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seeing people in dreams.

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posted on Aug, 17 2002 @ 11:12 AM
i love sleeping and i love dreaming cause idk i just cant wait to see what will happen. but the thing that gets to me is in most of my dreams i talk to people that i have never seen before. or when i have a really good dream with a girl i dont know who she is .. im guessing they are dead and they are just contacting me.. idk anyone have a idea?

posted on Aug, 17 2002 @ 05:31 PM
I read somewhere once that those people you see are just people you made up in your head...i dont know though because i do the same thing and i am sure most people do to but in any sense its still is pretty cool

posted on Aug, 17 2002 @ 07:29 PM
When we dream, three facets of an a individual's personality show themselves separately in dreams. Sometimes they appear as people the dreamer knows, sometimes as fictitious people. So what you may be seeing in your dreams, might actually be different sides of who you are, shown in a different form. These are called archetypes. For example:

The Ego: when we are dreaming we are observing what is going on, the part that observes is the Ego. This is because it is the most conscious aspect of us.

The Shadow (the same gender as the dreamer):
this appears in a dream as a person the dreamer fails to recongize. The shadow is usually the worst and the darkest part about a person's personality.

The Anima or Animus (the opposite gender as the dreamer): The anima is a female figure in a male's dream. This is the emotional and intuitive side of the male's nature. The animus is a male in a female's dream. This is the masculine part within a woman's character. They're basically there to help you understand the opposite sex.

The Self: is the archetype of potential, but is hidden inside a person's personality.

These are to name a few.

posted on Aug, 18 2002 @ 11:37 AM
yo dead... i am with you... the same thing happens to me... but i can tell which ones are dead and which people i am connecting with... if you ever have a dream of a freind ask him/her if they dreamed of you that night... you may have a gift there...

posted on Oct, 28 2002 @ 04:14 PM
Last thursday night, I dreamed that myself and a friend were walking through the shopping precinct in Milngavie ( the lifeless $hitehole where i live ). All of a sudden, we started running, much faster than we possibly could have in real life. We ran about a mile to the housing estate where we live, and ended up in the woods, near my house. Here, we met up with another friend. This is when the dream ended.

On friday evening, we got talking about dreams, and i mentioned this dream ( among the group were the two friends who had featured in the dream ). It turned out that the friend who we met in the woods in my dream had had a very similar dram on the same night, where all three of us had been running from the shopping precinct, and ended up in the woods.

The two dreams were not identical, but still very similar, and i wandered what it could mean. The friend who i mentioned, who i will call Dave, and I, often seem to think alike, and to have similar opinions/mutual thoughts. I wandered whether similar thought patterns had anything to do with it, and if it was because our brains had pieced together past events in similar ways while asleep.

Any comments???

posted on Oct, 28 2002 @ 06:07 PM
There was a famous story about something similar Cider.In the 19th century a guy from Norfolk dreamt that he would meet a man on London Bridge in a week and that meeting this man would be quite profitable to him.So he felt compelled to go.When he got there a man was waiting so he aproached him.The stranger told him that a week previously he had dreamt that there was gold buried under a tree and that he should meet with a man on London Bridge and tell him.
When the man returned to his home in Norfolk he took a shovel and dug around the apple tree in his garden and sure enough he found gold buried there from around the time of the reformation.

I've read this story in more than one book on dream prophecy.I'm a bit sceptical about it as like a lot of these types of story it's impossible to prove but it's still a cracking story.

posted on Oct, 28 2002 @ 07:34 PM
I agree with Enigmatic, I've had many dreams involving people I don't know.
One such dream was one where me and a black man were running, in a weird huge running gait, I felt this man was my friend.
After waking up and discussing this dream I later learned this black man represented none other then my Irrational self.
I also have since then figured out that I am INDEED very polar when it comes to my Rational self and Irrational self, hence why one of me was white (myself) the other black (my OTHER self heh)
In the dream they both played an important role in determining a course of action on some events that were occuring at the time.
It was quite a learning experience.

posted on Jul, 11 2003 @ 12:01 PM
But I liked it, so there!

This is something I'm soooo familiar with, that I could damn near write a book about it. I have dreamt of people that I know of course and dreamt of total strangers*names included* that I met years later, even!

I do agree, somewhat with what Emigmatic has said, that we the dreamer, often times are seeing ourselves through different eyes or our own, an inner part of ourselves that perhaps?..we are unaware of. A face to face confrontation with our own selves basically...BUT it's evident to me, through experience alone, that we can and do dream of people in our circle..people we've walked a many of roads with in the past and yet haven't met thus far in *this* lifetime..I think of it as sort of reknowing or relearning someone who was once close to us-through our spirit/soul. And it's also sort of a preperation for us in this lifetime..and so that when you DO meet that person in your dreams, they really don't seem like a total stranger to you, as you've become familiar with them again via dreams...

We sleep and it feels as though time stops, but in a way I feel that it continues in some other life, some other time..a place where our souls wondered around with people we see today that we feel so drawn to, on a deeper level then our bodies and minds could ever comprehend..

posted on Jul, 15 2003 @ 12:59 PM
I had a dream about cannibalistic dead people walking the earth in search of was weird, I was like trying to get the hell out of town, and then as i got to some railroad tracks, it ended.....weird.

posted on Jul, 16 2003 @ 02:15 PM
I see a bunch of people in my dreams that I have never seen or met before in my life. It's amazing how our brains can put together a person that we have never seen before out of our feelings. Or maybe they are possibly "dead" or we meet in another time.

posted on Feb, 3 2005 @ 04:42 PM
I keep having the same dream over and over again of the same man, but in different scenarios.

The last dream he was in; there was a woman, who was a friend of mine, but not one that I know in my awake state.

We were in the middle east, or someplace like that and we were looking out over this dry field then all of a sudden a big wave rolled in and the land was under water. Unlike the tsunami; we were eagerly anticipating it with joy.

There were strange glyphs on the arches and we (the male and I) had a deep fondness for one another.

It is the same individual, but the scenarios are the only things which change.

posted on Feb, 3 2005 @ 05:11 PM
I have met up with people in dreams that I know in the waking world. More than once I have had verification. There is a girl I know only online and she lives quite a distance from me. One night she asked me to come visit her in astral. That night I became lucid and projected myself to her home. I knocked on her door and she answered. We hung out for a while and I saw her neighborhood and her house.

The next day I asked her questions to confirm what I had seen. It was exact. I described the shirt she was wearing and she said she had one just like it. I was still skeptical so I asked her to send me a picture of the shirt. I could not believe what I saw. It was exaclt the same shirt I had seen. Make no mistake...Dreams are very real.

posted on Feb, 5 2005 @ 06:10 PM
Speaking of dreams, did anyone hear that story about the man who married a woman who appeared in his dream?

I believe it was something like this:
The man had a dream in which a beautiful woman whom he had never seen before appeared. Although he didn't know if she was real/made up, he fell in love with her and made a sketch of her, which he kept in his wallet ... Several years later, he met the woman in real life, they fell in love, and got married.

I heard it on the news .. did anyone else hear about this?
I'm actually looking for more details about it but can't remember names etc

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posted on Feb, 7 2005 @ 01:14 AM
i love sleeping and i love dreaming cause idk i just cant wait to see what will happen. but the thing that gets to me is in most of my dreams i talk to people that i have never seen before. or when i have a really good dream with a girl i dont know who she is .. im guessing they are dead and they are just contacting me.. idk anyone have a idea?

Huhuh, that's always stumped the experts; you can shrug and go about yer bidness, start reading theorists like Carl Jung, as Enigma outlines, or, you can see what the sleep scientists do to explore those aspects of dreaming..
There's the Content Analysis model,
there's the Activation-Synthesis model,
there's Mitcheson's "dreaming-as-UN-learning" model,
then again, you could learn Lucid dreaming and produce any person you want to meet, model,
or you could let the left side of your brain go on cruise control and assign some type of mystical significance to those who populate your dreams.
Personally, I think such an approach is an intellectual cop-out and automatically and for the rest of your life, you get used to assigning all such mentation to "other entities"...and take no responsibility for your own actions, let alone, your own -dreams-
Here's an excellent and full bibliography of dream theory, produced by the
good people at Electric Dreams and one of the hardest working Dream-dude on the Net, Richard Wilerson, in which you will find the entire spectrum of theories and dreamwurk. It would be hard -not- to learn something by starting there....and if you begin, even casually, now, at this time in your life, you could be the master of your dreams in just a few years, and you wouldn't need to ask "how come......" because you'll have answered this query for yourself.
Doing something as simple as starting a dream diary can be an excellent first step...and we all know what Confuscius said about that "first step", eh?

Heres the link:

On a related note, one of the many dream-oriented sleep studies I took part in years ago had to do with the "temporal regressiveness" of dream content.
After a year and a half, countless hours hunched over an EEG and doing awakenings on the volunteers (Freshmen...ha!), it was found that the time orientation of dream content, and the people who populate them, changes through the REM sequence, such that a direct correlation was found between that and body temperature.
Simply put:
The first REM or two usually involves a relatively contemporary setting, populated by individuals or composites of individuals, you are dealing with here and now.
As the body temp drops, and you sequence into REMs 3 and 4, all those aspects travel backwards in time, as you integrate or re-live, situations very similar to problems you face in the here and now.
Then, the last REM of the night, as the body temp bebounds in anticipation of the coming awakening, the dream content merges aspects of all previous REMs and people, and has a tendency to intellectually and emotionally prepare you for those things that you will be dealing with in the next 24 to 72 hours.
Pretty cool, huh?
Anyway, bubbabak says: INVESTIGATE and EDUCATE! yourself when you come upon questions such as you devise, above; and that link I provided will go a long way to doing just that, should you care to pursue such a course.
Cheers and happy dreaming!

posted on Feb, 7 2005 @ 04:20 AM
Thats really cool guys. Those dreams are interesting. I have dreams all the time. Its cool because I remember absolutely everything about them. From colors to smells to the way I felt. I can describe my dream is crazy details. My dreams are so random though. We need a dream forum!

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posted on Feb, 7 2005 @ 06:07 AM
When I was about 8 years old I dreamt that I met a boy with very, very blond hair and his name was Kris or something like that who was from some far away place. In this dream I loved this blond haired boy tremendously and was going to marry him someday. The dream was a very powerful feeling dream that stayed with me for a very long time. It was a very pleasant dream.

Years later when I was 14 years old my twin sister invited me along with her new friend, Kurt, to the county fair. Kurt brought along his friend, Keith. Keith had just moved here with his family from Minnesota, which is a long ways form California.

We became close friends and eventually lovers. We married right out of high school. Keith is the father of both of my children! We were married for 7 years and we are still friends today, 38 years later!

While I was married to Keith I had another very powerful dream that seemd very strange to me at the time. I dreamt that I was married to someone else! This person was a very dark haired man with glasses and curly hair.

I later married Tony, who closely fit this discription. We were married for many years until he died 2 1/2 years ago.

All of my life I have ahd very powerful dreams with very high dream recall compared to others.

One time, Keith and I had very similar powerful dreams of being chased by police and even shot at by them! We comtemplated this dream many times over. We were never chased by police or anything like that but it was funny that we had such a similar dream on the same night.

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