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Recruitment for the Deus Ex Power&Love Mod

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posted on Jan, 13 2005 @ 07:54 AM
I’m starting a Deus Ex mod project and I’m looking for anyone with modding skills. The mod's name is going to be Power&Love (until I make up a better name for it).
This is the mod’s storyline:
The mod would take place after the Join Illuminati Ending. MJ12 still controls the South and East of the US by martial law and that's how they could kidnap Nicolette (yes, they did!), who loves JC. JC loves her too. He must rescue Nicolette with the help of the Knights Templar (the same organization that was founded in 1118, fought during the Crusades, and whose preceptories in Germany, England and Scotland survived actions of Clement V and MJ12) who have the same enemy - MJ12. Firstly, JC will not even know where did they take Nicolette and by whose order. There will be some other characters from DX such as Morgan Everett, Hubert Du Puy and Aston Greer. The mod will take place in such places as Paris Police Command, FEMA Office and Area 52 (something very similar to Area 51).

Obviously I’ll need every kind of developer: mappers, coders, modellers, etc. If you have any modding skills this is a great opportunity for you. I accept everyone, I don’t mind if you work for other mod projects, you just have to have a modding skill. Also a webmaster is needed and thus it would be great if any showed up. This also refers to a human resources person, a hardware provider and a bugmaster. In the future, a PR manager might also be recruited.

If you are any of those people I mentioned above, don’t hesitate to join! You can do this by:
1) contacting me by e-mail (
2) if you’re a Pole, you can send me a message via GG as well. My number is 3585025.
I’ll be also available at Windows Messenger soon.

Applicants should present some proves of their skills while applying. You have to know what you’re doing and be good at it. Please tell me about your previous experience in your application.

Thanks for any help,

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