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dc killing off the new 52 superman

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posted on Apr, 13 2016 @ 09:57 PM
a reply to: TrueBrit

The new 52 is what people call the last reboot of continuity within the DC comics universe. So it is the current version of the universe that the comics take place in.

DC comics is wiping the slate clean once again and rebooting the universe. So now the continuity of the new 52 is going to be wiped clean. They are going to start from the beginning again. Taking elements of the current continuity, previous versions and I am assuming, adding some new stuff in to keep things fresh.

DC does this every once in a while. Writers are constantly coming and going from titles. Each bringing their own unique vision about what the characters should be. That DC soft resets and decides what stays and what goes. What stays canonical and what does not.

They do it in hopes of bringing on new readers. Its a jumping on point. So new readers do not necessarily have to know every little detail of the decades of sometimes conflicting history.

posted on May, 2 2016 @ 09:51 PM
Don't know if it's being wiped clean or if they are simply merging elements of the pre and post nu52.

As far as minority characters are concerned, meh.

By which I mean, as long as the story is good, I'll read it.
I thought the transition from Peter Parker to Miles Morales in Ultimate was done poorly, but liked what they did with the character for most of the run.
Not been a fan of the dark and brooding Superman except for occasional stories. But killing him off just to replace him with pre 52 Supes just seems eh.

As far as female Thor goes... I've seen more people complain about it that don't read comics than do. The run has been pretty good, barring some face palming moments where they want to drive in a "We're totes feminists, girl power guys!" message.

Meanwhile having new characters like Ms. Marvel, which isn't for me but sells pretty well cheers me up.
For awhile I could read pretty much all the titles and they all felt very similar, Marvel has managed to diversify their books. There are some I don't like, but are successful in their own right. And that's great.

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