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There will never be an Apocalypse

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posted on Apr, 15 2016 @ 08:58 AM
a reply to: ElementalFreeze

Which later prophetic books are you referring to?

He probably had the holy Spirit show him everything in a moment. Maybe the seven church's are God's chakra system and when completed, him becoming the light for everyone happens. He becomes a light being accensing through his animalism ways (old testament) into becoming a human plus more (in the new testament) finally he becomes God or an enlightened being, after Revelations.

Paul was Saul from the old testament. So was John was Elijah from the old testament.
Then maybe Jesus becomes God in the old testament?

God is trying to hop onto his son's body in order to leave behind his "old" ways and becoming "new".
Idk that's my interpretation on it.

posted on Apr, 15 2016 @ 11:06 AM
a reply to: luciferslight

Saul is pronounced like Sheol "shawl'' is how they would be pronounced. Sheol was the Israelites underworld and was said to be complete darkness and it was the closest thing to an afterlife in the Old Testament Israelite religion. It wasn't heaven or hell or purgatory just darkness and spirits.

If you honestly believe that Saul got knowledge beamed into his head from God in Heaven I advise you to take another look at the book of Acts, written by Luke, a disciple of Paul. It downplays the rivalry and hatred of the Apostles by the likes of Saul. A murdering psychopath who imprisons Christians on behalf of the puppet government of Rome and the High Priest of the Temple, a Saduccee. He does this more for hatred and as a profession rather than zeal for the Law. His subtle anti-torah teachings show his disdain for the Law saying that it brings a curse on all who follow it. Torah is the Law and the Law is Torah, he sometimes fools people into thinking that he is talking about Pharasaical law but when he says Law he means Torah, God's Law. He says as long as you love your neighbor you fulfill the Law taking out the greatest commandment like it is not important even though Jesus said it was the most important.

His story is actually one of a false prophet who fulfilled the prophecy of Matthew 24:23-29. He says he spoke to Jesus in secret, in the wilderness. He came in Jesus name and deceived even the elect, although the 7 churches in Asia rejected him the Greeks then the Romans followed Saul who taught that for believing that Jesus died for their sins they would go to heaven. This sounds fantastic, but it isn't what Jesus taught

Because he simply lied. He has a tendency to say things like "I do not lie" and swear to God or state that God knows he is not lying. Exactly what someone who IS lying would say.

And Jesus also said anyone who swears to God is "of the Evil One", leaving no doubt whatsoever that Paul is a false prophet.

By later prophetic books I meant the prophetic books, which come later in the year in my reading plan and later in the bible both chronologically and in order of placement.

I haven't mastered the prophetic books yet. I put myself on a 3 year reading plan. Year one was just reading it and taking notes and learning the big issues. This year I am retaining details of individual stories and learning at a much faster pace, next year I want to write a book of esoteric interpretations side by side day by day, if only just for myself. has a daily reading plan of one portion OT, one NT and a portion of Psalms or Proverbs. Even if you miss 5 days you can sit down and catch up or do it everyday for discipline, however you want to do it.
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posted on Apr, 15 2016 @ 11:27 AM

originally posted by: Rex282

originally posted by: ElementalFreeze

But Revelation was a coded message disguised as Apocalyptic prophecy and few have decoded its message entirely. It was never truly about the end of the world but about revealing a message to the recipients of the letters and anyone who may be able to figure it out in the future is a bonus.

This is incorrect.The book of Revelation is not a code about past present or future historical events.The answer is very simple and is stated in the 1st verse.

The unveiling of Yahoshua the anointing, which God gave to show his servants what had been given to soon occur, and he symbolized it when he sent by his messenger to his servant John who witnessed the word of God and the testimony of Yahoshua the anointing everything whatever he saw.Blessed is the one who reads and those who hear[understand] the words of this prophecy and keep those things that are written in it, for the time is near.

It is was a dream/vision John had.It is never stated if it happened one day or over a period of time.It reads much more like a dream journal than what people believe is a religious “prophecy”.John states from the outset what it is.

What Christianity(and may others because of Christianity) does not believe and more significantly know is what the name of Yahoshua means.They believe the name of Jesus has a super natural power when it is proclaimed(prayed,invoked etc etc) like an incantation(which is witchcraft).The truth is the name Yahoshua simply means Yahweh(the creator God the I will be what I will be) is deliverance /salvation.The unveiling is “what” this Yahoshua anointing(christ..the power of the creator God) will do according to the Good new Yahoshua and the apostles proclaimed(deliverance from Hades).

Yahoshua clearly stated to the disciples it had been “given” to ONLY them (the disciples) to know the kingdom(authority- rulership) of their heavens(mind).It was unveiled(revealed) as their “religion” was destroyed(as John will be shown later in revelation).The 1st sign was when Yahoshua asked the disciples “who do the people say I am?”.Their response was typical of the religious state of mind(Jewish for them) are a prophet which simply means in communion(communication) with the creator God which of course turned into religious belief and a multitude of religious doctrines for the Jews.

He then asked the disciples who do YOU say I am.Simon answered first and stated….”you are the christ the son of the living God”.Notice Simon did not refer to the scriptures(and neither does Yahoshua in his answer).Jewish belief was their Hamashiach(christ) was NOT the son of the creator God.In effect Simon did not know what he spake of and Yahoshua clarifies why when he says.

You are blessed, Simon son of Jona, because flesh and blood has not unveiled this to you, but my Father who is in[your] heaven.Also I say to you, that you are rock, and upon this stone[unveiling] I shall build my nation of people(, and the gates of Hades will not withstand it.To you I shall give the keys of the kingdom of [your]heaven; everything that you will bind in the earth will have been bound in [your] heaven, and anything that you will release in the earth will have been released in [your]heaven.Then he ordered his disciples to tell no man that he is the christ”.

These verses were the foundation stone of the Roman Catholic church and are incorrectly interpreted by religious doctrine.Yahoshua is not stating there will be a new religion built upon his teachings(Christianity) and that Simon-Peter is to be it’s “leader representative”(vicar) as Catholicism believes.Yahoshua is clearly stating in context the religious(the people) believe in “prophets” of religion and writing to reveal and communicate with the creator God however it doesn’t work that way because the truth is communion with the creator God is “unveiled” to their mind through the authority of rulership (kingdom) by the creator God and there is no “religion” in it at all.Notice Simon-Peter did not say he “believed” he made a clear concise statement of “knowing” which is exactly what Yahoshua stated to them over and over.(if you continue in my word you are truly my disciple THEN you will KNOW the truth and then the truth will make you free”)

This is the foundation stone John receives the unveiling from.He had already been experiencing this for many many years as a process not an event(being saved by a religious belief).Yahoshua clearly stated the disciples were the only ones to be “given” to KNOW the mystery of the kingdom of their heavens because the father had chosen them(the chosen few) specifically to be not of this world(aion which means age). Christianity has extrapolated this to mean he was talking to ALL Christians when Yahoshua never states that nor do the disciples.They both state over and over only the father can unveil themselves to a person WITHOUT religious belief.

The disciples were baptized by fire (had their religion destroyed as in Matthew 7)The false doctrine of baptism is only religion and does not unveil it does the opposite, it blinds.When the disciples were baptizing it was the sowing of the seed of truth(preaching the Good news) for the destruction of a persons religion not building a NEW one.Religion is sand communion is rock.John had combatted this for many years.It was his “drinking of the cup” he was not expecting.When he documented what he knew he called this false religious belief the spirit of antichrist which means in place of the anointing.The first Christians were antichrist as are the Christians of today(with much more religious perversion).

This vision was given John to show him(and his readers) what the unveiling is to everyone else by way of metaphor.It is not a step by step process but a overall map.All of the ‘events” he saw in his vision will happen to a person in their “heavens”. Since the precise process cannot be known by a methodology it is drawn in a metaphoric allegory that was never written before or since.It has elements of other old testament scriptures however they do not line up the way the religious believe because there is nothing to “line up” into “historical events” as they believe.

John had already experienced the process of having his religion destroyed and the unveiling of communion with the creator God in this age.He experienced the 1st resurrection of Revelation 20 prior to physical death and he will not experience the 2nd death “after physical death of the the lake of fire cleansing(John is already clean..symbolized by the washing of his feet in John 13).

John is not trying to create a religious doctrine of prophecy he is simply “hearing”(which he states over and over) what is being communicated to him by the creator God and documenting because that is what prophecy is and a prophet does. There is nothing to decode.When the hearer “hears” he is being blessed because their religion(false beliefs) are being destroyed by the various metaphors of the “plagues”.


You said: "This is incorrect, the book of Revelation is not a code about past or future events."

You are incorrect. And by the size of your message you know it to. You could have said "Read the book of Revelation." If it was a book that didn't need interpretation to the point of deciphering numerical codes in the form of a wisdom riddle then

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posted on Apr, 15 2016 @ 11:35 AM
a reply to: Rex282

I wouldn't have needed to use a second message to reply to you. Andou stated it was simple? Contradicted by the length of your little interpretation.

There is a coded message in the book of Revelation and the need to encode it was because the church had been infiltrated by Rome and it's agent was the so-called apostle to the gentiles.

You can see my message to Luciferslight if you want a sampleof how Revelation proves Paul is a false prophet.

posted on Apr, 16 2016 @ 08:53 PM
John predicts pretty accurately what the 3 most destructive forces will be with his 666 riddle. Although you could argue that only one beast is associated with the number 666 because only one mention of a beast has that number, you could also say that the number of the beast is the number of every beast (in Revelation). After all, are beasts 1 and three not individually each the beast?

So how can we connect 3 separate "beasts" by identifying them all by the number 666? And what are these beasts today, do they qualify?

#1 (in no particular order) Paul. Paul would become the Catholic church and mother of Christianity. While that may sound noble the Catholic church was and is a deeply disturbed and disturbing organization historically. Christianity is only an improvement, not a solution. Paul was not a friend of the men Jesus assigned to found his movement and was more loyal to Rome than to the Apostles. He had no intention of spreading the teachings of Jesus and every intention of introducing his own. He despised the followers of Yeshua and imprisoned and murdered many. He claims one day to have a mystical experience with Jesus talking to him and he is now zealous for the gospel. The Apostles originally give him permission to spread the gospel to Greeks but later find he is not teaching the truth and James, not an Apostle actually but successor to Jesus and the obvious leader of the Messianic church in the book of Acts summons him to prove he is honest and demand he purify himself. When Paul returns he must have felt humilated and his hatred of the Apostles and James comes out in his report of the event and others. He would get the last laugh, sadly as the conquering Romans were his friends and enemies of the church. Saul of Tarsus (which is 666 in Hebrew gematria) is the beast of what is now the Papacy.

The other 666 related beast is Nero, who's title Caesar Nero is 666 in Hebrew and Greek. Nero is the beast of Imperialism, in all its forms.

The third beast is the Israelites who rejected the peaceful Messiah because he wasn't the her-Messiah King who restored the glory of the kingdom of Solomon like they were expecting. Today they take the form of Zionism. And the number 666 is the number of Solomon, whose seal is what they CALL the star of David but is not related to David in any way. This star is one triangle pointing up and on pointing down. It's called the hexagram and that is the source of the word hex as in curse or spell. It has 6 triangles outside and a hexagon in the middle for 6 sides and the 6 individual lines of the two triangles makes it a known geometric symbol for 666.

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