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Rob Ford, Controversial Ex-Mayor of Toronto, Dies at 46

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posted on Mar, 22 2016 @ 01:05 PM

Rob Ford, the combative former mayor of Toronto who gained international notoriety with his confession of crack coc aine use and drunkenness his belligerant clashes with other public officials, died on Tuesday. He was 46.

His office announced his death but gave no other details. Mr. Ford had been undergoing cancer treatment since September 2014.

After his cancer diagnosis, Mr. Ford withdrew from his mayoral re-election campaign in favor of his brother, who was defeated. But Rob Ford did win the seat on the city council that Doug Ford had held.

I dint knew he was sick, makes me feel bad for the Rob Ford jokes I made, I guess if I knew I had potentially fatal cancer perhaps I would do coke crack and hookers too.

Rest in peace man, you did what you could in life

RIP Rob Ford, you beautiful man. You're smoking crack with angels now

edit on 22-3-2016 by Indigent because: Did everyone knew he had cancer when they bully him?


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