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An Introduction and a sighting.

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posted on Mar, 27 2016 @ 11:37 PM
Hi, My name is Ellis.

I am an average citizen of a first world country and I work a job that is in no way remarkable. There is nothing I could write about that would distinguish me from anyone you could stop on any given street, on any given day. My grammar is poor and my presentation is bland. I have enjoyed bouts of luck, endured periods of misfortune. I have suffered from vices and learned lessons. In short: I am a victim of a series of accidents, as are we all.

The only suitable introduction I can contrive that may suit a forum of such colour, is to recall the experience that lead me in search of an explanation. As simple as the event I am about to describe is, it had a lasting impression on me that shaped my view on the world.

I was 13 years old and sitting in the back of the family station wagon on the way home from seeing a matinee at our local theatre. My mother was in the passenger seat and my father driving. We were heading east along the coast of the lake we live by and it was early afternoon. My mother called my attention to an object sitting high above the lake, it was shiny and metallic, but all other features of the object were distorted by the afternoon sun. I was watching the object and began to notice we were gaining on it, next thing I knew we were starting to pass it. This didn't seem right to me, and I asked my father what he thought it was. He said it was probably a helicopter hovering over the lake and that it was most likely a search and rescue training operation. The local coast guard was known to preform them in the area from time to time. My father pulled the car over on the shoulder of the road, so that we could watch them carry out their exercises. He was the type of man who always went to airshows and enjoyed tactical operations / all things of a similar nature. When we got out of the car the lake was silent, dead silent. My father became increasingly interested due to the lack of any engine noise what so ever, with our car shut off the only sound was birds and the cicadas. Now I don't know if it was the changing of the sun's position or the movement of a cloud, but the object ceased to reflect the volume of light it was previously and the shape of the object was made much clearer. The outline was almost like a trapezoid, it sort of looked like a partially deflated balloon. It was sitting low, but far out over the lake and it was difficult to judge it's size with nothing but blue sky above and lake below. The lake is one of the largest and it spans out as far as you can see into the horizon and stretches out for miles on either side. Immediately the presumption was that it was a weather balloon, or some sort of inflatable ... something that had drifted from the other side of the lake. My dad told me to get the video camera out of the back seat and as I was walking hatch at the back I heard him call out. I flipped around in time to see the object take off at an incredible rate of speed and disappear out of sight to the west. The speed was what can only be described as incredible. We talked about the object the whole ride home and none of us could figure out a reasonable explanation for what we had seen.

We talked about it again from time to time, but we never found any conclusions that seemed reasonable for what we had seen. I am much older now and I have learned about the UFO phenomena. I don't know if I saw a experimental aircraft, early drone prototype or an extra terrestrial craft, but I have been searching ever since.

Thanks for reading and I hope to contribute to this community of truth seekers for a while to come, as we search wherever that leads us.


posted on Mar, 27 2016 @ 11:41 PM
a reply to: EllisColin

welcome, well written story..

posted on Mar, 28 2016 @ 12:59 AM
Hello and welcome! Intriguing experience!

posted on Mar, 28 2016 @ 01:02 AM
a reply to: EllisColin

welcome awesome person- We are glad to have you.

I hope you love your time here and may you find what you are looking for

Have a good one.
Hold it down.

posted on Mar, 28 2016 @ 01:15 AM
That was an interesting recollection...
thanks for sharing...
Welcome to ATS!

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