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Brandon Lee

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posted on Jun, 15 2003 @ 09:30 AM
I don't know if he's been discussed here before or not, I searched and couldn't find anything about him.
I know there were some strange stories behind his fathers death, and some of the things/people he was involved in. I heard some really odd things about Brandons death as well. So what have you guys heard and or think? Do you think he was murdered or was it an accident? I personally thought he had some really great potential
I loved the movie "The Crow".

So thanks in advance for any info and thoughts.

posted on Jun, 15 2003 @ 09:37 AM
Yeah I'm a big Lee fan, Bruce and Brandon. It's too sad they both died of gun shots, Brandon was killed before "The Crow" was even finished. Supposedly during the gun fight where he is standing on the table. It's a shame the legend/s didn't get to survive beyond our memories and movies.

posted on Jun, 15 2003 @ 09:46 AM
What I heard was there were blanks in the gun. And he was shot with an actual bullet?

*Also I thought Bruce died of a brain aneurysm?*


posted on Jun, 15 2003 @ 10:05 AM
Many ideas of how Bruce died have circulated, have you heard that the official cause of death was ruled to be an allergic reaction to an analgesic he took. I doubt anyone will know, I find it odd that so many possibilities are about. All I know for certain is he/Bruce died at 32, exactly half of what his fathers age was when he died.
Even odder yet is that some where it is said Bruce knew how old he would be when it happened...

Heres the

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posted on Jun, 19 2003 @ 03:59 PM
with a real bullet, loaded mistakenly in the gun instead of a blank...if I remember correctly, and foul play was suspected, but no arrests.... Note: this is just from memory'll like have more luck in searches....

posted on Jun, 19 2003 @ 04:47 PM

Originally posted by ADVISOR
Many ideas of how Bruce died have circulated, have you heard that the official cause of death was ruled to be an allergic reaction to an analgesic he took. I doubt anyone will know, I find it odd that so many possibilities are about. All I know for certain is he/Bruce died at 32, exactly half of what his fathers age was when he died.
Even odder yet is that some where it is said Bruce knew how old he would be when it happened...

Heres the
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ahem...Hello..I'm from too Hong Kong...No?

Well Advisor was rite, but what had not been revaled was the cop found his body in bed naked with a stiffy inside a movie actress house.
Go Figure.

posted on Jul, 18 2011 @ 12:57 PM
reply to post by magestica

wow am i a dollar and a day late on this... anyways, i have read and re-read the tao of jeet kune do, i have found it the only source of enlightenment, or so that it was what lead me to a singularly perpetual state of blissfulness, the closest i have found. it is a guide on how to kick someone's a@!, but more so i found it a guide on how to expand your thought process, to find a way to adapt to any given situation and relate as needed.

but on the murder of brandon lee... i watched the crow when it first came out, having already dabbled in bruce's tao, brandon was definitely everything his father would've wanted him to be, or at least on his way there, and i have since watched it at least 100 times over, most recently this weekend.. but really?!? how did a loaded gun end up on the table with a bunch of guns with blanks??! it is a studio production, a million other movies having just as many guns, how did someone accidentally lay a gun with real bullets down next to those without?

after further review, it appears they were squibs, so they actually do have material in them, just enough to create a noise, and apparently one of them shot out part of this material and penetrated brandons abdomen? still, how would the people that are paid to make these squibs not know that they "overloaded" one? wouldn't that be the main focus of their task on the set, to make sure the dummy guns didn't kill anyone?

again, sorry to be about 8 years late on this, but i am doing my best to make a thorough investigation into all things questionable (by me) and how they were looked into here on ATS... my number one favorite website since being introduced to it by my boss, the master conspiracy theorist in my world...
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posted on Aug, 8 2011 @ 10:17 PM
Check this out. According to this independent investigative report by R.E. Gus Payne into Brandon Lee's mysterious death, Bruce Lee's widow, Linda Cadwell Lee, has never been interested in any real investigations into her husband Bruce Lee's death, nor her son Brandon Lee's death. Both times, she was eager to collect the insurance money (Bruce Lee) or civil lawsuit settlement (Brandon Lee) and quickly close the case, despite the fact that the official police report's explanation for how Brandon Lee died was scientifically impossible. It would seem that Linda was never interested in the truth, but in collecting large compensation money and closing the case.

A few days after Bruce Lee mysteriously died from a headache tablet, she was quick to say that no foul play was involved, before any investigation was even conducted. Why was she so sure? And when Brandon Lee became the first man in movie making history to die from the tip of a bullet lodged in a gun firing blanks, she never pushed for a real investigation. Instead, she accepted a huge private settlement compensation and closed the case. Apparently, she is not a truth seeker or critical thinker. She isn't even bothered by the fact that the official explanation for what happened to Brandon was scientifically impossible.

Here is what weapons experts had to say about the official explanation for Brandon Lee's death.

Hollywood – One weapons expert named Richard Mazzochi considered the
theory put forth by the police, suggesting that a “dummy” slug, without gun powder, was
accidentally lodged in the chamber and was discharged by a blank that was loaded in
later as improbable. “I would say that it’s a one in one million chance that that would
happen. Until somebody tests that theory and proves it can happen, it is my experience of
22 years of handling weapons, I’ve never see that happen. A dummy bullet would fall out
or, if it was lodged, it wouldn’t come out at all,” he said.

Webb Birdsong, one of the nation’s leading experts on weapons, told this writer
that the “official theory” does not work. “It makes assumptions that can’t hold up. You
have a better chance of winning the Irish Sweepstakes than of the firing of a blank
forcing out a projectile left in a barrel with such force as to cause that kind of damage."

Still not sure, we located another firearms expert who tested the theory. He took a
.44 Magnum like the one used by Michael Massee. He lodged a dummy bullet in the
barrel and then loaded a full load blank. Firing into a sack of sand placed 20 feet away
(the approximate distance between Brandon Lee and Massee), the bullet traveled only
four feet before falling harmlessly to the ground. “Anyway,” he said, “even if it did work,
there’s no way it happened. Even if there was only one take with the firing of the weapon
by Massee. There was no way to get the force needed to propel that projectile into Lee
with the power that resulted in the internal damage done to him. If the projectile
propelled out, it would have either fallen down before it got to Lee or bounced right off
of him.”

The two-gun theory

As we told earlier, an unidentified special effects expert had told Det. Simmons
that there was a possibility of two guns and they got mixed up the night Brandon Lee was
killed. Although Simmons refused to identify the person, our sources told us it was Bruce
Merlin. It was Merlin who apparently said that the “shooting could have resulted from a
mix-up of two prop guns.” If there were two guns identical in appearance on the set, the
theory is viable. An astounding fact uncovered during our investigation adds measurably
to this possibility.

So, like the JFK Assassination, the official version of what happened cannot be replicated by anyone under the same conditions. Very strange.
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posted on Aug, 24 2011 @ 04:46 PM
reply to post by WWu777

very nice.... that does make sense to me, i have a copy of the tao of jeet kune do, and although i have not read it in quite some time, there is a forward by linda, which definitely sounds like someone trying to 'sell' something... which is sad, and of course after reading it maybe 20-30 times, i don't know why anyone would think they would need to sell such an enlightening manuscript... anyways, i am also glad to hear someone else say the 'aspirin' theory... but right there, i had read also that he had spoken previously in his life about his allergy to that type of medication, so who would rightly give him something, or why would he have taken something when he knew he was allergic? i don't get it... i had also read, or heard that bruce lee's grandfather had some issues(?) in his community? or maybe it was his great grandfather... i can't remember, that was some time ago...

but back to brandon... straight tragedy, as can be seen obviously in his final work... he had changed something about himself, and he was becoming something great... but that was put to an end... much like his father at the near height of his career as well... plain sad...

posted on Aug, 30 2011 @ 04:01 PM
reply to post by WWu777

I know I'm super late to the boat on this but I just wanted to thank you for posting that article. It was a very informative and sad read. I remember when this initially happened and telling my step father (who was ex military and current police at the time about it). He seemed rather perplexed by it and asked me to explain it again. When I did he scoffed and said that it upset him. I asked him why and he said because that would never happen in a billion years.

I wish there was something that could be done about this as I feel that a person with unlimited potential had his life snatched from him while his adoring fans and the general public were lied to about it from the gate.

Its sad how many people I have heard spout that "what really happened" drivel, even more so is how many urban legends have sprouted up such as, "You know the take he was killed in was left in the movie" and so on.

I truly hope that one day what really happened is brought to light an the people who committed this act are tried to the fullest extent of the law.

Rest in Peace Brandon & Bruce

That is all

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