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The Microchip

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posted on Apr, 13 2016 @ 12:50 AM

BBC Science producer Simon Morton goes clubbing in Barcelona with a microchip implanted in his arm to pay for drinks. Simon Morton gets his microchip Having the chip inserted was a breeze Imagine having a glass capsule measuring 1.3mm by 1mm, about the size of a large grain of rice injected under your skin.

The night club offers its VIP clients the opportunity to have a syringe-injected microchip implanted in their upper arms that not only gives them special access to VIP lounges, but also acts as a debit account from which they can pay for drinks.

Not really new, this BBC story is from Sept 2004, and when I saw the story back then, I thought I would see the start of embedded RFIDs, with a slow take up but it never happened - except in isolated incidents like this club. I agree that there is no need for these when we have cell phones and debit/credit cards to keep tabs on people, as well as the ubiquitous CCTvs.

And I cannot see the UK going for microchips in the next year.

posted on Apr, 13 2016 @ 01:21 AM
Season 3 of "the 100". You'll see an example of how the chip might spread.

Ie. Takes away pain. Adds pleasure. Plugs u into the collective. Removes bad memories. Etc etc.

But just as quickly as it starts you'll be able to buy rfid shields, chip scramblers and removers. Etc. But they say if u take the chip u can't go to heaven when u die. That's in the bible.

posted on Apr, 13 2016 @ 02:18 AM
You know, yesterday, whilst watching a small helicopter heading straight towards my house and then hearing the standard drone of the commercial helicopter; it started to turn to the left only to vanish. The drone of its engines also vanished.

i thought, 'oh, maybe i just switched alternate realities thanks to LOA'.

Then i come back to ATS and see the same doom porn that never seems to vanish.

Is there any freaking reality out there with no freaking doom porn ??????

posted on Apr, 13 2016 @ 02:40 AM

originally posted by: AdmireTheDistance
Shouldn't this be in the predictions forum? Also, I don't see it happening, and certainly not by July.

OP didnt say that it would happen in July , rather there MAY be a call for it by then.

posted on Apr, 13 2016 @ 02:48 AM
a reply to: imjack

Most tagging technology is useless for tracking anyone.

Not since early 2000

The most basic methods are RFID that give unique frequency.

No , a lot more than the RFID chips found in computers , not since 2000

If you cared enough to learn how it works, you could edit the information it even "contains" externally. They also work like inches of distance unless huge implants.

If you cared enough to learn , you would know about this newfangled wireless stuff called "encryption"

The chip is at best only giving them a website. And that's if the Internet has it registered to link to that as opposed to nothing at all

No , it is capable of constantly feeding data to server farms composed of super clusters.

Your answers would have been great up till about 2005-2006

posted on Apr, 13 2016 @ 03:20 AM
Boys, I think you are losing the point, while being overloaded with multiple details. I read with interest the various views including how the microchip works.

(First of all, nobody can tell for sure whether this is the notorious Mark of the Beast, and why should it be a microchip and not a tattoo for example. At the time of writing the Revelation the Tattoo would be the preferred choice. It is a pity the Lord didn't address it himself in the Gospels. Why not, if that thing is considered so dangerous for the soul?)

Then, the microchip frankly is outdated, as much as the first computers from the smart phones. There are nanochips by now, invisible and attachable from outside the skin. No one needs to implant anyone, in order to monitor you, as some posters noticed correctly.

Then we are in the dawn of the new biology and medicines that are about to heal based on DNA and other breakthrough principles. Those biological agents that will be used, could very well be miniature nano scale robots, be they based on Carbon (our biology) or on Silicon (the computers) or both.

The idea that we should reject the new inventions that may prolong our lifespan, because it is all from the devil, is hard to be defended except for the most conservative circles in every religion.

Overall, we need a complete new view on those problems, starting from better technological knowledge of what is being done in the moment not 20 years ago, and ending with a better theological picture should we fear it, and if yes what exactly should we fear (as with the discussion of stem cell research, or in previous generation - the artificial bones or other elements put inside human body).

It is easy to say, that is all NWO that will start surveillance over UK citizens to allow them medicare and to deny to the immigrants. It is difficult to see the world as 7 bln INDIVIDUALS who have nearly the same human needs, and to make that conglomerate continue its future way without a major conflict including nuclear. Neither UK nor USA are isolated islands anymore, as some of their leaders seem to behave if they were.

Pakistan is equally dangerous or even more dangerous than all those immigrants together. So is India, so is every nuclear state. The father of the first atomic bomb Oppenheimer feared the first nuclear test in USA could trigger nuclear chain reaction of the atmospheric N2, and wrote to Truman about that. Until now, such reaction was not achieved. However, such threshold do exist. Perhaps it is around the 100 megaton load, because the Russian Tsar bomb was feared much in the West, persuading the Soviets not to do it. They scaled down to "only" 57 megaton. Each of today's nuclear powers have as much combined load or more.

Hope that is not the future of humanity though. I say that to show how many more problems we have, including of feeding both our own populations and those who immigrate, and those who live in their own countries such as Nigeria, to fear that someone makes surveillance on us. So what? The very nature of computer systems assumes surveillance and spread of information to maximum people.

We need ASAP new ideology (not new religion) that will define those issues better and will draw new red lines. Including for the AI that could be much more dangerous than a device always attached to your body. As some noticed correctly, the smartphone is already attached to your body quite voluntarily, especially by our kids.

P.S. The idea that Mr Cameron will introduce the chipping of some sort shortly after the referendum on Brexit, is worth or considering, but frankly it is not all about it, is it? I can list a dozen of scenarios, and the politicians can list several dozen more, of a nightmare coming to Europe or the USA without the need of microchip.

Much more dangerous would be a religious war, that could ignite rather easily if terrorists repeat the same inside St Peter's. As both CIA and Trump already warned. One can imagine what would happen if Mecca is destroyed in some end times scenario.

Another more mild non-armageddonic scenario is how Europe and Russia will deal from now on. If Europe starts chipping tomorrow, Russian leaders including religious ones will say, see we are the ones to defend christian civilization from the beast of revelation, yes? The trick is to find a common ground between different branches of one European civilization, as the West and Russia appear to be such. Here we go with pope Francis meeting the Russian patriarch in Cuba, and after-tomorrow the patriarch of Constantinople on island Lesbos amid migrant crisis. They are not going to talk things already said in MSM. They are going to talk what we are not told openly, not yet.

Of course, I share the concern of implanted microchip no less than you do. But the problem is really beyond that concern, may be including that concern. We need ASAP new mentality if we are going to survive as species. Or some prefer we are not to do that, we are not to continue as civilization but on the way of Armageddon. Only time will tell who got it right.
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posted on Apr, 13 2016 @ 08:49 AM
a reply to: imjack

The CCC chaos computer club read out the passports and idendity papers in realtime and wireless.
If you can change the data, everyone else can.
Because you know all this and you have prepared yourself, as you say, you can google for it by yourself.

Edit: That was 6-10 years ago and our passports use RFID...
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posted on Apr, 13 2016 @ 03:40 PM

originally posted by: mazzroth
No the chip will be a device you take freely, a small rfid will be injected into your hand and with this you will only be able to purchase items with. To push this through a major catastrophe must happen and I'm betting it will be a banking collapse where we all lose our money but we will be given a digital equivalent loaded onto our rfid chip to spend with.

Youre confusing this with th eMARK OF THE BEAST. Which REQUIRES YOU SWEARING A OATH WITH YOUR OWN MOUTH TO THE ANTI CHRIST. People conveniently FORGET that little part when they post this doom porn.

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