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Proof: Advanced Ancient Indian Civilization existed

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posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 09:46 PM

Originally posted by Indigo_Child
Nearly all European languages and the number system can be traced to their Sankrit origins.

This is not enough to make Sanskrit the original IE language. It was one of the salient facts that lead researchers to propose that there was an Indo-European Language family in the first place of course. I am not sure if this link will work but here is an illustration on some of the divergences of the Indo-European language family. This paper supports an anatolian origin for the IE language family, however I tend to favour an 'IE Homeland' around the caspian. There are several divergences before the India languages diverge on their own here. I think most linguists would agree that Sanskrit is a very ancient language, but defintily not the source of all other surviving E languages or even the original 'ie' language.

Sankrit is the most advanced scientific language in existence. This is corroborated by Sankrit scholars and scientists.

The very idea of one language being more advanced than others is just plain silly and pretty well meaningless. More importantly, it is not supportive of there being advanced high technology in ancient india. High technology does not require sanksrit.

Sankrit predates the European languages.

This, as I have mentioned before, might well be true, although the above research sees to indicate that it is not. It, however, is uninformative as to whether or not the ancient indians had advanced high technology.

Your assertion: Cities from 9000 years ago were primitive.


The Mahabharata which speaks of a very advanced culture, not only records the construction of the city of Dwarika, but also it's sinking. Therefore the civilization 9000 years ago was not certainly not primitive.
An erroneous conclusion. Besides, i was talking about other 9,000 year old settlements, not this Dwarika one. The recording of its building and destruction in a mythological text is uninformative. The writers of the text needn't have even been there to write it. All they needed to know was that it was there and destroyed. What evidence suggests that the site Rao discovered is 9,000 years old anyway?

It is known by thousands of Sankrit students and scholars.

Preceisely, its a dead language, as dead as latin is, and as dead as latin was when all the churches were using it in their masses. Modern indians do not converse on the street in sanskrit. No one has conversed in sanskrit, except outside of scholarly experiments and the like, for a very long time. Its exceedingly likely that the modern preists reading and singing their hymms would not be understood by the original authors of those hymms, but this of course is untestable and irrelevant.

That just makes you look very ignorant.

Making silly statements like 'sanskrit roxors!!!!111!!!' is ignorant and meaningless. Some linguists think sanskrit is the bomb, others german, still other hebrew. There is no objective standard of 'goodness' for languages, its subjective opinion. If the greatest linguists have the greatest admiration for sanskrit, well, what of it? Besides which, they do not in this case. Sanskrit scholars, unsurprisingly, think sanskrit is great.

The fact that sanskrit words have parallels in other languages is meaningless, at least so far as being informative on the 'original language'. Latin and Sanskrit are extraordinarily similiar, apparently. But that doesn't let us know that one is older than the other. Simiilarly, the fact that many english or german words have forms that are similar in sanskrit merely means that they are all related languages, not that the one is an offshoot of the other.

No, it is not meaningless. It is only meaningless to someone who wants uphold dogma and deny evidence.
I am tired of this silliness. You've constantly accused me of advocating some non-existant dogma or propaganda or whatever, and your use of the site slogan is far too ironic to bear. You obviously have no interest in having a rational discussion about the topic.

posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 10:16 PM
I haven’t posted anything for a while and was inspired by this thread
I believe that truth and fact are about point of origin and perception
We as people in existence today didn’t just start here; we are a product, not just of our forefathers, but also their perception.
Isaac Asimov wrote many books, It would be untrue to say he was purely a Sci Fi Author, as he wrote many educational books used in schools. It is obvious that NASA used and expanded on many of his ideas. Does that make him a prophet? More likely an idealist planting his versions which have been picked up to the detriment of other ideas not yet discovered.
In south East Asia The mind contains all the secrets of the universe and is the most powerful weapon. Will of the mind can change many outcomes.

I will probably get scalded for this but here goes

For the last few years Acheh in Indonesia was a region considered to be a training and recruitment region for Terrorist. It made many people in the region feel uncomfortable. Then it got decimated by an EarthQuake and Tsunami. You could say the Universe unleashed its power of unimaginable force, and for those who had it in their heads that this area needs to have this terrorist element eliminated had their will fulfilled.
For every action there is a reaction and it could be said that the rest of the damage was collateral, better 200,000 dead now than millions ongoing.

I would like to express that this is not my personal opinion or belief, but how myths of this magnitude exist and evolve. Others may take a different approach by saying it is Gods will. This also is not my opinion or belief.

My belief is that this is and has always been a volatile area and suspect that they have had many Earthquakes and Tsunamis of this Magnitude in the region. Krakatoua most likely caused a similar event just to mention one.

I appologise for any offence that this post may cause as this is not my intention. My intention is how the thoughts of man can be directly translated into a power larger than our current technology. For non believers it is coincidence

posted on Jan, 18 2005 @ 01:57 AM
You know - say there was an advanced civilization before ours (and I think it's probable)- and something really big happened that basically wiped out that civilization - the survivors would most likely be those people who were able to overcome the almost total loss of technology. These people probably wouldn't be the scientists and engineers who designed and maintained their technology because those cats would be living in the middle of their creation for convenience sake - you know? Commute times to and from work are always a huge conscern in any modern city and of course the more technologically advanced we get the lazier we get - so I'm thinking the cats that could really describe how something worked would probably not survive whatever global catastrophe went down - you know? - the cats who would survive would be the cats who knew how to plant and hunt and trap - the ones who knew what nature provided for medicinal purposes. Those people would come from more rural areas and would have less stress adapting to agrarian lifestyles. Now these are not the most tecnologicaly saavy cats you will ever run across. Could you imagine some redneck trying to explain to his son ( who let's say was an infant when technology went sour) how computers or teleconferencing or jet propulsion worked? I mean it would be like one or two generations of oral tradition before anything we use today would appear magical. Imagine trying to explain your microwave to someone who didn't know what a button or a door or electricity was. " Well it's a box - no uh - a box? - well a box - is something- you put things in - like this pouch - but it would cook your food - inside the pouch..." Anyway- you see what I'm getting at. These cats would have to be writing about something that really happened in the most accurate and concievable terms available so that the cats who would read it later would maybe understand. I think that's the way it is with the bible too.

posted on Jan, 18 2005 @ 03:25 AM
In the book Cataclism, the two authors went around the world and took samples from the strata of 10 000 bc, 12 000 years ago, and they found ashes and charcoal abundant in all of them, worldwide. The book explains all the other craters, destruction and corroborating ancient legends, and it points to a massive object just missing the earth. Pieces broke off and rained down, the gravitational pull dragged the oceans up over the continents and made the magma rise and fall like a tide, shattering the crust, so volcanoes erupted everywhere. Even geneticists have proved that the extremely small variation in human dna is due to the population being 'pinched off' down to very few survivors at least once, and they said likely more than once. The mammoths with buttercups in their mouths that were found in Siberia, frozen solid, still standing, can only happen with a temperature of around 200 degrees below. This is only possible if space touched the earths surface. Imagine flash freezing a woolly covered ten ton mammal so fast that the meat didnt spoil, that is what happened. the Vedas talk about it. And then the Piri Reis map is another anomaly. Taken from source maps said to be at least two thousand years old, it shows antarctica ice free. When first studied in the early 1900's it was ridiculed for being inaccurate in antarctica, but then when the British did a sonar survey in the 40's and mapped the coast underneath the ice, it was right after all. The mayan calculation of the distances between the earth and the moon were only bettered once we put reflectors on the moon and bounced lasers off them in the 70's. In the 60's the Mayan numbers were more accurate. And those ancient stone blocks around the world, all use the same style......

The God Quetzlcoatl is known as the plumed serpent. imagine a long snake in the sky with plumes flowing out behind it.....a comet perhaps?

posted on Jan, 18 2005 @ 06:59 AM
Interesting theory on the mammoths, could a comet passing close to the earth suck away the atmosphere for a few seconds? The returning atmosphere would prevent explosive decompression and all the other fun aspects of no air pressure. That could also explain the realtively low numbers of humans, though that could also be down to the fact that all species must start off with relatively few numbers.

As for Pi Rei's map i thought that map did follow the contours of the ice, though i could easily be wrong.

However it wouldnt provide any evidence for a high tech pre today civilisation, wouldnt frozen bits of that be found as well?

posted on Jan, 18 2005 @ 08:42 AM

Originally posted by BlackGuardXIII
The mammoths with buttercups in their mouths that were found in Siberia, frozen solid, still standing, can only happen with a temperature of around 200 degrees below. This is only possible if space touched the earths surface.

I don't want to side track the thread to much, but I do just want to point out one thing, which I admit is -HIGHLY- questionable, and then I'll leave it alone.
Another theory for these mammoths has been that they were victims of the great flood- that they were somehow caused to be rapidly burried under sediment and that before very long the flood receeded and the ground froze over, preserving them.

I don't entirely believe this theory, I just happen to be aware of it. It also bears mentioning that your theory could encapsulate the origin of the great flood story because the near-earth object as you claimed would have dragged tides all over the world.
Interestingly enough, in Greek legends at least the flood was in fact preceeded by major earthquakes and seismic activity

Long story short- interesting theory you bring up, glad you mentioned it.

posted on Jan, 18 2005 @ 04:36 PM
I have been working around the clock gathering information on the Indian civilization. I am fascinated, shocked, and elated at all my findings. I am still hanging onto some information on nuclear fission being described in the Vedas. The reason I have not presented it yet, is because I am currently corresponding with a few Sanskrit scholars on anaysing the passage I found. I am not going to present evidence that I am not convinced in myself.

I have researched further into the Vyamaanika Shastra(VS) and not only have I confirmed it's veracity, but I have found hard evidence of an actual aircraft being made and operated in the late 19th century with a more advanced propulsion system than it's time, roughly 108 years ahead of it's time.

I further discovered that the mecury vortex engine propulsion discussed in the VS, is not only based on real scientific principles, but actually exists and has been designed by NASA. The evidence has been piling up over the course of this thread and it just keeps getting better and better. With this installment, I now have enough proof to refer to the Advanced Ancient Indian civilization as history. The conspiracy of this forum is over. There WAS absolutely and truly an highly advanced civilization some thousands of years ago. This is absolutely earth shattering and should be adopted into our history and be revealed in a press release to the world.

A lot of our modern science can be credited to this civilization's literature that has survived to this age.

I have already made passing references to Talpede's attempts at building an aeroplane in the late 19th century earlier on and how the technical information in VS was used to build it. As it turns out, not only was this plane built, but also flew to 1500 feet and was witnessed by many, including a famous Indian judge of the state and recorded by a newspaper. This is 8 years before the Wright brothers invented the aeroplane and flew it for a distance of 130 feet.

The plane, named a Marutsakhti was unmanned/ It used an engine, far more advanced than the propellar engine 8 years later and even more advanced than jet propulsion(40 years later) and rocket propulsion(50 years later) called a mercury vortex engine, known today as an ion engine or solar-electric propulsion.

A very detailed description of this engine is given in the Samaranga Sutradhara:

Inside the circular air frame, place the mercury-engine with its solar mercury boiler at the aircraft center. By means of the power latent in the heated mercury which sets the driving whirlwind in motion a man sitting inside may travel a great distance in a most marvellous manner. Four strong mercury containers must be built into the interior structure. When these have been heated by fire through solar or other sources the vimana (aircraft) develops thunder-power through the mercury.

We know this engine works, because NASA has recently designed one, called a solar-electric propulsion engine or solar-ion propulsion engine,.
The engine works by bombarding vaporized Mercury(Cesium and Argon are also used) with electrons from solar cells, which ionizes the gases. The Mercury vapor contained in the container is released into the ionization chamber, where it is then bombarded by electrons generated by the solar cells to ionize the gasses which causes it to heat up, which then is accelerated out of the nozzle to achieve thrust.


[edit on 18-1-2005 by Indigo_Child]

posted on Jan, 18 2005 @ 05:08 PM

Originally posted by Indigo_Child
In the film profession, you can infer the act of sexual intercourse by simply showing a couple looking at each other intently and then cutting to them lying in bed having a smoke. Simply, because the text does not go into the nitty gritty of what happened between Kunti and the "sun god" does not mean the act did not happen. The "sun god" blessed her with a child.

It's either sex, artificial insemination or a technology of impregnation that is beyond our understanding. It does not really matter what the process was, what matters, is that the son was from a god, in this context, the god is a being from the universe.

If I am not mistaken the same people who wrote Kamasutra didn't go in detail in sex in this book because they are too embarrassed? It seems weird to me that they left this part out, while going in detail about other stuff.

Who is "everyone"? All I am telling you the colonial Sankrists had an agenda. Have you forgotten that India was enslaved for hundreds of years under racist imperialists? As I said, it was exposed later that these colonial Sankrisits did indeed spread disinformation and mistranslate texts to undermine them.

By everyone I meant the mainstream scientists. There has always been an another way of thinking, the offstream, but most the times the mainstream is right, note I said most. True India has been enslaved for hundreds of years, first by invading mongols and then British.

You don't have to believe Ancient India had Vimana technology. It does not matter, if you do or don't, because the experts that matter are convinced. All I'm showing to you, your reason for this, is simply because it does not accord with western historty. That is what is sad about it, seeing as you are an Indian, and would accept a foreingers point of view on your culture over your own. Even though it is a blatant lie. This is what has always fascinated me about the Indian people. It is the only culture that puts others before it. and is generally so ashamed of their own(I've seen a few of the recent Bollywood films) I've never seen this kind of submissive attitude in any culture. I do not want to offend the Indians here but perhaps this is why your country has been invaded over and over again.

Are you a Hindu btw? I am not being racist, I am just curious.

What seems to you as a blatant lie doesn't seem the same way to me. I agree that the original translators were racist white supremists and purposely left out many details, sometimes because they didn't understand it, but I doubt that is going around today too. Something this big can't be hid. Maybe that is why currently there is an increase in ancient Indian technology debates and others.

What you see as inferiortiy complex, we see it as humbleness. Probably the people have met are the regular middle class men, but there are some supremists back there, wait till you hear them talk. They make the white supremists look like mickey mouses.

By birth, yes I am hindu, but I am as nonreligious as you can be, maybe that is the reason I don't completely agree in those ancient books, because GOD is a important part of those stories.

I go to temples because I am dragged there and practise lent sort of things because my parents will kill me if I do/

I thought you were Indian too, but I get the feeling you are not. Interesting.


posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 09:45 AM
It seems to me that these passages were written by someone observing these machines/weapons from an outsider's standpoint rather than someone who was greatly knowledgeable about them or what they really were. (focussing specifically on the Nuclear-like device). Which suggests to me that the writer wasn't part of the civilization that was using the device. Since the culture advanced to the point that they developed nuclear technology and weapons (and especially since they apparently had forms of mass communication as was mentioned) one would think that they people would know a little better what the devices mentioned were and how they worked. The descriptions given just seem a little too "outsider"ish to me.

So I therefore propose this theory:
The people who wrote these documents were not nearly as advanced as suggested, but rather lived in a world with other nations/civilizations that were (much like many cultures today live in a world with the US, Brittain, Russia, China, etc... but do not necessarily posess the same technology themselves)

Also, the story of the two cultures that were mentioned to have been destroyed by the nuclear device sounds very similar to stories I've heard about the war between the atlanteans (called the Annunaki in the stories) and the human population.

posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 10:08 AM

Originally posted by Greyhaven7
It seems to me that these passages were written by someone observing these machines/weapons from an outsider's standpoint rather than someone who was greatly knowledgeable about them or what they really were. (focussing specifically on the Nuclear-like device)

If you are refering to the author of Maharishi Bhadarwaja, he would be the equivalent of a professor of engineering. He is known for his works through vedic lore of writing several treatises on science and engineering, the Vymananika Shastra is actually part of a masterwork of his, called the "Yantra Sarswana" which was a master treatise on engineering. Bhadarwaja also acceredits other sages/engineers in his text. There is really no doubt that Maharishi had a very technical and indepth knowledge of aeronautics. As not only does he describe the actual craft and their capabilities, but also the mechanisms and the forumula for the materials utilised.

It does appear that India, some call the Rama empire, was the equivalent of the superpower at the time. Even in medieval India, India was the knowledge capitol of the world and had the first universities, where Chinese, Arabs, Greeks and Egpytians came to study. In fact the modern numerical system, including the concept of zero, originated in India. As we can see all of the Indo-European family of languages descends from the standarized Sanskrit of the time. However, I honestly doubt, that the disparity in power was as great as India having atomic weapons and artificial intelligence and Chinese having fireworks. I have no doubt that the entire world was technologically advanced.

It could be said that the Indian empire did spread globally. There are some indications that it spread as far as Japan, Indonesia and North America. The Mayan people may themselves be have vedic origins. The word "Maya" itself is from the Sanskrit word "Maya" meaning illusion.

However, as it seems from the records of many cultures. The civilizations of that time was arranged into a bizzare dichatomy, where only the elite had the advanced technology. The elite themselves obtained it from the gods, the heavenly beings from other parts of the universe. There was a lot of hierarchy and caste division systems in that time.

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posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 11:45 AM
This is one hell of a thread.
Unfortunately, other duties discourage me from rising to the level of committment that other have made to it.

Leaving Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu aside, there is substantial evidence of VERY ancient civilizations in India, Mongolia and the area we now call Uzbekistan, There are stories/myths/traditions/scattered artifacts that suggest that these civilizations were advanced. None of it is proof of much of anything except that people did live there long before what is considered recorded history. All of it is interesting and does set the table for further research. Reactionary scepticism or cynicism against that seems to be among the most narrow minded and useless things I can think of.

The frustration is that I suspect there are people on this planet that already know a lot more about all this then they are willing to share.

What I also find disturbing is the use of the evidence or conclusions drawn from or against it to startup or reinforce modern ideologies that promote one group of people over another. I am not accusing anyone here of anything but we know how history and myths are misused and how easy it is for people to start beating their chests with pride or worse.
Whatever eventually washes out on this subject, for better or worse, it is a human treasure and hopefully an inspiration for something positive. If an "ancient" text can inspire a modern innovation then that is great. But that still doesn't prove what really went on in ancient times. Does it ultimately matter that much either way? I am quite content to not ever really be certain. I think it is far more important what we do now in this world than what we believe about the ancient one.
Which brings up a serious philosophical question; do we need to base our personal conception of what is the proper thing to do today on what we believe about the ancient past?

I hope the crowd here continues to look into these subjects even in the face of cynicism.

[edit on 19-1-2005 by revengeogmakhno]

posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 12:09 PM
Indigo_Child, I have some questions about the texts.
1.) When were they written?
2.) Can you post a passage that is very technically specific?
3.) What is the text called again (sorry, couldn't find it when I looked back)?
4.) Where were the texts found/where were they kept?

revengegmakhno, I think the old addage:
If we don't learn from our past we are forced to repeat it.
applies strongly here.

Obviously these cultures no longer exist today, and from the passages posted here (about the nuclear war) I think it would be most imperrative that we learn the causes of the conflicts, both politically, and socially, so as to prevent it from occuring again. If advanced ancient cultures existed, then it is obvious that history IS repeating itself, and therfore, if we don't want to perrish in a firey nuclear hollocaust, then educating ourselves about the events of the past would seem a logical course of action.

While I do agree with your position that knowing the past doesn't really affect what we do day-to-day, I think that in the big picture, these events weigh much more heavily on our ability to preserve and advance the human civilization currently inhabiting this planet. If deeper knowledge of these subjects can not save us from a fate that grows graver and graver each day, then at least it will satisfy my mortal curiosity and I will die happier knowing that I was privy to information that few have ever known.

posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 12:18 PM
I can agree to this topic just for the fact that scientist have found old Ziggarats in India that have part of their side melted to glass, and as told by the Scientist themselves, only an atomic weapon of some kind can cause it to melt the way it did on that ziggarat.

posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 01:33 PM

Originally posted by FoxStriker
I can agree to this topic just for the fact that scientist have found old Ziggarats in India that have part of their side melted to glass, and as told by the Scientist themselves, only an atomic weapon of some kind can cause it to melt the way it did on that ziggarat.

Do you have a link to this info? I'd be interested in readin more about it.

posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 03:06 PM

Originally posted by Indigo_Child
Nearly all European languages and the number system can be traced to their Sankrit origins. As I have shown in my previous post.

Partly true, yes. The Anatolian language family is actually older:

Sankrit is the most advanced scientific language in existence. This is corroborated by Sankrit scholars and scientists.

This, however, isn't true. You can do a quick check on any scholarly database to see how many scientific papers are published in Sanskrit (the answer is "just about none.") When Latin was "the scientific language" then papers were almost universally written in Latin so that scholars could share the information. This is not true with Sanskrit.

The Mahabharata which speaks of a very advanced culture, not only records the construction of the city of Dwarika, but also it's sinking. Therefore the civilization 9000 years ago was not certainly not primitive.

Actually, there's no evidence of that. According to the texts, however, there was more gold in Dwarika than actually exists on Earth:

And it is a fact that the Indian civilization predates the Greek civilization.

Ehh... yes and no. It does predate the Greek. It does not, however, predate some of the older cities in Asia Minor.

It is plain as day that the ancient Indians understood chemistry and atomic theory.

Actually, it's pretty clear that they didn't. Their "chemistry" of the time involved mixing plant substances and minerals... there were a number of things that would have developed if they had chemistry, including plastics and modern ceramics. They still hadn't moved into the alchemical/chemistry range.

When I read the Bhagavad-Gita and reflect about how God created this universe everything else seems so superfluous." ~ Albert Einstein

I read this on a number of Hindu sites. But I have NEVER read it on an Einstein biography site or other site associated with him. Do you have a source (book, etc?) Ditto the others. I see quotes, but don't see any proof that these people actually said that (I do see the Oppenheimer quote about becoming "the destroyer of worlds" and that from a credible source. But I don't see anything about access to the Vedas being the greatest privelege...

Kanada has explicitly said that all substances are made of atoms, and different combinations of like atoms, under reactions, form all the materials in the universe.

Actually, the ancient Greeks said this as well and they have a somewhat stronger claim since it's done in a scientific document and not in a religious one.

And a peice of flesh will rot because of internal forces

Actually, it rots because of chemical reactions at a lower temperature.

posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 03:07 PM
Its been a while since I saw it but, Ill look into it again.

posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 03:32 PM
Byrd, your comment about plastics does bring up an interesting point. Since plastics decay naturally as slowly as they do (many thousands of years), shouldn't there be evidence of plastics (which it would seem logical that any advanced, nuclear-weapon-weilding culture would develop) in the fosile records?

posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 04:39 PM
The information on the nuclear fission in the Vedas I found is still pending a response from the Sanskrit Scholars I have contacted. Meanwhile, I have decided to learn Sanskrit from an online course to help me read the vedas myself. I've learnt how to say my name in Sankrit so far:

Mama Naam Indigo Child (My name is Indigo Child)

I've learnt a lot of fascinating stuff about Sankrit. It's a purely phonetic language, as in, it works purely on sound, and each syallabe of the word relates to the meaning of each word. We saw this earlier in the word "Bramandas" meaning universe, which also means expanding egg. It actually becomes very simple to translate the text, because every word can be broken down into it's root words.

I have found an online Sankrit dictionary, in it, I have found some very remarkable and technical words relating to atomic physics and other technology:

kendraka = nucleus
kShakiraNaH = (m) X-ray
aNu = atom
aNoH = than the atom
a.nshaH = fragmental particle(sub atomic particle)
aNvastraM = (n) atomic/nuclear weapon
paramaaNubhaaraH = Atomic Weight
samiikaraH = (m) electric iron
samiikaraNa = equation
sauravyuuhaH = (m) the solar system
uurjaa = (f) energy
vastumaana = mass
vastumaanauurjaa = mass-energy
prakR^itisthaH = being situated in the material energy
piJNjaH = (m) an electirc switch
dhvanigraahakam.h = (n) microphone
dhvanivardhakam.h = (n) amplifier, loud-speaker
dhvanii = sound
dhvaniifita = audio cassette
uuradarshakam.h = (n) telescope
duuradarshana = television
duuradarshanam.h = (n) television
duuradhvanii = telephone
yantram.h = (n) machine
yantraagaaram.h = (n) factory

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posted on Jan, 20 2005 @ 11:29 PM

Originally posted by Greyhaven7
Byrd, your comment about plastics does bring up an interesting point. Since plastics decay naturally as slowly as they do (many thousands of years), shouldn't there be evidence of plastics (which it would seem logical that any advanced, nuclear-weapon-weilding culture would develop) in the fosile records?

Yes, along with radioactive slag (not radioactive ores,) metal alloys (of CONSISTANT composition; one thing that Chemistry does for us is to structure formulas into "exactly this much of this plus EXACTLY this much of that, heated at precisely THIS temperature"), furnaces, waste materials (just think about the evidence you'd find in a modern garbage dump!), transportation systems, etc, etc.

And there isn't any of that... anywhere.

posted on Jan, 21 2005 @ 12:09 AM

Originally posted by Indigo_Child

[edit on 18-1-2005 by Indigo_Child]

I have some doubts about that article.

... and from his young age was attracted by the Vaimanika Sastra (Aeronautical Science) expounded by the great Indian sage Maharishi Bhardwaja

The only sources that mention this great sage are reprints of your article. Surely such a famous book would be well known by the Indians. So why isn't it mentioned frequently elsewhere?

And you might find this page interesting:

In fact, you might find this quote interesting:

"...There is one book entitled Vaimanika-sastra that was dictated in trance during this century and purports to be a transcription of an ancient work preserved in the Akashic record."
"The medium in this case was Pandit Subbaraya Sastry, a 'walking lexicon gifted with occult perception', who began to dictate the Vaimanika-sastra to Mr. Venkatachala Sarma on August 1, 1918. The complete work was taken down in 23 exercise books up to August 23, 1923. In 1923, Subbaraya Sastry also had a draftsman prepare some drawings of the vimanas according to his instructions."

Now, how could this aircraft maker study "from childhood" a "science" described in a book that wasn't written until 23 years AFTER he flew his plane?

How could he be a youthful scholar of a book written long after his youth was gone?

Another quote:

Taara: This ability, once mastered, provides the pilot with another means of avoiding contact with an enemy or hiding his purpose from observers: 'By mixing with ethereal force 10 parts of air force, 7 parts of water force, and 16 parts of solar glow, and projecting it by means of the star-faced mirror through the frontal tube of the vimana, the appearance of a star-spangled sky is created.'

Please note that "mixing with ethereal force 10 parts of air force" certainly isn't chemistry. It doesn't say whether those parts are "parts by weight" or "parts by volume" -- a huge oversight and the difference is considerable and disastrous.

That's not chemistry. That's Silly Science.

As to the book, if you look around for proof of its existance (and it does exist in modern forms), you will find various dates ascribed to when it was written and how it was found and who channeled it. This is another emblem of a fraud.

We all know when the various books of the Bible were written, and there's good consensus about that. We know when various Sutras were written and other documents of the Hindu faith. They're listed, discussed, and there's a lot of scholarly work on them. This one appears out of nowhere with rather wild tales associated with it and strange "proofs."

There's a lot more in there that can be picked apart, but I'll stop there.

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