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Alien Proof?

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posted on Jan, 11 2005 @ 11:37 PM
Hello everyone, hmm just wanted to find peoples views on the whole aliens existing or not issue. Cause if you think about it the universe is so large we honestly can't be the only ones in it. The thing is people always bring religion into it and say god created man and the earth and there is nothing else about aliens. There are ancient carvings in the aztec or inca temples that depict space ships (whether this is predicting the future or showing that aliens have landed im not sure) . Come on they have been videos, sightings and abductions and still no concrete evidence has appeared. What about those alien autopsy videos that surfaced a few yrs ago hmm they were fake according to the government they could have been real who knows. Why havent aliens tried to contact us are they waiting for us to evolve or our technology to improve? How long before mankind does make contact? will we ever ? or will we always be lead to believe that were alone.

posted on Jan, 12 2005 @ 12:06 AM
the universe is way to large for us to be the only life capable of self-consiouness.

to think that life exists under the ice in antarctica, around 'black-smokers' deep in our oceans, and even persistent in highly-acidic and toxic environments.... there is a good chance life has been established and flourishes elsewhere.

authentication is truly the hinge. who can or would ever authenticate?

get over the hump of belief and you need less headaches.
try a thought experiment and just believe for fun.... think-respond-think

there are some threads here regarding various autopsy videos and recoveries.

the sooner you are receptive, the sooner they make contact.

the history is complex and not without its drama. when you find out for yourself, you dont need anothers authentication.

posted on Jan, 12 2005 @ 12:20 AM
If there is proof that aliens do exist why don't the governments of the world make this information known to the public. If they thought it would cause wide spread chaos then why not simply explain that aliens have always been visiting the earth and have bases here and mean no harm. I guess it will cause a lot of probs with religious types. But i'm sure the bible mentions aliens in the old testament. Isn't ezekial seeing a wheel in the sky thought to be him seeing a UFO?

posted on Jan, 12 2005 @ 01:30 AM
unfortunately, it seems that the conspiracy exists because power is at risk.

the power structure can be seen as both good and bad.

it seems that a collection of multi-national corporations and "elite" individuals seek to benefit from the hold-back of information.

while the truth will dispell this greedy endeavor, amoral individuals have the choice to decide.

there are people whose hearts are not at all good. they seek power for control. these people still have a choice.

the knowledge or truth of ebe's has been here on earth for a long time. some people know this and protect it with care.

this burden had sometimes temped the ego and led people astray.

imagine the grandest theatre of all time, and we are but a paragraph within the great script.

so yes there are many questions about specifics. i dont think even google could querry the vast history of this planet.

so instead look to a larger resolution [less pixels] where you can get some information you can draw upon.

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posted on Jan, 12 2005 @ 08:04 AM

If there is proof that aliens do exist why don't the governments of the world make this information known to the public.

There are so many reasons for this it's hard to know where to begin...

So, I'll begin with what the paper trail says...

Starting around 1941, it appears we may have retrieved pieces of a craft that was extraterrestrial in origin. From the files, it seems they weren't exactly sure though, and suspected it may have originated from a foreign power. In '42, there are a few more sightings and such, including some involving military aircraft. Fast forward a bit to June of '47. Kenneth Arnold's sighting occurs, largely hailed as the beginning of the modern UFO era. Just days later, we have the Roswell crash.

Now, up until this time, the UFOs were pretty much a mystery to the government. Were they a foreign power? Most assumed an ET origin, but of course didn't really want that to be the case, and even a Russian origin would have been preferable. Here we had foreign craft of some kind, who could invade our airspace at will, and seemed to concentrate on some of our most secure facilities. After Roswell though, the truth was then known. Roswell gave them more wreckage, and a new addition....the bodies. The origin was no longer a mystery. This was an alien craft.

Now, look at it from the government's perspective. It's post WWII, you're charged with protecting America from it's enemies. Here you've got a foreign, extra-terrestrial threat, that you barely know anything about, and have no way of countering that threat. What do YOU do? Do you tell the public? Of course not, the panic would be insane. If the people can't depend on the government for protection, then what good is the government? So, they established a small group of top minds in the fields, to study the problem and figure out what to do. Initially called the IPU (Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit), it then was formally called Majestic by the president.

From what can be gleaned, it appears that the group decided to take UFOs out of the public eye. By using civilian panels, seeded with MJ-12 people, they end up closing Bluebook, while also taking heat off the Air Force. The tech from the recoveries are filtered into ongoing projects of gov defense contractors, where their origins are nicely covered up. It's a fairly slow process, but then so is the reverse engineering. The bottom line is that the government still had no idea of the aliens' intentions, and given the buzzing of defense installations, the intention made the defense people nervous.

We had an enemy we knew little about, with tech beyond even some of our imagination, and aside from powerful radar beams, didn't seem to be able to effect. According to some, there was a meeting finally between the aliens and the government...and some kind of deal was made. Interestingly enough, we see the end of most crashes around this time frame, so there is some creedence to this perhaps.

Obviously, part of the alien agenda is to remain secret. If they didn't want this, then they could easily choose to show themselves at any time. It's also of course, in the government's best interest, as nobody wants to admit they are over a barrell in the eyes of their citizens. Whatever the alien agenda, it likely doesn't include our best interests, and THIS is why it's a secret that must be kept I'd imagine. Panic, religion, any of that, are trifle matters compared to not knowing that agenda.

EDIT: the above is my opinion...based on evidence, but my opinion nonetheless....

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posted on Jan, 13 2005 @ 06:21 PM
I believe in aliens fully! I mean there is no way there is nothing else out there! I think they are waiting for our minds to evolve (telepathic capabilities). Or maybe the goverment made them sign a treaty that says they can't harm or talk to humans.... i dunno. but yeah thats just what i believe.

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