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Cuomo Sending National Guard To NY Airports

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posted on Mar, 22 2016 @ 06:50 PM
The Governor of New York has sent in the National Guard to New York airports.

All in a "safety" response to today's terror attacks in Belgium.

Heightened alerts also from the TSA authorities and the Port Authorities.

Big problems with these terror attacks.

Cuomo Sending National Guard To NY Airports

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is sending members of the New York National Guard to Kennedy and LaGuardia Airports following the terrorist attacks in Brussels.

Cuomo says while there is no credible threat against the state, he’s sending 400 National Guard members to the airports and deploying state troopers to help patrol Penn Station and Grand Central Terminal. Security is also being increased at other high-profile locations across the state.

“We’re going to be redoubling our efforts today here in this state at our airports, our terminals, train terminals, etc., as we have before.”

Related story ....
PAPD with heavy weapons at New York City-area airports; Brussels airport shut down

More than 200 flights to Brussels were diverted or canceled after three explosions that authorities are calling terror attacks.

Dozens of people were killed in two explosions that hit Brussels airport Tuesday morning and a third that rocked the city's Maelbeek metro station.

The Brussels airport has been shut down and will remain so through Wednesday, and airport security has been tightened across Europe and the world.

At Kennedy Airport, Port Authority police moved quickly to secure the terminals with attack dogs and officers in body armor with automatic weapons, as the New York National Guard stepped up patrols on the arrival and departure levels at the international arrivals building.

Anywhere Else ??

posted on Mar, 22 2016 @ 06:58 PM
Yeah, my boss and our boss-boss are in New York pitching to our corp client today. They get to deal with all that as they make their way back. Yippee for them.

posted on Mar, 22 2016 @ 07:28 PM
a reply to: xuenchen

Yes, here in Canada all of our transit hubs have been put on high alert and had security increased.

Thoughts and prayers for the families of those murdered in Brussels.

God Almighty have mercy.

Toronto and Major Cities Transportation Hubs Security Increase

posted on Mar, 22 2016 @ 07:52 PM
I mentioned in another thread that Dallas/Ft Worth airport won't be stepping up security.


posted on Mar, 22 2016 @ 07:57 PM
I believe it has become standard procedure to step-up security in transportation hubs when these sorts of attacks occur. It's better that they take the necessary precautions than do nothing and take the chance.

Still, we need to be careful not to spread too much fear over this issue.

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