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America’s Corporate “Cash Cow”—Iraq

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posted on Jan, 12 2005 @ 04:23 AM
since the "invasion" or "liberation" of iraq, two years have passed.
now the "free iraq" is almost worst than the "saddam's iraq", people used to live in!
high unemployment in iraq, yet foreign construction companies still hire people from abroad to work for them. power shortages; the power production is far worst than it was before "the war". the percentage of suffering children from malnutrition has nearly doubled since March 2003! not to mention growing insurgency; now in iraq there are rougly 200.000 fighters or supporers of resistance (as always "Gen. John Abizaid and other top U.S. officials previously claimed the insurgency was comprised of "only about 5,000 organized fighters.")

January 11, 2004 - Day after day, week after week, and now, year after year we keep being told by the Bush Brigade how good things are going in Iraq. How progress is being made. How much more progress will be made once all those "murders, thugs, killers, foreign fighters and die-hard Saddam loyalists" are gone; and, once the 5.6% of Iraq’s registered voters vote in three weeks. What a joke to refer to this as “democracy on the march.”

Almost two years after the "Corporate" States of America, more commonly referred to as the United States of American incorrectly so, invaded and occupied Iraq, we, out here in the "great uneducated, unwashed masses" see and hear how well things are there. And what we see and read is worlds apart from the line we are being fed by the Bush Brigade.

Unemployment in Iraq is at 70% while Halliburton and Bechtel (among others) still import labor into Iraq. Electricity is still only on part-time throughout Iraq. A large part of the child deaths are due to drinking contaminated water. Does it matter to anyone that most of this is due not only to Saddam sticking huge chunks of money in his pocket, but due equally to the simple fact the U.S. deliberately targeted Iraq’s infrastructure; power plants, water treatment plants and so on. And that took place for an extended period of years.

The only “plan” the Bush Brigade had for Iraq was to turn it into one great big giant “cash cow.” Bremmer and his infamous “edicts” pretty much made sure of that. So, while the U.S. media concentrates on the Tsunami disaster—which it truly is—they, as have a lot of others, seem to have forgotten that people are dying in wholesale numbers in Iraq, with at least, half of those dying, children. Children caught up in a “man-made” adult disaster, which are paying the ultimate price with their minds, their arms and legs, their very lives.



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