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9 Vietnamese Fishermen Killed By Chinese Coast Guard

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posted on Jan, 12 2005 @ 02:40 AM

Nine Vietnamese fishermen were killed by Chinese coast guard after fishing in Chinese waters. The Chinese gave a different version of the story. They called them "Vietnamese pirates"...

From: Nine Vietnamese fishermen killed by Chinese coast guard, executive says

The Chinese coast guard fired on two Vietnamese fishing boats in separate attacks in the Gulf of Tonkin, killing nine Vietnamese fishermen and wounding six others, an executive said Wednesday.

Nguyen Phi Phuong, director of Hung Cuong Fishing Cooperative in northern Thanh Hoa province, said two Chinese coast guard boats armed with machine guns attacked one of his company's vessels on Saturday. Eight fishermen were killed while the fate of the remaining eight crew members was unknown.

Earlier that day, another Vietnamese fishing boat was fired on by Chinese coast guard, leaving one fisherman dead and six others injured. A survivor later reported both attacks, Phuong said.

Hmm. Two different versions. Who to believe? Vietnamese fishermen/"pirates" or the Chinese coast guard?

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