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Dragon of chaos and order

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posted on Mar, 26 2016 @ 05:57 PM
I walked into ancient halls, they called it once the "Cave of the Dragons". I knew what i was searching for, something more feared than anything in the world and its very presence brought fear into a human soul.. My race was once connected to the dragons of the world, before man found a way to slaughter them all..

Man thrived far and wide, even outside their own divine creation. What they saw as finally peace brought nature to its knees.. The dragons that once protected nature, were no longer..

The door to the dragon cave was sealed with three nails, the same nails Christ was crucified with and the curse that came with it.. Before i ventured into the great dragon halls i looked up into the night sky and declared the magic words.. The door was no longer, and i can took my place as a dragonrider.. I heard the dragon whipser;" If they cannot feed the seven and come into my realm they will all be slaughtered "

The dragon spread his wings and released the chaos that will bring order..

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