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TERRORISM: German police swoop on suspected Islamist Terror Network

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posted on Jan, 13 2005 @ 11:06 AM
Mosques across Germany were raided yesterday and German police arrested twenty-two Islamic radicals suspected of aiding terrorism through money-laundering and issuing fake documents. Prosecutors in Munich said that the long-planned sweep has disrupted a major supply network which would have provided logistical support to terrorist groups in the future. Those arrested included men and women from the Middle East, North Africa, Bulgaria and Germany, all of whom were suspected of being linked to Islamic extremist organizations, including al Qaeda.
German police said yesterday they had dismantled a nationwide network suspected of acting as a logistical base for Islamist terrorist groups in the country.

In a series of dawn raids, police and prosecutors searched apartments, offices and prayer halls across five German states, detaining 22 people, of whom 11 were formally placed under arrest.

Prosecutors said the mainly north-African suspects, who had been under observation for more than a year, had ties to the Ansar-Al-Islam and Al Tawid terror groups. Although the group is not believed to have been planning terrorist attacks, police said it was forging travel documents and raising funds through fraud. Members are also suspected of smuggling jihadist fighters in and out of Germany, and of recruiting sympathisers in Germany's Muslim community. Some of them, the police said, had visited terrorist training camps in Pakistan.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

It is nice to see Germany is doing it's part on the war on terrorism. Just think 22 here and perhaps ten there may have a great effect by breaking their moral by cutting off their money supply. The very same group is suspected of sending insurrgents to Syria and Iraq and I am elated to know they will not arrive.

Does anyone know if German jails furnish all the needs of prisoners? I only ask this because, if they don't perhaps some of their fellow cohorts might get caught when they send them stuff.

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