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what I saw

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posted on Jan, 12 2005 @ 06:53 AM
I had yet another dream last night. I have not been able to sleep since. Before I start on last nights dream let me start with a dream I had a few years ago. They kind of go together.

I am traveling around, hiding in peoples basements. I am not sure what I am running from, but for some reason, these people whom I dont know are taking good care of me and making sure "they" dont find me. I go from house to house kind of like the underground railroad. My family was safe too. For some reason we had to seperate. It was important that I was not with my children just incase we were found. I knew that we would be together again, but there was something important about the fact that we stay hidden untill??? The weather is odd, I remember there are out of season tornados, but somehow I know that they wont hurt me, and they never do, nor do they hurt the people who have helped me.

Now, a few months after I had this dream there were out of season tornados in some of the states where I was in my dream, so I blew it off.

Then I had another dream last night. They took my son. The same people I was running from in my previous dream. He was allowed to come home after school then they would take him later. There was a strange thing on the door nob, it was like a big silver medalion. It was larger than the door nob. It stuck into the lock so that we were locked in until they came to get him. We were not in our home, but the home they put us in. The people who have him are dark people, not as in skin, but in spirit. I didnt see them in my dream which I thought was odd, but when he came home from school, he would tell me about it. I dont think they hurt him physicaly, but somehow I knew that they were trying to brainwash him so to speak. There was nothing that I could do to keep them from taking him, but that didnt stop my head from trying to figure something out. I woke up after that.

When I woke, what I knew was that it was almost like a concentration camp, in the way that we were all prisioners. I think this dream was a prelude (sp?) to the other dream.

Let me know what you think, but please leave out the riddicule

[edit on 12-1-2005 by mrsdudara]

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