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Finicum Shooting: Was Bundy Driver/“Bodyguard” an FBI Agent Provocateur?

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posted on Mar, 21 2016 @ 04:03 PM
This conspicuous absence from the official report reinforces earlier evidence that McConnell, while posing as a “patriot activist,” was actually working as an informant for the FBI and/or other federal agencies. His quick release following the initial arrest on January 26 was almost certainly intended to enable him to produce a video that would contradict and neutralize the testimony of Victoria Sharp, who was providing an up-close-and-personal eyewitness account of the Finicum shooting in radio and video interviews that were going viral on the Internet. And, according to some critics, contrary to McConnell’s claims that he independently filmed the video, the evidence is persuasive that it was actually filmed by/for the FBI (more on that below).

As we reported previously, the day after his arrest, McConnell hastily posted a video which supported the FBI/Oregon State Police version of the shooting, saying that LaVoy Finicum was “charging” the police when he was shot down.


So was he part of a set up? Why was he released and not charged when he was one of them, Whats ATS say ?

posted on Mar, 21 2016 @ 04:57 PM
a reply to: wildb

Per the article, Ryan Payne also had a weapon on his hip when he exited LaVoy's truck at the first stop. He yelled to the officers to claim he had a firearm. The article states Mark McConnell was the only person out of both vehicles who was carrying a loaded weapon.

While reading the investigative report I also noticed Mr. McConnell's actual name was absent. He was often referred to as the driver. However, I came across a person's name more than once in relation to the occupants of the vehicles I didn't recognize and wondered if that was Mark's real name. I wish I remembered which document it's in so I could check my memory but that's what I thought at the time.

Are people sure that FB account is really his? He said in his video he stayed away from social media so there was no information about him online for law enforcement to delve into. So, all of a sudden he created a FB account?

Shawna Cox stated "Mark" showed up only a few days before Jan. 26th and not a few weeks before as he stated.

It does appear he was an informant of some kind. Willing or "persuaded." Ring leader (in the article)? If he was only there a few days how could he have become a ring leader?

Some of what's in the article seems valid to me, some not.

posted on Mar, 21 2016 @ 07:27 PM
Thanks for your reply Twetty, anyone else, trying to get to the bottom of this..

posted on Mar, 21 2016 @ 07:49 PM
I think there were/are many in that whole escapade that were/are informants and/or undercover agents.

The whole thing went so "perfect".

Lots of blackmail possible.

And I recall OathKeepers warning about informants right away.

The other threads get into some of the ideas.

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