of its ceiling.
Errollorre passed through the whirlpool and landed with a splashing thud in a large puddle on an outcropping of rock in the cave.

Errollorre rubbed a bump on his head then looked around.
The were several torches lit and attached to the walls of the cave, providing a flickering light by which he could see.
There was a large shallow pool of water that flowed into a wide deep stream leading out and away from this part of the cavern.
Along the side of the stream there was a narrow dirt path. Standing in the middle of the path looking quizzically at Errollorre was a little old man dressed in furs.
Errollorre stood up and bumped his head on the ceiling of the cave. Then he found a spot with a little more headroom and stood with hands on hips and laughingly called to the little old man.

“Hello there good sir,” said Errollorre, “Pray tell where might this place be?”
“It’s a cave.” said the little old man. “Let me show you to the exit.”
“And in what realm might this cave be?” asked Errollorre.
“You are in the land of Accasia.” said the little old man. “Actually you’re under the land of Accasia. Come, let me show you the way out.”
“I must first explore this cave.” said Errollorre. “I sense a lingering presence. I believe someone or something I seek has been here.”
“We get lots of visitors here.” said the little old man. “They come and they go.
Please let me show you which way they go when they go.”
“Tell me”, asked Errollorre, “Have you ever heard of “The Shed?”
“Oh yeah Sheddites.” said the little old man. “I get them here all the time.
Nice folks. Always on some sort of quest to save the world. I like them, they’re good ones, they're nothing like yo.. er, ahem come let me show you the way they went.”

The little old man grabbed Errollorre’s sleeve and practically dragged him out of the cave.
Once outside the little old man pointed towards a road heading into a forest along the ocean.
“That way to The Shed of Accasia. All the adventure is that way. Nice to have met you. Goodbye.”

Errollore put his hands on his hips, threw his head back and gave out a hearty laugh.
“At last.” said Errollorre. “Now I will find that which I seek.” “Why I’m so happy I could sing.”
“Oh dear lord no.” said the old man. “I mean you must have a lot to do. You better get going.”
“Nonsense.” said Errollorre. There is always time to sing a good song.”
A tear fell from the old man's eye. “Please sir”, he said “You’re not in a musical.”
“Life is music.” said Errollorre. “I have an amulet here that will play a tune, and I shall accompany it.”
“You have music too?” said the weeping and slobbering old man.
“Yes”, said Errollorre. “This is a song I wrote about my quest for “The Shed.”
Music began to play as the old man lay in a quivering sobbing heap.
Then Errollorre began to sing.

Click here to hear Errollorre sing "The Shed"

“I’m looking for a place,
imagine a space,
where your dreams come true.
I’m seeking out a land,
where folks understand,
and help you in the things you do.

I know it’s out there.
It’s not just in my head.
I’m going to find it.
A place that’s called “The Shed.”

I’m following a dream,
that’s held in high esteem,
by nearly everyone.
A place to call home,
where one is not alone,
Where one can find,
laughs and fun.

I know it’s out there.
It’s not just in my head.
I’m going to find it.
A place that’s called “The Shed.”

(With dragons and elves,
and pixies on the shelves,
throwing glitter everywhere,
on kilted partiers and bears.)
The Shed.”

“Ah that felt good.” said Errollorre. “Farewell sir, I am off to adventure.”
Errollorre strode down the road towards the woods, as the little old sobbing man attempted to cover himself in dirt.

posted on Apr, 21 2016 @ 08:31 PM
Chapter 4

Errollorre walked through ankle high snow that now covered the road to the Shed.
It was snowing and night had fallen in Accasia. The cold wind and blowing snow made it hard for Errollorre to see.
He came to a fork in the road and in the cold and confusion turned right instead of left.
He was now walking away from the Shed.
Finally finding a group of snow covered trees that bent and formed a shelter from the wind,
Errollorre stopped and slept for the night.
In the morning he awoke looking like a snow bank.
The sun quickly warmed up the land and Errollorre.
He continued walking down the road until he came upon a bridge of twisted branches crossing a flowing river.

He began to cross the bridge when suddenly he was confronted by a troll covered in bandages.
“Why have you come to my bridge?” growled the troll as snot ran from his nose.
“I say” said Errollorre, “All you alright? You seem to have been in an accident.”
“Troll attacked by mean beasties.” said the troll. “But troll still strong and stop you from walking on bridge.”
“Is that a cast on your arm?” asked Errollorre. “You really are wrapped up in bandages. Do you want me to make you some crutches?”
“Troll fine!” said the wobbly troll. “Troll strong and punish intruder.”
The troll tried to lift his cast covered arm in a threatening manner. But the weight of it plus his unsteadiness on two legs secured in splints, caused him to lose his balance and fall over the side of the bridge into the river.
Errollorre looked over the side of the bridge at the troll in the river struggling to reach the shore.
“I say!” called Errollorre. “Do you need some help?”
“Troll fine! (gurgle gurgle) said the troll. “Troll (blub blub) troll get to river bank. Then troll (blub gurgle blub) get to you.”
“Well I’m in kind of a hurry.” said Errollorre. “Sorry I can’t wait around.” Perhaps you can punish and attack me on my way back. I’ll be seeing you.”
Errollorre began to cross the bridge until he got to the spot where the troll fell. He then noticed something shiny on the ground.
“What is this?” wondered Errollorre.
Errollorre examined what appeared to be a pair of bangle bracelets.
“These certainly don’t belong to that troll.” thought Errollorre. “I’ll just hold on to these until I find it’s rightful owner.”
Errollorre pocketed the bracelets and was about to continue his journey when the heavy cast covered arm of the troll came down on his head.
“You think troll stupid”, said the dripping wet and still wobbly troll. “Now troll teach you last lesson.”

Errollorre was laying on the ground, groggy from the surprise attack. He was weakened and unable to defend himself. He watched the troll rear up for a final deadly pounce onto Errollorre.

Then his eyes spotted something on the top of the hill.
It began to make a strange noise. It began to move at Errollorre and the troll at ever increasing speed.
The troll hearing the sound turned to look. He and Errollorre were both in shock as they saw approaching them at a fast clip, a green striped Gremlin!

Yes it was a 1973 AMC Gremlin.
The troll tried to turn and run but the heavy splints on his legs and the bandages and cast made moving quickly impossible.
“Troll having bad week.” said the troll as the gremlin drove square into the troll’s stomach.
The troll was knocked over the side of the bridge again and into the rapid flowing river.
“Troll think he look for new job downstream.” said the troll, as he bobbed in the water and moved out of sight.

The still groggy Errollorre expected the gremlin to attack him next. But instead the car stopped and the driver's door opened.
Out stepped a barefoot man in a fuzzy bathrobe with a colander on his head.
It was the wizard Carl.

“Wizard Carl!” said Errollorre. “What manner of beast is this?”
“Beast is right.” said the wizard Carl. “You wouldn’t believe the bad gas mileage I get in this thing.”
“I do not understand.” said Errollorre as he slowly struggled to his feet.
“This thing burns a lot of fuel.” said Carl. “Do you know there is not one gas station in all of Accasia. No other cars either for that matter. Why I had only been in Accassia an hour when I ran out of gas. I’d still be stranded if it wasn’t for a Scotsman on a dragon who spotted me. He put a few drops from his flask into the tank and this thing has been moving like there’s no tomorrow.”
“Get in I’ll give you a lift.”

The weakened Errollorre climbed into the passenger seat and the adventurer and wizard sped down the road in the 1973 gremlin.
“This is amazing.” said Errollorre.”This carriage could take me through all of Accasia in little time.”
“Sorry to disappoint you.” said the wizard. “But in twenty minutes this thing turns back into a kiwifruit.” What is that in your hand?”
“I found these bracelets on the bridge.” said Errollorre. “Take me to the Shed and perhaps the Sheddites will know it’s owner.”
“The owner of those bracelets is not at the Shed.” said Carl.
“I’ll take you to the old tree. Perhaps you will find the owner and the key to your quest there.”
“How can you know this?” asked Errollorre.
“Hey!” said Carl, “I’m a wizard. I get wizard vibes alright? Listen, let’s get a few things straight.
Being a wizard is kind of random. Sometimes things work, sometimes you improvise. You can’t depend on me to give you shortcuts.”

The gremlin came to a stop in front of a large tree. It had an opening where a once stood a large door that was now smashed in.
“Here’s your stop.” said the wizard.
“You’re not coming with me?” asked Errollorre.
“Not right now.” said Carl. “I want to get to town before I find myself sitting on a rolling fruit.”
“When you’re done here, look for me at The Dark Star Inn in town.”
“Are you going to find more information in the battle to free Accasia from evil?” asked Errollorre.
“No,” said the wizard. “I want to see if I can find that Scotsman and get a sip from that flask.”

posted on Apr, 21 2016 @ 08:35 PM
Chapter 5

High in the Dark Mountains of Accasia sits the ancient ruins of a castle.
Light flickers within it this night, for it is occupied by the malevolent servant of The Witch Queen,
Prince Dricore.
Seated regally within a ruined throne room, Prince Dricore summons two manbeasts.
“How can we serve you my lord?” asked one of the half human warriors.
“I have seen an old enemy of mine.” Hissed Dricore.
“He is by the great tree. Bring him to me alive.”
“Yes my lord.” Said the bowing manbeasts.

At the great tree Errollorre looked into an opening that was once sealed by a great heavy wooden door.
It lay smashed and broken as if beaten by a powerful creature.
“Hello!” called Errrollorre. “Anyone here?”

Errollorre stepped inside and was amazed to find long winding corridors leading in many directions.
He explored the disserted tree enclave for hours.
Everything from the walls to the floor seemed to be made of roots.
With the exception of cold stone walls and iron bars he found in a still locked empty prison cell.
“I wonder why this is here?” said Errollorre.
“Oh there are lots of prisons like this.” Said a voice from behind him.
Errollorre turned to see a man with a face that looked like it was part dog.
With facial hair thick like fur and long canine teeth.
He stood upright like a man and wore a helmet and armor of leather.
In his gloved hand was a drawn sword.

“Ha!” laughed Errollorre. “ You’ve pointed that poker at the wrong man. I am one of the finest swordsman in this or any land!”
“Prepare yourself for lesson in swordsmanship!”
Errollorre grasped the handle of his long sword and pointed it at the manbeast.
The manbeast hesitated for a moment then began to laugh.
“Haar Haar, you’re funny.” Said the manbeast.
In Errollorre’s hand was the handle of his mighty sword.
But the rest of his sword remained in its sheath.
“Mmm” said Errollorre. “It’s broken off again. Well I said I was the best swordsman. I didn’t say I had the best sword.”
Errollorre prepared to make a run for it, but before he could proceed he was struck on the head from behind by the second manbeast who had snuck up behind him.
Errollorre fell to the ground unconscious.

Two days went by before Prince Dricore summoned the manbeasts to stand before him.
“Speak creatures. What information have you obtained from the prisoner?”
“None as of yet my lord.” Said the manbeast.
“What?” Said the angry Dricore. “You have the finest dungeon with exquisite instruments of torture at your disposal. Do you mean to tell me he is able to resist such torture?”
“We don’t know.” Said one of the manbeasts. “We haven’t been able to torture him yet.”
“Yeah.” Said the other manbeast. “Every time we get ready to torture him, he passes out.”
“It’s gotten so bad that if we even hint to him we’re going to torture him he faints.”
“It’s not very effective torturing an unconscious man.”
“You fools!” screamed Prince Dricore. “You’re allowing him to defeat you with wimpiness?”
“I will get the information I want from him. I will know his purpose and desires.”
“If sleep comes so easy then we shall deprive him of it. Put him in the tower cell. Allow him to roam unchained within.
But don’t let him sit or lay down. If he seems to be asleep on his feet then douse him with water.
Keep him awake until he tells all!”

High in a tower of the ruined castle of Prince Dricore,
Errollorre paces in a large cold stone cell.
A tall wide opening secured with heavy iron bars, gives a view of the wooded Accasia countryside down below.
I also let’s in the cold night air.
For three days and nights now, Errollorre has gone without sleep. His vision blurs and his mind wanders.
He begins to dream of a faraway place. Another time. He sees in his mind a face. The face of the..

Errollorre is awakened from his momentary dream by the frigid water from a bucket thrown onto his face.
Sputtering to his senses his vision clears to see a hulking figure standing over him holding the empty bucket.
“How you like water?” laughed a deep gruff voice.
“Troll? Is that you?” asked Errollorre.
“It be Troll.” Said the troll. “ Now me watch if you sleep. Then get to throw water on you till you drown.” Laughed the troll.
“Gee troll,” said Errollorre. What are you doing here? Hey I see your bandages are gone. You’re all better.
“Troll got new job now.” Said the troll. “Evil master find troll and use magic to fix troll’s hurts. Then give troll job as guard. Now troll guard you.”

“Well it certainly seems to agree with you.” Said Errollorre. “You look good. Why even your nose stopped running.”
“Evil master thought troll’s nose disgusting.” Said the troll with a hint of sadness. “So he use magic to stop snot.”
“Well it looks good on you.” Said Errollorre.
“No” said the troll. “Now other trolls think troll look disgusting. Troll alone now.”
“Well now troll.” Said Errollorre. “You don’t really want to associate with people who only judge you by the quantity of snot coming out of your nose do you?
You need to be around people who like you for the inner you. Just not the part that comes out of your nose.”
The troll thought a moment and then said, “Troll live here now. Evil master own troll. Troll no more see bridge, or water, or laugh at little birdies getting eaten by big birdies.”

“Yeah I know how you feel.” Said Errollorre. “I also sometimes think I’ll never see the things I miss.”
Errollorre reached down and pulled from his beneath his shirt an amulet he wore on a chain around his neck.
“I’m surprised they let me keep this.” Said Errollorre.
“Evil master say amulet make music.” Said the troll. “He said you like to sing. Sing keep you awake.”
“But he didn’t know this.” Said Errollorre. “Troll can you keep a secret?”
“Troll never try before.” Said the troll.
Errollorre slightly screwed the front of the amulet and it opened to reveal a small drawing of a woman.
“This is my secret troll. What do you think of her?” asked Errollorre.
“She ugly.” Said the troll. “Why you carry picture of hideous woman?”
“Maybe to a troll she’s ugly.” Said Errollorre. “But I was the envy of every man when she walked by my side.”
“Troll would make her walk behind. Far behind.” Said the troll.
“Aw troll, I miss her.” Errollorre walked to the barred window of the tower and gazed out over the cold dark Accasia countryside.
Errollorre pressed a spot on the amulet and music began to play.

posted on Apr, 21 2016 @ 08:39 PM
With the troll looking on in confusion Errollorre grasped the bars in the tower window and looking out, began to sing.

(The video is soundtrack of Errollorre singing someday in Accasia.]

I wonder where you are tonight,
so long we've been apart.
Yet your love is close to me,
I hold it in my heart.

Though at times the world seems dark,
and we’re lost in it’s haze.
I know that we’ll reunite.
Because love finds a way.

Someday in Accasia,
in that magic land,
someday in Accasia,
we’ll walk hand in hand.

The chains of life,
will fall away,
the pain will disappear,
We can conquer anything,
when I have you near.

I promised I would stay with you.
and I’ve not forgot my vow.
I’m going to find and bring you back,
I swear this here and now.

I’ll face all foes,
and fight for you.
The stories they will tell.
Of how I fought and searched for you
through the heavens and through hell.

Someday in Accasia,
in that magic land,
someday in Accasia,
we’ll walk hand in hand.

Someday in Accasia
together you and I
Someday in Accasia
we won’t walk,
we’ll fly.

Errollorre finished singing and turned to see an angry troll.
The troll ran towards Errollorre. Before Errollorre could even think to react the troll reached behind him and grabbed the iron bars in the tower window .
The troll tore the bars out of the rock window frame and tossed them out to the ground below.
“Go.” Said the troll. “Find your ugly woman.”
“Thank you troll.” Said Errollorre. “But what will you do?” “Your master will surely punish you for this.”
“Troll used to being roughed.” Said the troll. “Troll can lose nothing.”
“Don’t be ridiculous.” Said Errollorre. “There is always hope and possibilities if one keeps going.
Look, why don’t you come with me? I could use a big strong guy like you. Who knows maybe you’ll find a lady troll who likes dry noses.”
The troll thought for a moment. “Troll go with you. Maybe we find troll an ugly woman too.”
“Listen” said Errollorre, “If we’re going to be a team we ought to know each other’s names.”
“I am Errollorre. What's your name?”
“Troll have name.” said the troll. “Troll name is Troll.”
Errollorre gave the troll a look. Then they both ran and leapt through the open window .

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Chapter 6

Errollorre and the troll ran through the night in the cold dark Accasian forest.
It had been several hours since they escaped from the ruined castle of the evil Prince Dricore.
Troll led the way. He knew the forests of Accasia. Errollore ran behind stumbling occasionally from lack of familiarity with the path and lack of sleep.
Errollorre tripped over a tree root in the dark and fell onto the snow dusted forest floor.

“We stop now.” said the troll. “You sleep.” “We close to village.” “Light come in sky soon.” “Then you go in village find your ugly woman.”
“It would be wonderful if she were there Troll.” said Errollorre. “But I’m going there to meet a wizard who is waiting for me at the Dark Star Inn. At least he said he’d be waiting for me days ago.”

“Me no like wizards.” said the troll. “Always do tricks on Troll. Make me weak.”
“Well this wizard is like one I’ve never seen before.” said Errollorre.
“I guess we'll find out soon if he’s still around. But I think I’ll take your advice before the dawn.
A couple of hours of sleep and I should get my strength back.” “We got a good head start on anyone who may be pursing us.”

“You sleep, Troll guard.” said the troll. “If evils come Troll hit. If too many come, Troll wake you and we run.”
“Sounds like a plan.” said Errollorre.
Errollorre curled himself into a ball under a tree. Shivering in the cold, Errollorre fell asleep in seconds.

He dreamed of warm summer evenings with her. He could see her standing by a small table on a beach. Food and drink for two was set upon the candlelit table.
He saw her turn silhouetted by the moonlit ocean behind her.
She whispered his name, “Errollorre.”
He spoke her name in return, “ My darling …”
Errollorre smelled bacon cooking.
He opened his eyes and saw Troll sitting by a fire in which a gigantic wild boar had been placed.

“What is all this?” said Errollorre, squinting in the morning light.
“Troll walk and guard.” said the troll. “Troll see big forest pig fighting manhorse.”
“Troll laugh. Troll like watching fight. But Troll remember Troll hungry. Manhorse never taste good, so Troll take tree from out of ground and hit forest pig on head to make tender.”
“Troll put pig in fire to burn off hair. Troll no like hair in teeth.”
“The meal seemed far more appealing before your description.” said Errollorre.
“But i’m so hungry I don’t care.”
The troll and Errollorre tore pieces of meat from the roasted boar and feasted in the morning light.

“From what you’ve told me we should only be about an hour away from the village.” said Errollorre.
“Troll no go in village.” said the troll.
“Why not?” asked Errollorre.
“Village no like Troll.” said the troll. “Village remember when troll throw them in water when they try cross troll’s bridge.”

“Yes I see where that could be a problem.” said Errollorre.
Errollorre watched as the troll ate the last of the giant boar and licked the bones clean.
Then he watched the troll run through the forest collecting snow. He rolled it into a bigger and bigger ball of snow. Then Troll took the giant snowball and threw it on the fire extinguishing it.
“Troll like to think Troll crushing living things under snow.” laughed the troll.
“I think I’m going to have to work on civilizing you just a little bit.” said Errollorre.
“Come on, let’s get to the village.”

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Chapter 7

Up the creaky stairs of the Dark Star Inn, and down a dimly lit hall, walked the wizard Carl , Errollorre and the troll.
“I paid for this room a week ago.” Said the wizard. “But this is the first time I’ve come to take a look at it.”
Using a large rusty key the wizard opened the door to a small, sparsely furnished room.
There was a fireplace with the remains of some half burnt logs sitting in it.
Unlit candles were atop the mantle as well as beside a small desk and bedside table.

The wizard touched the candle wicks and they burst into flame. Then he put fresh logs in the fireplace, touched them, and they burst like balloons full of water, spilling liquid all over the floor.
“Whoops.” Said the wizard. The wizard mumbled a few words and the liquid pulled back into the shape of logs and burst into flames.
“There that’s better.” Said the wizard Carl.

The warmth of the fire and the flickering light from the candles made the little room quite pleasant.
“Room make me sick.” Said the troll. “Like it better when floor was wet.”
“Well Troll.” Said Errollorre. “You can’t stay outside. The townsfolk don’t seem to have a friendly disposition to you after all the abuse you’ve given them.
Just try to rough it with us tonight. Tomorrow we will set out at dawn."
“Troll try.” Said the troll as he sat on the soft bed. The bed under the weight of the troll bent and touched the floor.
The troll had a look of horror in his eyes as he tried to ignore the comfort and a sweet aroma that was in the room.

“Do you smell that?” Errollorre asked the wizard. “It is ever so faint, and sweet. It is the delicate fragrance you can sometimes enjoy from a..”
“An Elf!” said the wizard. “I believe the previous guest in this room was an elf."
“Please.” Said the troll. “Troll already don’t feel good. Don’t talk about elves.”
“Ha!” said the wizard. “I have a feeling our adventurer friend here has a tale involving elves. Don’t you Errollorre?”

“Actually I do.” Said Errollorre. “Here look at this.”
Errollorre reached under his shirt and pulled out a amulet. He began to unscrew a little compartment in the front of it.
The troll leaned forward and whispered to the wizard who was standing in front of him.
“He going to show picture to you of his ugly woman. Try not to be sick.”

“Here you go.” said Errollorre handing a small drawing to the wizard. “This is the reason for my quest.”
The wizard Carl took the drawing and looked at the image intently.
“Very ugly woman no?” the troll said to the wizard.
The wizard Carl looked up and said,
“This is not a picture of a just a woman, you big dumb lump. This is a picture of an elf!”

The troll’s eyes got wide.
He looked at Errollorre and asked, “One you say love and you look for is elf?”
“Indeed she is Troll.” said Errollorre.
The usual light green tint in the trolls face suddenly turned a ghostly white.
“Troll gonna be sick!” yelled the troll.
“Well please not in here!” said Errollorre!”
Troll looked around with panic in his eyes, and then he ran for the door.

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Gnomes did not usually mingle in public with other beings.
In fact, the gnomes of Accasia had a reputation of being quite shy.
So it was highly unusual when the gnome Gritnow and his wife Sandshe reserved a room for two at the Dark Star Inn.
They had met at the Dark Star two hundred years earlier. They had promised each other that someday they would return for a romantic stay to celebrate that occasion.
Their story is an unusual one that must be told another day. Suffice to say that they had worked, and planned, and built up their courage to face other beings, in preparation for this special night.

Sandshe almost abandoned their planned evening when they arrived at The Dark Star Inn.
Entering the lobby of the Inn, the great dining hall was a shambles, full of broken furniture and bodies.
But with a great deal of convincing, Gritnow had convinced Sandshe that they should press on with their plans and enjoy the special getaway they had planned for so long.
Finally they walked down the long dimly lit hallway of the Inn approaching their room. They paused at the door as Gritnow laughed nervously while fumbling for the key.
Sandshe looked at Gritnow amused, but with love in her eyes.

Suddenly the door across the hall from them swung open with a crash.
Standing hunched over in the doorway was a large white faced troll.
It appeared to Gritnow that the troll was going to say something before he began to throw up.
Sandshe screamed.

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Back in their room the wizard Carl questioned Errollorre.
“So tell me how you came to be involved with an elf.” Said the wizard.
“Some time ago,” said Errollorre. “Over a year ago now I think. A delegation from Accasia came to my land of the Palindromes.
“They were going to work out a trade deal. Accasia sent many delegates representing many species. There were dwarves, minotaur’s, men, beings that I had never known before, and there were elves.
Way in the back of the group, by himself, was Prince Dricore. He didn’t like mixing with the others. He represented the dark lands of Accasia for his queen.
Negotiations took months. The Palindromes never talk straight when making a deal. In was during this time that I happened to make the acquaintance of one of the delegates from Accasia, a female elf.
Well I guess you can figure out what happened. We fell in love. We were to be married. But then Dricore found out.
I think there might have been some jealousy on his part, but even greater than that was the fact that Dricore does not believe in the intermingling of different magical species.
So on the day of our wedding, Dricore and his henchmen arrived and captured my elf.
I fought but was stuck from behind.
I remember hearing her calling me, and him saying he was going to arrange it so she will forget all that happened that day.”

Errollorre finished speaking and door opened and the troll walked slowly in.
“Troll feel little better now. But Troll has empty belly.” Said the troll.
Troll fell on the bed. The beds legs snapped and Troll and the bed crashed to floor.
Troll laid there face down moaning.

“I know what you’re thinking Errollorre.” Said the wizard. “But going back alone to Prince Dricore’s castle would be a mistake.”
“Even if your elf is there, it is highly unlikely you’ll get past all his troops to rescue her.”
“I can’t just sit here.” Said Errollorre.
“I have a plan.” Said the wizard. “At this very moment armies are being formed to fight the Witch Queen. They gather at the Faery Kingdom.
Go there and speak with Lekya the Faery Queen. Tell her Carl sent you. She may spare some troops for you to storm Prince Dricore’s castle and find your elf.”
“You speak as if you are not going with us.” Said Errollorre.
“I’m not.” Said the wizard. “I will go to seek the help of some powerful allies.”
“Who would that be?” asked Errollorre.
“Dragons!” said the wizard.

Suddenly from the street below the sound of many horses could be heard.
Errollorre peaked through the curtained window at the scene unfolding below.
Hundreds of black armored horses with warriors on them from Prince Dricore poured into the street from either direction.
Errollorre watched as they rode to the front of the inn. The inn keeper stepped out and spoke with a rider. The rider struck the inn keeper knocking him to the ground.
Then the inn keeper pointed up to the window from which Errollorre watched.
“Dricore’s soldiers!” said Errollorre. “They’re coming.”
“We can’t go out the front.” said the wizard Carl. “ Our only hope is to run to the backside of this building.
We can leap into the stream that runs behind the Inn. It might slow them down long enough for us to escape.
Go to the Faery Queen. I’ll meet with you when I can.”

Sandshe had been hysterical for quite a while. The trauma of the troll encounter had shaken her, and her mood for romance was gone.
But Gritnow calmed her with reassuring words. They washed themselves, then they burned their troll stained clothes in the fireplace.
Finally after a cup of warm gnome tea Sandshe sat beside Gritnow on the bed.
“Maybe someday we’ll laugh about this.” She said.
“Maybe not.” Said Gritnow. They both laughed.
Then looking into each other’s eyes, their lips moved closer, as the door suddenly burst open with a loud crash!
“I do beg your pardon.” Said Errollorre as he ran past and dove out the window .
“Was that Peter Pan?” asked a shaking Sandshe.
Then bursting through the door came a running barefoot man in a fuzzy bathrobe with a colander on his head.
It was the wizard Carl.
“Coming through!” yelled Carl as he somersaulted up and through the window .
Gritnow’s hands were shaking as he tried to calm the now hysterical Sandshe.
Suddenly the troll burst into the room breaking the doorframe. Wood shards flew in all directions.
Troll tripped and landed on the end of the bed sending Gritnow and Sandshe catapulting up and out through the window .
Gritnow hung by one hand to the window seal while holding the dangling Sandshe with the other.
Suddenly the window exploded as the troll burst through.
Gritnow, Sandshe, and the troll fell into the rushing stream below.
As Gritnow and Sandshe paddled towards the shore they watched the figures of Errollorre, the wizard Carl and the troll, run and disappear into the forest.

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Chapter 8

The road to the Faery Kingdom was easy to find.
Troll knew the way. But if he hadn’t, Errollorre would have been able to just follow the stream of volunteers who walked along it’s path, going to join the ranks of the new army.
Battle hardened veterans of past conflicts, and an idealistic adventures, answered the call of Queen Lekya to gather to fight the Witch Queen.

Errollorre walked along with the gathering troops with his left hand resting on the hilt of his new sword.
It was a parting gift from the wizard Carl before they went their separate ways.
The wizard had noticed Errollorre was missing a sword. So he reached within his fuzzy bathrobe and produced one for Errollorre.
“Here is a mighty sword for you to use.” said the wizard.
“That is a fine looking sword.” said Errollorre. “A grand blade as this must have a name. Something like the singing sword, or excalibur.”
“Indeed it has a name.” said the wizard. “It is called Ginsu.”

The procession of volunteers reached the gates of the Faery Kingdom.
There were guards checking the credentials and intentions of each one attempting to enter the walled city.
Errollorre waited patiently in a long line until at last it was his turn to speak with the guard.

“State your name, where you hail from, and you business.” said the guard.
“I am Errollorre of the Palindromes and this is Troll the troll.”
The guard looked at Troll. “You’re the first troll we ever got here.”
“Trolls never come to Faery Land because we think Faery people disgusting.” said the troll.

“State your business.” said the now angry guard.
“We come to speak with Queen Lekya.” said Errollorre.
“Oh, do you now?” said the guard. “Is she expecting you?”
“Well no.” said Errollorre, “but I’m sure she will speak with us.”
“And why would she want to speak with you and not with the hundreds of others who tell me everyday the want to speak with the queen?” asked the guard.
“We come with the recommendation of a wizard.” said Errollorre.
“Oh?” said the guard. “Which wizard is that?”
“The mighty wizard Carl.” said Errollorre.
“Never heard of him.” said the guard. “Wait here a moment.”

The guard stepped inside a small hut and returned carrying a large leather bound book.
“Ok let’s see, Buzdaderlo, Candolf, Capodona, Carmerato, Carnak, no there is no Carl listed here. This is a record of all the known wizards who have passed through Accasia and there is no record of a Carl.”

“I don’t think he is from Accasia.” said Errollorre. “But he is a mighty wizard who knows the queen.”
The guard gave Errollorre and Troll a disgusted look. Then he called over another guard on horseback who took a message from him and rode off.
“We’ll find out soon enough about your wizard.” said the guard. “While we’re waiting tell me what specialties you bring in joining our military forces.”
“We’re not joining your forces.” said Errollorre. “We’re going to see the queen to get some troops from her, to help us storm Prince Dricore’s castle, and rescue my true love.”

The guard gave them a look and backed away from them.
After several more minutes the second guard returned on horseback.
The second guard dismounted and spoke.
“The queen says she knows all the great wizards of Accasia and she never heard of a wizard named “Carl.”
“Alright you two.” said the first guard. “Either join up or get out of here.”
Errollorre and Troll walked slowly away from the gate of the Faery Kingdom.

“We have got to see the queen.” said Errollorre to Troll.
Troll thought a moment and then said, “Troll has plan.”
“What is it?” asked Errollorre.
“You see.” said the troll. The Troll smashed his fist into Errollorre’s jaw.
Errollorre dropped to the ground unconscious.

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Troll picked up Errollorre and slung him over his left shoulder.
Then Troll crouched slightly and took off running towards the gates of The Faery kingdom.
Many on the crowded road moved out of the way of the charging troll.
Those who didn’t were soon sent flying through the air or trampled underfoot.
The guards spotting the flying bodies and heard the screams.
They braced themselves to face the charging troll with lances ready.
Troll plowed through them like a hot knife through butter.
Lances snapped like twigs. One guard managed to get off a single blast of a horn to warn the city.

The guards stationed on the city wall spied the charging troll.
They ordered the city gates to be closed.
The great wood and steel doors were slowly being pushed into a closed position.
Troll reached the doors before the were completely closed and locked.
Extending his right hand he pushed hard on the great door.
On the other side of the door, twenty men and other enchanted beings, pushed back hard to close it.
Troll lowered his shoulder into the door, dug his feet in, and shoved hard against the door.
For several moments both sides struggled to move the door.
Then there was the sound of a loud crack, as the door buckled and snapped at the hinges.
The great door began to fall on the men and enchanted beings inside the gate.
Troll lept up onto the door and plowed forward through soldiers and anyone else in the way.

Troll made his way towards the closed doors of the throne courtyard of the Faery Queen.
The great doors were closed and locked. In front stood hundreds of well armed soldiers, braced and ready to repel the attacking troll.
It was nothing short of a miracle that the brain of Troll in that moment came up with another idea.
As he rushed the barrier of soldiers he grabbed the still unconscious Errollorre from his shoulder. Then while holding Errollorre by the ankles, he began to twirl him around his head as one would with a lasso.
Then as Errollorre reach a maximum rotation speed Troll released him sending Errollorre flying up and at the great stained glass window high above the courtyard doors.

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Queen Lekya stood on high marble steps in the throne room of the Faery Kingdom.
The Ceremony of the New Day was being performed, as it is everyday before the Queen presides over a public audience.
The ground of the courtyard was built upon retractable platforms that pulled back and exposed a long deep pool of dark blue water.
Sacred words were spoken over the waters by Faery priests, while wood nymphs gracefully swam and performed an intricate water ballet, spreading blessed herbs throughout the waters.

Queen Lekya descended marble stairs and stood at the edge of the ceremonial pool.
In her hands was a vase full sacred oils. She gently poured the oils into the pool, and spoke words to invoke the guidance and wisdom of the Faery ancestors.
There was suddenly a loud crash.

Errollorre smashed through the stain glass window high above the court yard.
He sailed over the assembly of dignitaries and guests and landed in the pool at the feet of the queen.
A great splash and a wave of water poured over the queen.
Errollorre was revived by the water and bobbed to the surface.
As he gasped for air and spit out water he saw the queen standing in front of him.
Her hair once carefully braided, was now wet and hanging below her shoulders.
Her beautiful gossamer gown that shimmered like starlight, now hung on her like a dripping wet rag.
Errollorre stood and taking a step toward the queen said, “I beg your pardon I don’t….”
Before he could finish Errollorre slipped on the wet marble floor.
He slid and fell into the queen, sending them both sprawling onto the marble stairway.

Armed guards poured into the courtyard. Archers took potion in the balconies above.
Swords and arrows were aimed at Errollorre.
One guard commanded, “Hold your place and make no move towards the queen!”
“The Queen!” said Errollorre. He turned to face the queen sitting in a puddle beside him.
“Your majesty”, said Errollorre, “Please accept my most humble apologies. I am unsure how…”
Before Errollorre could finish his statement a small goldfish fell from his hair.
It bounced once on the floor, then it dove into the pool. It swam away unharmed.
With water dripping into his eyes, Errollorre turned and looked at Queen Lekya.
Her face had a stern frown, which twitched slightly into a smile.
Then Queen Lekya began to loudly laugh.

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Chapter 9

Errollorre sat on a beautiful wooden bench in a lovely garden of fruit trees and flowers.
He had been taken by the servants of Queen Lekya, and given a warm bath, clean clothes and a good meal.
Now he sat waiting as ordered in this picturesque portion of the Faery Kingdom.

A set of doors opened that were almost hidden in the ivy covered stone walls.
Through the doors walked Queen Lekya now dried off and looking beautiful and regal.
Errollore stood and bowed before Queen Lekya.

“Your majesty.” Said Errollorre.
“Please relax and be seated Errollorre.” Said the queen.
“How is it you know my name your majesty?” asked Errollorre.
“A friend of yours told us all about you.” Said the queen.
Suddenly there was an overwhelming aroma that filled the air.
It reminded Errollorre of the smell of an infant after a bath.
Baby powder, and the scent of bath soap swirled all around.

“That would be I.” said a deep voice behind Errollorre.

Errollorre turned around and saw a large hulking figure, dressed in a fresh, clean green shirt, and pantaloons.
He wore knee high leather boots.
His hair was combed back elegantly and there was an overall glow and shine about him.
“Troll?” Asked Errollorre.
“Yes it is I.” replied Troll.

“But, what.., how,..I mean, you’” stammered Errollorre.
“Allow me to explain.” said Queen Lekya. “My soldiers managed with great difficulty to subdue and capture your friend here after he flung you through my stain glass window .”
“ In the prison in order to calm him down I had the pixies sprinkle him with pixie dust. Usually a few sprinkles will do the trick. But in his case the poor pixies had to sprinkle several dozen barrels worth. I am afraid the poor dears are quite exhausted and will probably sleep now for a week.”
“That much pixie dust would normally make one float away into the sky, but in his case it seems to have increased his intelligence and vocabulary”.

“I am aware that the effects of this chemical reaction will evidently soon dissipate.” said the troll. “As it does I will most assuredly revert back to my former inclinations.”
“I must say, I doubt I will tolerate my current state of cleanliness or this grand attire you have provided for me once I am back to myself. But I shall always retain thankfulness to the kind gestures and hospitality you have shown me.”

Errollorre just stood there with his mouth open staring at Troll.
Then he turned to Queen Lekya.

“Troll must have told you then of my quest. I humbly beg of you to spare some soldiers to help me attack the fortifications of Prince Dricore’s castle and rescue my love.”

There was a rustling noise behind Errollorre and he turned to see Troll chasing a squirrel around a tree.
“The pixie dust is wearing off.” said Queen Lekya.
“Errollorre I do not have soldiers to spare. I need all forces for the attack on the evil Witch Queen.”
“Then I must fight alone.” said Errollorre as he watched troll roll in a mud puddle with a captured squirrel.
“Errollorre,” said Leka. “Your Elf is not at Dricore’s castle.”
“What?” said Errollorre.
“She was here two day ago.” Said Lekya. “She and her companions set out for the great hidden library to find information to reverse the witch’s curse.”
Errollorre tuned to see the leg of the squirrel dangling out of Troll’s mouth.
The troll laughed and the squirrel jumped from his mouth and ran up a tree.
“Troll like taste of squirrell foot.” said the troll.
“Glad to have you back Troll.” said Errrollorre.
“ I will have my people give you directions towards the great hidden library.” said Queen Leyka.
“There you may find your lost love. But be aware. The witch’s curse has clouded her mind. She may not recognise or remember you.”
“I am sure I can make her remember me.” said Errollorre.

Errollorre noticed in the distance a thick cloud of black smoke.
“”What is that smoke your majesty?” Errollorre asked the queen.
“It comes from the ancient structure in which we removed the trolls old clothes of fur and skins.” said the queen.
“Oh I see.” said Errollorre. “You’re burning Troll’s old clothes.”
“No.” said Queen Lekya. “We are burning the building.”

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Chapter 10

Errollorre and Troll walked through the thick Accasian forest for two days.
The day was ending and they were looking for a clearing somewhere in the thick brush to set up camp for the night.
Then they saw it. Raised high on a hill and looking like a small castle, it was the hidden library.

“We found it Troll!” Said Errollorre.
For the first time in a great while Errollorre put his hands on his hips threw his head back and gave out a hearty laugh.
“What make you funny?” asked Troll.
“I laugh because I’m happy Troll.” said Errollorre. “I can feel that we are close to succeeding in finding my lost love.”
Errollorre stopped speaking and looked to his right and saw a group of hooded men approaching them.
The men bowed and held their hands out to welcome them.
Then they spotted Troll and held their hands up to stop them.
“Welcome to the hidden library.” Said the tallest man. “Does he intend to read?” He asked pointing at Troll.
“Troll can read.” said Troll. “Troll make letters for reading too. Watch Troll spell name.”

Troll snapped the trunks off of two trees and laid them on the ground to make a “T”.
Then he dove into a nearby stream and began tossing fish unto the shore.
After he collected twenty fish he began to form them on the ground into the shape of an “R”.
The hooded men looked at Errollorre who just shrugged his shoulders.
They continued watching Troll as he threw down a large boulder to make an “O”.
“Just be glad his name isn’t Tollollorro.” Errollorre said to the men.
Troll ran off into the forest and returned with two bears that he convinced to lay on the ground in “L” shapes.
“Look see.” Said Troll. “I spell Troll.”

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“Well done.” Said the tallest hooded man.
“The library is closed for the night. We’re thinking of remodeling in the morning. Maybe come back in a year or two.”
“You can’t refuse us entry.” Said Errollorre. “We were sent by Queen Lekya. She said I would find my true love here.”
“What does she look like?” Asked the hooded man.
“Well for one thing she’s an elf.” Said Errollorre.
“Oh there is an elf visiting here.” Said the man. “Her and her companions arrived yesterday. They will be leaving soon.”
“Leaving?” Said Errollorre. “No I must catch her!”

“We sympathise with your desire to see them, but you must understand, they are visitors and are our guests. As such they are under our protection and care. We must first get confirmation of your story from them before you will be allowed to speak with them.”

“No!” Said Errollorre. “I’ve traveled too far and waited too long to have this opportunity slip from my hands.”
Errollorre ran towards the large wooden doors of the library.
The tall hooded man raised his hand and said, “Not now.” And the wooden doors slammed shut.
Errollorre pounded on the doors and tried to open them but they would not budge.
“Troll!” Called Errollorre. “Help me!”

The hooded men stepped into the path in front of troll.
The hoods covered their heads so it was hard to see their faces.
But you could see their hoods becoming soaked with nervous sweat, as they stood facing the troll.

Troll charged and sent hooded men flying in every direction.
One landed in a tree, another in the stream.
One hooded man landed on the two bears still laying on the ground forming letter L’s.
He was last seen being chased into the forest.
Troll hit the wooden doors at full speed.
As the doors cracked and buckled, Errollorre’s sword “Ginsu”, got caught in the passing trolls belt.
This sent Errollorre hurtling into the doors with Troll.

Inside the library, at the end of a long hall, was a huge room, richly decorated and with comfortable furnishings.
In front of a crackling fire in a large elaborately decorated fireplace, lay sleeping the beautiful Elf “Night Star”,
the little Pixie resting in her hair “Pesky”, the baby miniature dragon “Sky”,
the large rainbow winged black wildcat “Hugo”, “Wolf” the white wolf,
and “Aria”, the winged elf who was cursed into a ghostly form.

It was unusual that they would all be resting at the same time.
But it had been a long day spent searching for clues in the library to find the enchanted necklace that would break the spell the held the elf, Aria.

Wolf was the first to sense something amiss. He raised his head and listened.
Hugo also awoke. He stood and let out a low growl.
One by one the others stirred and became alert.
At the end of the hall there was a noise.
Then there was a crashing sound as the great doors to the outside burst open.
It looked like a large ball with arms and legs was rolling quickly towards them.
It was Errollorre and Troll.

Tangled up and out of control they careened down the hallway, knocking over statues and displays until they at last, with a loud crash, they landed under a large table by Night Star and company.

Errollorre stood and rubbed his head.
Then he looked at the assembled and surprised group in front of him.
“My love!” Yelled Errollorre. “At last I have found you!

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Chapter 11

Troll the troll stood in the luxurious surroundings of the secret library of the Accasian forest.
He watched Errollorre speak with an elf woman.
Troll thought “She ugly elf woman. Is she ugly woman Errollorre look for?
Elf woman don’t act like she know Errollorre. Now she say her name Night Star.
Troll remember elf woman. Ugly elf woman and mean animals attack Troll.
Errolloree telling elf woman about looking for another elf woman.
That look like ghost standing there.
Is that other elf woman looking like ghost?
He call ghost elf, Aria. She ugly too.
But at least she can be looked through. Harder to see the ugly.”

Troll then noticed Night Star’s companions “Pesky” the pixie,
“Sky” the miniature dragon,
“Hugo” the rainbow winged wildcat,
and “Wolf” the white wolf, all staring at him.
Troll remembered when they attacked him on his bridge. Troll only wanted to eat them.
There was no reason to be mean to Troll.

It had only been a couple of weeks since they last met.
But much had changed for Troll.
He met Prince Dricore, who was disgusted with Troll’s continuous runny nose.
So Dricore had performed magic on Troll and removed the constant nose dripping.
But when that was taken from Troll, it changed Troll.
Troll felt different. He didn’t fit in with other trolls anymore.
He started to think different. He understood that others could have sadness.
Troll developed empathy.

So when Troll heard Errollorre’s song in the prison,
about missing and looking for his lost love,
Troll for the first time in his life wanted to help someone.

When Troll escaped the prison with Errollorre he got something he had never had before in his life, a friend.
Troll liked his new friend. He had given Troll new fun things to do.
Because of his new friend, Troll was in a barroom fight,
and was able to use the bar itself as a club on many men.
Troll got to see the Faery Kingdom for the first time,
and fight many men and beasts.
He got to break down the city gates, fight more men,
throw Errollorre through a stain glass window, meet a queen,
speak like an educated gentleman for a while,
find a secret library, crash through more doors,
yes, Troll liked this new way of life.

Troll didn’t want to fight Night Star’s companions so he tried to think of a way to show them he was not a threat.
Troll decided he would just act like a typical visitor to a library.
Troll clasped his hands behind his back and began to casually walk around the room.
He looked intently at pictures and statues that lined the walls,
never understanding a thing that he looked at.
Nor did he notice his ears and hair knocking over various artworks as he passed them.
He did get a little suspicious of the sounds of cracking and breaking that occurred behind him.
So in order to appear even more casual, as he strolled through the room he attempted to whistle.
Something he had never done before.
Troll puckered up and blew, sending a stream of drool and spit onto a priceless painting on the wall.

Errollorre turned around to look at Troll when he noticed Night Star’s eyes grow wider.
Night Star’s companions just stood there with their mouths open,
as they watched the unintended destruction that was going on before them.
Pesky the pixie flew over to Night Star and started complaining.
Troll caught this commotion out of the corner of his eye.
But he decided to continue his casualness and ignore the ugly little bug woman.

Troll walked up to a bookshelf and slowly looked up and down at the various priceless books that lined its shelves.
Troll couldn’t read the titles because it took Troll a very long time to figure out a single word.
But he didn’t want those watching him to know this.
So he chose a random book, and reached out gently,
with his huge hand and oversized fingers.

Troll tried to have a delicate touch as he reached for the book,
but his thumb pushed the bookshelf sending it toppling over backwards into another bookshelf.
Row by row like dominoes, the bookshelves in the great library crashed to the floor.
After a solid minute of the sounds of crashing and ripping, there was silence,
as great clouds of dust circled the room.
Troll picked up a book and walked over to a large, ancient chair,
that stood by a table in the middle of the room.
When Troll sat in the throne-like chair its legs snapped like twigs.
Troll crashed to the floor while still seated in the chair.

Errollorre, Night Star, and her companions, turned from staring at Troll,
to see the hooded dark robed men, the guardians of the hidden and secret forest library of Accasia,
enter, limping down the hallway towards them.
The tallest of the hooded men stepped forward and was about to address them when he noticed the destruction of the room.

The tall hooded man looked at Troll,
seated in the collapsed and broken chair,
sitting casually crossed legged, and holding a rare and priceless book in front of him to read.
The book was upside down.

All present just stared at Troll in the dust filled room.
The silence was only broken occasionally, by the sound of a falling book, or a breaking piece of pottery.
Troll looking intently at the upside down book before him,
he licked his thumb and went to turn to the next page.
The sound of the page ripping pierced the silence of the room.
Troll ignored the page as it floated to the floor, and he continued to pretend to read.
Page after page was slowly ripped from the valuable book until finally,
Troll came to the last page and closed the book.

Everyone just stood there. They looked at Troll. Troll looked at them.
Behind the tallest of the hooded men, several of the other hooded men began to quietly weep.
Troll stood with the seat of the chair still attached to his bottom. He addressed the tall hooded man with his most sophisticated voice.
“Book good.” Said Troll, “But need more pictures.”

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Chapter 12

Walking down a wide spiraling stone staircase, and carrying in his hands a large silver platter containing a wide variety of foods,
was a black robed and hooded guardian of the secret library of the forest of Accasia.
Behind him walked Troll the troll.
Troll had been told that he had to eat his meal outside away from the other guests.
Troll thought about this as he walked. He had conflicting emotions about this situation.
Troll felt bad that he was not considered good enough to sit at the long fancy table with the other invited guests.
“White dog can eat there.” Thought Troll. “Flying mountain cat eat there. Little dragon eat there.
Ugly flying bug woman eat there. Ugly woman elves eat there. Why Troll no eat there?”
“But.” Troll thought. “Ugly elves make Troll too sick to eat. Maybe good to eat outside.”

The hooded guardian and Troll exited a large wooden door to an area out behind the great library.
There was a mountain pass that opened up to a large field of grass.
Close to the door was a barn with a stable. Troll could see horses grazing far out in the field.
One horse was still standing in its stable in the barn.
The hooded guardian placed the tray on a large flat tree stump that would serve as a table for Troll.
“Your meal Sir Troll.” Said the guardian. The guardian noticed Troll looking at the horses.
“They are the Great Sacred Steeds of the Accasian Forest Library Guardians.” Said the guardian proudly.
“They are strong and fast. No finer horse can be found in the land.”
Troll looked at them for a moment. He couldn’t understand why anyone would consider such a creature as special.
“Enjoy you meal Sir Troll.” Said the guardian. Then the guardian left through the wooden door.

Troll looked at the tray of food. There were various meats and vegetables prepared in exquisite seasoning.
Troll picked up a leg of lamb and sucked the meat off the bone in one fast movement.
“Ugh!” Said the Troll. “Men make meat bad with dirty flavors.” The spices did not agree with Troll.
Troll picked up a watermelon and plopped it into his mouth like a grape. “They think Troll bird?” Said Troll.
Troll picked up a piece of lettuce from a large salad bowl and let it hang from his fingers.
“They think Troll little rabbit?” Thought Troll.
Trolls stomach growled. It sounded like a large mountain lion roaring in battle.
The noise scared the horse in the barn and it let out a whinnie.
Troll looked at the horse. Then he looked at the lettuce. Then he looked at the horse.

In the great dining hall of the hidden library a feast was going on.
Errollorre sat at the end of a long table full of an endless variety of culinary delicacies.
Night Star and her companions sat at the other end. Between them sat the library guardians.
The elven ale flowed freely and everyone was feeling in a jolly mood.
Errollorre stood and addressed the assembled.
“My friends, I would like to give you a more detailed explanation of my purpose, and how it is that I have come to you.” Errollorre then went on to tell his whole story.
He told them of his days back in his home in the land of Palindrome, and how the delegation from Accasia had come to sign a trade pact.
He told of how he and an elf from Accasia fell in love and were to be married.
Of how on their wedding day Prince Dricore out of distaste for the mingling of species or perhaps out of jealously,
invaded the wedding with his troops and kidnapped his bride to be.
He told them of his travel to Accasia, of meeting the Wizard Carl,
the escape from prison with the help of Troll, the journey to the Faery Kingdom,
and how he had at last come to them here, at the Secret Library of the Accasian Forest.

“I was sent here by Queen Lekya. She knew I would find the one I seek. The one I lost.
I think when my bride was captured by Dricore that he took her to The Witch Queen. He is her loyal servant.
I don’t know why, and I don’t know how,
but I believe the Witch Queen has bewitched my bride so she has no memory of me or our days together.
Furthermore as I stand here I can see she has been cursed into a ghostly form.
Yes Aria, it is you. You and I, we are in love.
We are to be man and wife.
We were torn apart and now you are under a spell.
But I am still under your spell Aria.
Do you remember?”

Aria had listened to Errollorre tell his tale.
She had found it fascinating, but these words of love directed toward her troubled her.
How could this be true? Is it true?
She had gone through so much. She couldn’t think.
It was too much.
Aria ran from the room towards the library garden passing through the closed door.

Meanwhile outside behind the library a guardian was exiting the stone stairwell to retrieve the tray and plates of food provided for Troll’s meal.
He came to the large flat tree stump and saw the tray sitting there practically untouched.
Then he heard a loud long burp.
He looked to a group of trees near the mountainside and saw Troll sitting and leaning against a tree.
He was picking his teeth with a large white bone.
Beside him was an enormous pile of bones and hair.

The guardian turned and looked into the barn. He saw that the stable was empty.
The guardian went into a rage and lost his composure.
He ran over to Troll and stood there yelling.
“You beast! You animal! You monster!
You are a guest and you have desecrated this place with your uncaring thoughtless ways!
That steed was blessed, holy and sacred! It was in it’s stable resting from a long night’s ride.
You fiend! Unthinking mindless beast!

Troll stood. Troll towered over the guardian.
A look of anger filled Troll’s eyes.
The guardian suddenly realized that he perhaps should have thought about his words a bit more carefully.
Troll lowered his face to the guardians.
Steam could be felt in his hot breath.
Troll then said in a deep angry growl,
“Big wild pig come and go into barn. Troll see pig try bite horse.
Troll go and bite pig.
Horse in field with other horses.
Troll eat pig cause Troll still hungry.
But Troll still have room for you.”
The guardian fainted in terror.
Troll laughed.

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Chapter 13

Errollorre sat at the end of a long table in the dining room of the Hidden Library of the Forest of Accasia.
The table was still filled with the remains of a great feast.
Three of the guardians of the library sat silently eating at the midway section of the great table.
Night Star and her companions had all gone to the garden area to check on the well being of Aria, the winged elf who had been cursed by the Witch Queen into a ghostly form.

Leaning back in his chair, Errollorre drank elven ale from a large goblet in his hand.
He stared at the guardians who ate silently with their heads down. They had been ignoring Errollorre since the meal began.
“I do say may good fellows” said Errollorre. “That was a wonderful meal.”
The guardians continued eating without looking up or acknowledging Errollorre’s words.
“Yes sir,” said Errollorre, “Nothing like a good meal and stimulating conversation.”
Errollorre took another long drink of elven ale. He was not used to its effect and already had partaken far more of it than he should have.
“You know what your problem is?” Errollorre said to the guardians slightly slurring his words.
“You won’t stop talking. I can’t get a word in edgewise.” Errollorre slumped back in his chair and laughed.
Then he took another long drink of ale.

Night Star and her companions entered through a door from the far side of the room.
As they made their way back to their seats at the table Night Star with a nod of her head and a signal with her eyes, Indicated to Errollorre that Aria was alone in the garden and may be in the frame of mind for Errollorre to talk to her.
“If you will excush me shentlemen.” Said a tipsy Errollorre. “I’ve got shomeone important to talk to.”
With that he staggered towards the garden door.

Aria stood in the moonlight at the end of a garden of exotic trees and flowers.
“Can it be true?” she wondered. “When the witch turned me into a ghostly form, could she have also erased some of my memories?
I don’t remember this man who claims we were to be married. He seems nice.
He’s certainly not bad to look at. But I don’t know him. I don’t know what he is like. How he thinks.
What we have in common. What was it that would have made me love him? If, I loved him.
I must try and hear him out. Maybe if we talk it will come back to me. Perhaps my memories will return.
Maybe this is the key to my becoming my old self again!”
The thought of this gave Aria hope.
She suddenly felt that perhaps this stranger, this one called Errollorre could be the beginning of a new and better life.

“Aria.” A voice called.
Aria turned in the moonlight to see silhouetted in the garden doorway the tall strong features of a man.
It was Errollorre.
Errollorre stepped forward into the light. His strong handsome features seemed to glow in the night.
“My dearest Aria.” Said Errollorre as he bowed low.
Then he fell unconscious flat on his face.
Aria ran over to the unconscious Errollorre. He was breathing.
She tried to pat his hand. To rub her hand on his forehead. To brush back his hair.
But her hand in its ghostly form just passed through him.
Suddenly behind her there was the sound of a loud thud.
She turned to see that from over the garden wall had leapt Troll the troll.

Troll looked at Aria bent over the unconscious Errollorre and walked quickly toward them.
Aria’s first instinct was to run. But then she realized this troll would not be able to harm her in her ghostly form.
Troll walked up to Aria and looked at her intently.
He put out a gigantic hand and passed it slowly through Aria.
Then he looked at Errollorre and put his nose close to Errollorre’s mouth.
“Ugh,” said Troll.” Silly man drink too much elf berry juice.”
Troll put his hand on Errollorre’s chest. “Silly man sleep then be better.” Said Troll.
“You ugly elf woman he look for. Troll help him find you. Troll hear you say you don’t know him. You make silly man sad. Silly man love you. He no lie. You try remember so you and silly man be happy.”

“I am trying to remember Mr. Troll.” Said Aria.
Aria looked at the unconscious Errollorre laying sprawled out on the ground.
“Mr Troll” said Aria, “Would you pick him up and put him on that bench under the tree?
It might be more comfortable for him.”
“Troll pick up silly man.” Said Troll.

Troll scooped his hands under Errollorre and lifted him easily.
Errollorre stirred and mumbled something.
Then he turned in Troll’s hands and began to fall.
Aria unable to help just put her hands to her mouth and let out a small cry of dismay.
Troll grabbed Errollorre by the ankle as he fell. Errollorre’s head bumped the ground and Troll lifted him up.

It was at this moment that Night Star and her companions reentered the garden.
They looked at the scene of Aria with hands to her mouth letting out a small cry,
and Troll holding an unconscious Errollorre upside down by one ankle.
Pesky the pixie began yelling and telling Troll to let Errollorre go.
Sky the miniature dragon let out a puff of smoke.
Hugo the winged wildcat and Wolf the white wolf both crouched preparing to pounce.

“No no don’t hurt the troll.” Said Aria. “He was helping.”
Aria turned to Troll. “Please just put him down Mr. Troll.” Said Aria.
Troll let go of Errollorre’s ankle and Errollorre crashed to the dirt with a thud.

Troll looked at Night Star and her companions.
Then he began to walk quickly toward them.
Before anyone could decide how to react, Troll stood in front of Night Star, towering over her.
“Troll remember you.” Said Troll.
“Troll try catch you at bridge. You try trick Troll. You send animals to hurt Troll.
Now Troll give you something.”
It all happened so fast and the situation was so unexpected,
that Night Star and her companions were unsure and hesitated in reacting to the movements of Troll.
Troll reached into his shirt and produced two bangle bracelets.
“These belong to tricky elf woman. Silly man found them and took them.
When Troll see silly man in prison he take shiny things from him.
Now Troll give them back to ugly elf woman.
Troll no more fight creatures like Troll did before.
Troll has new way. Take shiny things.
Troll no more hurt stupid things.”

Then Troll handed Night Star her lost bangle bracelets and walked away.

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