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Documents Show Just How Suckered Students of the Trump Institute Felt

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posted on Mar, 31 2016 @ 03:32 PM

originally posted by: imjack

originally posted by: Edumakated

originally posted by: theantediluvian
a reply to: Edumakated

Trump probably just sold his licensing rights to a company to use his name. After all, he is the most well known RE developer so it makes sense. He also did the same thing with mortgages. There was a Trump Mortgage Company at one point that shut down after barely a year. Any idiot knew Trump had nothing to do with the mortgages.

Actually no.

Wikipedia - Trump University

Trump University[11] was incorporated in 2004 by Trump, Sexton, and Spitalny, as a New York limited liability company.[12] On May 23, 2005, Trump formally launched the project.[2]

This is like saying Michael Jordan was personally involved in exploiting Chinese manufacturing workers making his shoes.

Care to update your statement?

Apparently you don't understand that you can be an equity partner and have little to no involvement in a business. This is common among people who either license their name or invest in companies. Trumps name is merely for marketing and he got a piece of the profits for allowing his name to be used.

Michael Jordan is an equity partner in several restaurants here in Chicago. No one is stupid enough to think he is in the kitchen cooking. He allows his name to be used and may put up some cash to start the restaurant. Nothing more. The other partners are actually the business owners and running the place.

Trump Ties? Again, nothing more than a licensing agreement. Remember Jerry Garcia ties? These types of agreements are common among anyone whose name has any kind of brand equity. Every two bit pop singer has a perfume or cologne line at Macys.

I think Trump is somewhat of a buffoon, but the attempts to try to hang this stuff on him is down right comical to me.

And it's not that you couldn't be correct, it's that the face evidence suggests completely otherwise in that regard and you just give Trump the benefit of the doubt when the internet suggests literally the opposite of your suggestion 'that is so obvious'.

No the evidence only suggests that to people who have zero clue about how businesses get setup.

Just even take a step back and think about it. Trump develops 100 story residential towers and casinos. Had a hugely popular TV show. Does anyone really think he had the time to be really involved in designing ties, cultivating steaks, and running RE seminars? Seriously, folks. THINK.

Look, I am not defending Trump University. It was a scam in the sense that attending some seminars at a hotel is not going to turn you into a real estate developer. Most logical and thinking people know this. There may have been some nice nuggets of wisdom shared by the speakers. However, at some point, people start to realize that they don't have the capital to get started buying properties and realize they wasted the money. There is nothing that would be taught at Trump University that you could not find online. On the other hand, there may be a small number of people who are able to take the information presented and make something of it.

Maybe I should sue my gym because I am still a fat ass? I mean, I don't have a six pack and I am paying all this money. I see all these trainers walking around ripped. How come I don't look like that?

Anyone sued Tony Robbins because they didn't realize their dreams? What does those seminars cost?

posted on Mar, 31 2016 @ 03:44 PM

originally posted by: Edumakated

No the evidence only suggests that to people who have zero clue about how businesses get setup.

You're still stupid to consider it's more likely he's not affiliated BECAUSE his name is on it. There's really no logical response to disagree with that.

I'm sure Johnson and Johnson wasn't started by Johnson, every Ford car is not representing Ford, and the Gates Foundation is only using the name Gates for publicity.

Making that arguement a default is just stupid, it's more likely to assume anyone that endorses something with their name on it is involved with it, and AT THE LEAST pays some mind to it. If it REALLY was a scam, and TRUMP found out, wouldn't he be furious wanting to sue them over tarnishing his name? Or is he so bad at business he got locked in deals this bad he can't get out of?

Also just to be blunt, did he need this endorsement money?

posted on Mar, 31 2016 @ 03:54 PM
a reply to: Bobaganoosh

Partial credit.

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