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I want to see you make it right..

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posted on Mar, 25 2016 @ 10:23 PM
I followed the triangle to the Eye, a cold place that didnt harbor much life.. A secret door not many know off, and i knocked on it three times.. There was no answer, so i knocked again harder.. Still no answer.. I knew they were scared inside, i felt it.. Even though i maybe dont always come in peace, i dont like to be kept waiting.. On the third knock i smashed the door, it was a big solid iron door.. Men and women was inside, i knew my presence was a terrifying one, but they were innocent..

I once had a mentor who stood in these hallways, cause she loved what she was doing, and very innocent.. I wasnt..

" Hello " i greeted everyone, and asked for a tour.. I made a surprise visit cause i just wanted to make sure, the timeline was right..

And it looked almost right, so i thanked them for the time they spent.. And moved myself to a little Island in the middle of the wast ocean..

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