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Russian jets speed past US Navy destroyer in 'simulated attack profile

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posted on Apr, 13 2016 @ 09:06 PM
"Exercises" 70 miles out of what used to be Russias biggest naval base in the Baltic area (it still may be, I don't know), well within missile strike range, considering how far out of the way that area is, and you wonder why Russia buzzed you?

I'd say if they didn't expect to get buzzed, international waters or not, then they should resign their commands, as Russia's response was somewhat predictable.

posted on Apr, 13 2016 @ 09:44 PM
This is very much a political Message both to the US and the Russian People.

To the US the Message is: You come to Our back yard expect to be greeted With a welcome.

To the Russian People this is a show of commitment. That Russia is not scared to get Close and personal With the US.

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posted on Apr, 13 2016 @ 09:45 PM
This used to happen all the time. Bear's would test the carrier group perimeter and a deuce of F4's would meet them a hundred miles out or so. The game was for the Bear to over fly the flight deck and the counter was for the outboard F4 to photo the inboard F4 accompanying the Bear as they flew over the carrier. The inboard F4 liked to sit down on the wing of the Bear outboard of the props. The air cushion would keep the Phantom about 4-5 feet above the wing and the Soviet pilots would get very excited.
"Trawlers" fishing for electronic intel would often play the International Rules of the Road test. As burdened vessel, they would set a near collision course and cut across the bow of a US warship. The rules said that the privileged vessel [US warship] had to maintain course and speed. On my ship, as OOD, we were required to call "Captain to the Bridge" in such a situation. For us, this always happened on a transit to the Med between the Azores and Gibraltar. Our CO would immediately take command and have the damage control parties standing by for when we cut the trawler in two. The trawler would break off at the last possible moment and go down our port side, much to the Captain's disappointment.
Then there was submarine tag, yet another test game.
All players knew the rules, no wars were started, and no one was surprised by new technology. The Cook had an airshow starring old Soviet aircraft. The counter attack from the USN; a letter of protest. Nice and safe - a show for the world press- and business as usual.

posted on Apr, 13 2016 @ 10:32 PM
a reply to: CynConcepts

One Russian plane goes down and you could have war and you're talking about Russian pilots getting off playing chicken.

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posted on Apr, 13 2016 @ 10:37 PM
a reply to: stosh64

looks like Russia begging to lose yet another jet.

posted on Apr, 13 2016 @ 10:41 PM
a reply to: nooneyouknow

Are you taking a piss mate? I'd Hazzard a guess a 15 minute trip to the bottom of the Baltic. It'd be suicide, ask a Russian missile ship why it doesn't fire on us planes doing this to them in the Gulf.
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posted on Apr, 13 2016 @ 11:15 PM
a reply to: Zaphod58

while I dont know either way i highly doubt if the US was doing it that there would be any reporting on it.

Lack of a US backed media statement doesnt mean it didnt happen.

posted on Apr, 13 2016 @ 11:21 PM
It would be important to know if the Cook was capable of lock-on at the approaching jets. They might have had them but without beaming out a high prf , which is another threat in itself.

posted on Apr, 13 2016 @ 11:51 PM
More EW "testing"?

posted on Apr, 14 2016 @ 12:05 AM
Seems to me like Russia is looking for an excuse to go to war

posted on Apr, 14 2016 @ 01:45 AM
This is either a propaganda opportunity, or ill disciplined Russian aircrew. Both situations are plausible and both are not unique.

It's all good fun, and relatively harmless. However, this changes when the jet crashes. Yes, jets doing stunts do crash. That's happened in the past too.

posted on Apr, 14 2016 @ 02:58 AM
I'm betting that Mig tried to use an electronic warfare device to shut down the electronics on the Destroyer just like one did back in 2014 seen here... . I also bet that the US has battle hardened itself since that encounter the Donald Cook had with a mig and spooked the heck out of the crew. Interesting how it is the same ship, perhaps the Ruskies are seeing if it got an upgrade ?

posted on Apr, 14 2016 @ 03:11 AM
I'm not sure if this thread is arguing that it's ok because we do it, or it didn't happen like was reported.

We can all agree the U.S. And Russia are currently unfriendly. We have done plenty to justify aggression from Russia. As such, if Russian jets perform agressive maneuvers over U.S. Naval assets, it's probably best to shoot them down.

It's not like Russia would do anything. Ask Turkey.

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posted on Apr, 14 2016 @ 03:14 AM
They yearn so hard for the glory days of the USSR, its kinda funny to watch really.

posted on Apr, 14 2016 @ 03:19 AM

originally posted by: vonclod
Should of fired on them or at least locked radar on them..Im kidding..sort of, after all the Russians seen to like shooting down passenger jets..I believe the U.S. has done simular(passenger jet) This kind of sh@t will be the cause of bad stuff happening sooner or later. Seriously though what can be done about this kind of crap?

Turkey took one out and they haven't cross their airspace since.
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posted on Apr, 14 2016 @ 03:23 AM

originally posted by: neformore

originally posted by: Zaphod58
Really? You have reports of US pilots flying 30 feet off Bear bombers? And zipping right in front of them? And screaming along low like this in front of Russian destroyers? Yes, the US has done things, but they don't make a habit of doing them like Russia has lately.

In all fairness, it wouldn't be reported in the USA if it has happened, unless it resulted in a direct international incident, would it?

And such things have happened in the past - I don't get more brazen than a U2 overflying Russia, or a direct Mach 3.2 leg towards the Kola Peninsula or Vladivostok with a last minute turn on a ferret run to see which ships turn their radars on... or a dash down a border.

Not that I'm defending the Russians mind... they're just as bad. Its cat an mouse. But no one is innocent.

Yeah, Powers.

Wasn't that like 1962 at about 60,000 ft?

Don't forget the russian bombers flying around Alaska.

posted on Apr, 14 2016 @ 04:31 AM

originally posted by: CynConcepts
I have to honestly admit I did smile. Don't get me wrong, I realize it is not a laughing matter...militarily speaking, but obviously, Russia knew they would not be any repercussion and they pushed it! Thus, confirming that Obama's military command would not do anything as they suspected.

So you would presumably prefer our leaders to act dangerously, like Putin, with immature bravado, than with common sense for the greater good?

The US didn't do anything because they're the ones not seeking to escalate this and create something more dangerous, Putin on the other hand seems entirely irresponsible and dangerous, willing to risk all out war for nothing more than brownie points with his equally immature public.

Real leaders don't act so irresponsibly, and it should rightly lead Russians to wonder just who has control of Russian military - was this really a sanctioned act by the leader of a nation, or was it a rogue element within the Russian military taking actions independently?

Either way, many sensible Russians will now be wondering how stable their government is, and they should be wondering exactly that.

posted on Apr, 14 2016 @ 04:35 AM

originally posted by: neformore
a reply to: Zaphod58

Like I said, if the US/UK/Nato has done it, it wouldn't be reported in the West, would it?

So go and find examples of it in Russian media!
You guys keep banging on like parrots about how terrible the evil West is, but you can never actually find evidence for the things you claim! Go and look at Russian media and show us the examples THEY HAVE PRODUCED showing US/UK incursions into their airspace, mock bombing runs, threats against their military...

You can't, because it's not happening, because the governments you want to claim as being aggressors here are not, while you pretend that the Russians you're a fanboy for are all entirely innocent.

If we were doing this to them it would be ALL OVER Russian media, and you know it. The fact that it isn't proves that you pro-Kremlin preachers are full of nothing but bs.

posted on Apr, 14 2016 @ 04:55 AM
a reply to: stosh64

Keshe claims his technology took down USA RQ-170 Sentinel drone in Iran and then November 2014 it disabled high tech AEGIS Class USS Donald Cook by a single Russian SU-24 Fighter Jet, in the Black Sea. I think recent Veterans Today article wrote about it also and here shortly video;

By the way you may also want to see how remote viewers in 1953 saw Stalin's death, although it is in BIN; ______beforeitsnews/spirit/2016/04/the-mysterious-death-of-stalin-2501048.html

posted on Apr, 14 2016 @ 05:01 AM

originally posted by: Kuroodo
Seems to me like Russia is looking for an excuse to go to war

It was a risky move, but this was probably more about bravado and Putin looking for some kind of nationalist cause for his people to rally behind.

I do think people underestimate how immature Russia is as a country. It's an extremely male-centric culture, many Russian men are like the football hooligans of the UK, or the college jocks of the US - it's all about perceptions of masculinity and strength, at the cost of a healthy society.

Putin himself manifests this several times a year, performing highly publicized "manly things" in order to make himself look like a "strong leader" to all those other immature men - the ones who routinely decide who their whole family should vote for, if they allow "their women" to vote at all.

When you look at the culture of Russia, with its incredibly high domestic violence, it's insanely high alcoholism, it's well known prostitution... it all becomes pretty clear.

Putin also has an incredible fear of losing societal control. Ever since the fall of the Berlin Wall, when he saw the people rise up to tear the wall down and his government did nothing to stop it, he's been terrified of seeing social movement in Russia. He knows that revolution is entirely possible and when he sees even the slightest hint of protest against him he goes into overdrive to stamp it out.

We all know the actions he's taken over the last few years in Russia to seize control of media organizations and prevent any protests against him. He regularly orders the arrest of political opponents and manufactures reasons for doing so to minimize any more protest against their unjust detention.

People seem to think he's clever, he's really not. He's a teenager trapped in a man's body and he has incredible fears which can easily be exploited. He's incredibly predictable when it comes to leadership, he dedicates far too much time to keeping his people in line and shutting down opposition. Most leaders don't have to do that, because they don't have this deep irrational fear of opposition.

Right now he's facing mass protests, the people of Russia are finally waking up and getting angry. He's hammered his own country into the dirt for nothing more than his persistent wet dream about reforming the USSR, with sanctions causing massive economic damage to his people, while now having to pay billions a year for the upkeep of Crimea too. His people are increasingly angry about the financial leaks, exposing him as a potential criminal with corrupt dealings, at their expense.

Whenever Putin does anything you can pretty much guarantee that it's driven by his fear of losing control of his people.

It will happen eventually, just as it's happened in plenty of other countries over the last ten years. The people of Russia, the youth of Russia especially, are seeing the rest of the world and the quality of life they have in comparison is rubbish. Millions of Russian's are still living in slum housing not fit for habitation, urban development is almost non existent, even in Moscow. If you're wealthy, you're fine, but if you're of the working classes, you live in a 1970's tower block so shoddily put together and so poorly maintained it could collapse at any moment.

Russia is not in a good position, their insane level of hyper-nationalism is the only thing keeping it together, but that's going to crumble at some point and the people are going to start demanding more from their massively corrupt government.

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