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UK Wizards Favourite Card Games

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posted on Jan, 12 2005 @ 03:11 PM
When not working or studying (
) I tend to play various card games with friends (no gambling), I thought I’d share the three main games we tend to play.

You will need two packs of standard cards.
Minus one spoon from your group number, e.g 5 players means 4 spoons.

Sit in a circle and allocate somebody the role of dealer, then place the group number minus one number of spoons in the middle of the group.

The dealer then deal’s everyone 4 cards each (including him/herself).


The aim of the game is to get 4 of a kind. e.g 4 aces

The deck stays face down, the dealer picks the top card off the deck looks at card, there are then two choices:
1. Put the card face down and pass it along to the next player.
2. Replace a card in their hand with the new card and pass the card that was in their hand to the next player (on their left) face down.

This process is repeated around the circle of players with new cards being added at the pace of the dealer.

The cards will travel all the way around the circle untill they begin to make a new deck to the right of the dealer.

In the event of nobody getting 4 cards by the time the deck is used up, the dealer re-uses the cards (to the dealers right) which will have built up from the deck going around the group.

The first person to get four of a kind then grabs a spoon, the other players then make a grab for the spoons, being as there is one more player than spoons the person without a spoon is the loser.

I’ll add another game when I get time

Have Fun

[edit on 12-1-2005 by UK Wizard]

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