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My friend is always followed by 2 beings and can see/hear them, now she discovered my followers

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posted on Mar, 19 2016 @ 07:47 PM
a reply to: belkide

Say we believe your story. What have they ever said? What is they want? What are they trying to achieve? To what purpose are they there for both of you? Each...

And for the record...I tend to believe that you both believe...but your response will be a defining factor.

The oddity here is you both are aware of each other's "visitors".

posted on Mar, 19 2016 @ 07:56 PM
a reply to: belkide

She likes me and I like her as a person. No emotional aspect involved.

Well maybe there should be. After all, they have 'selected' her.

posted on Mar, 20 2016 @ 01:14 AM
a reply to: belkide

Those who have never experienced anything outside of 'normal' have no perspective from which they can understand the 'unusual' things which happen to others.

Because nothing weird has ever happened to them, it is very hard for them to accept it could happen to other people and be real.

Up until I was 32, I had never experienced anything paranormal, or similar. I was one of those who doubted that most phenomena were real.

Until it happened to me.

Likewise, when I told my younger brother all the unusual things that I had started to experience, he thought I was crazy.

He made jokes about it, laughing at my expense.

Until it happened to him!

I was the first person he contacted when it did, and he wasn't laughing any more!

I have no reason to doubt you on anything you said, because I fail to see what you would have to gain by lying about it.

In that regard I'll suggest that you don't waste too much energy on trying to convince the people that have never experienced anything like this, because they simply can't think outside of a box, they have never been outside of.

Addressing your concern that 'some trouble might come to me or her', do not be afraid of them. Ever!

Even if you feel as though you should be, or like they want you to be, DON'T BE!

I learned that fear can empower them in their interactions.

I am interested to know if you can describe the figure that you saw which said your name. As much detail as you can. You didn't really give any detail on what they looked like.

posted on Mar, 20 2016 @ 06:50 AM
a reply to: mysterioustranger

I dated this gal several years ago.

She would claim to see shadow people, sometimes even standing over us while sleeping.

She also slept walked.

One time she was in the corner of a hotel room, sitting cross legged, leaning forward and back repeatedly, she was still asleep however.

I said to her, "its ok, you're just asleep."

She proceeded to laugh, absolutely menacingly. Very deep cackle type of deal.

That same year, i had a dream, and in the dream, a name was embedded in my mind. I was still with this gal at the time. That day i voice searched her name to bring up her contact information on my phone. Rather than her name appearing as the search result, it was the name from my dream, right there in my phone. And the name is by no means common.

Later that day, i told my close friend who is also sensitive to this stuff about the dream, and what had happened when i voice searched her name. He paused and didnt believe what he was hearing, like it was de ja vu. He proceeded to say, "that happened to me today too." I asked him what he meant and he replied, "i voice searched your name today on my phone." He went on to say that the search result said "Jesus".

Dont worry, i have no delusions lf being some sort of superman. I had a dream when i was 5 of creating the Universe. It was cool, kind of like in Interstellar when he goes into the black hole and sees the grid lines. Thats exactly what i saw. Tried a certain substance too that is present in your brain at death. Sent me right back to that creation dream. However, like my title says here, i consider myself to be lets say a witness of sorts

Anyway, my experiences with this gal peaked as i slowly felt a creeping dread, an intense dread the likes of which i cannot explain or express for not only my sake, but for your peace of mind.

I had already experienced quite a bit of odd coincidences, strings of events, and very real supernormal or paranormal oddities. For example, i had been drawing a triangle with a circle inscribed inside several times throughout this one week on a notepad. Later that week, i was attending a class, and as i left, i noticed that someone had drawn the same symbol on the bottom right of he board and undenearh it read, "well said.' When i told this story to my paranormal interested friend, he told me that a house nearby had that symbol. I went to look, and sure enough, this brick tattered structure with obelisks, pyramids, and that symbol in the center of the arch in the front. We did some digging and the urban legends include the idea that its illuminati, masonic inspired, or the guy who built it claimed it was to communicate with otherwordly beings and to protect that city from being invaded.

Nothing was as bloody intense as that one fateful night though...

We had moved to a forest town north of the nearby bay. This feeling of being in imminent danger, along with a slew of what, honest to god, were very real paranormal happenings (which included people seemingly becoming possessed for moments at a time.) Im talking people stopping dead in their tracks, immediately turn their head straight towards ya, and theyd utter, "It's Satan."

Things got progressively more intense (i felt like i was literally Atlas trying to hold together this reality). That night, however, changed my life.

I was with the gal in the house, experiencing what can best be described as a massive panic attack coupled with a feeling of such extreme dread that it could crush a persons soul.

Suddenly, our two cats began to absolutely FREAK THE HELL OUT. The female was vomiting everywhere and my cat had this absolutely insane smile. Have you ever seen a cat smile so hard, open mouthed, like its the #ing rapture or something?

Then I


What i heard was not an animal. It was not a human. Whatever the Hell this thing was, very, very, well, not good. It was uttering these harsh, raspy, gutteral utterances,; it was speaking.

Our cats looked absolutely petrified at this point, and i was ready to be out of there.

Stupidly, this gal i was with, she went out to confront it. I ran out and yelled at her to come back immediately. I cant recall if i lost sight of her when she went outside.

The next day i left the house and that city for good. She and i separated shortly after. The day after i left the house, our next door neighbor's house burned to the ground.

What to take from all of it? You want to know my honest opinion?

It's real. Very real. And it isnt real. It isnt real at all. You see its like a televsion, reality that is. Channels? Dimensions? That stuff. From what i understand, there exist entities (photonic? Atomic? Dark matter?) Our minds, and believe it or not, through the act of ignorance, effectively "destabilize' or 'restabilize" that local reality. Through this, we may or may not observe these overlapping dimensions/realities and subsequent beings or entities from those domains.

My ex, this gal, she was dark, real dark. She would read the necronomicon, id wake up in the middle of the night with her appearing to be doing some sort of hand, finger gesture to the middle of my forehead...while she was still asleep.

She'd also joke about how this other gal i knew was the devil...only to then joke that she herself held that title.

This encounter occurred in 2012. I wish i was lying, i wish none of it were true. I felt like alice in wonderland, wondering wtf to do and how to go about all of it. On december 21, 2012 i had a dream that morning where i met myself..future

I see a therapist due to that night and the feeling whatever it was gave me. Ive seen over 10, this one was the only one who wasnt scared #less of my story.

To recap, ive been through some very extreme paranormal, super normal stuff. This isnt even close to all of it too. I have documented evidence of really odd occurrences including a handful of genuinely strange craft in the sky performing in a manner that didnt seem viable by our technology. I mean to say i have a treasure trove of experience. With many multi witness testimonies to back me up.

When people attack me, call me crazy, or otherwise try to bring me down for reasoning that there is validity to these topics, you know what it immediately reminds me of?

That thing that night.

As i mentioned earlier, we, through belief or ignorance, through the law of attraction, through substances and experiences, can essentially open gateways within our minds, or close the gates in defense with the hope that that will preserve oneself.

I guess what it boils down to is, does ignorance really prevent and minimize the effects of these "things" or does it simply make us more docile and complacent?

Tbh, im on the fence about it. I think the abiiity to mediate and filter the flow of what is effecting your mind is crucial. Its recognizing garbage that can be hard, and sometimes by the time you recognize it as garbage, its too late and the damage is already dealt.

My honest advice is to be cautious about all of it. Live happily and peacefully, but remember, you never really leave the jungle.

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posted on Mar, 20 2016 @ 08:01 AM
a reply to: visitors

Having never attended medical school i really would not know. Reality on the other hand is certainly of a more personal nature and experience.

When you dont have a theory and begin to experience things that others do not(visual hallucinations) i think its best to rule out possible mental/medical health issues before subscribing to other less tangible explanations.

As to what may or may not exist beyond the realms of our visual and auditory senses? That's what science is for, science allows us to establish facts and figures based on the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation, repetition and experimentation.
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posted on Mar, 20 2016 @ 11:53 AM
a reply to: andy06shake

But these are things many many people experience. And have been experiencing since ever, if records are to be taken as true accounts of their descriptions.

Science is indeed about discovering how things actually work. But it most certainly isn't about being used to defend a point of view that automatically dismisses certain things just because they don't fit a particular person/s belief as to what should be considered real.

For example it's fine to have an unexplainable video of a ghost and say - 'well I don't know *what* that is'. But it's not ever scientific to say, 'we're not sure what it is - but it can't be a ghost. Cause our beliefs don't allow for those'.

As I always remind anyone that'll listen / read in relation to these kinds of concepts - science doesn't have a unified field theory, nor a unified field fact-y either. We haven't even started accounting for all knowns yet. So given that is the case, it's never scientific to say that there can't be things like beings from another dimension. We haven't described exactly how the universes spacetime is packed and how dimensions exist in relation to one another, to be making statements on what inhabitants they don't have in them.

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posted on Mar, 20 2016 @ 12:21 PM
a reply to: visitors

They are not however things the majority of people experience. Records and accounts are only as good as the people and process recording them.

Science does not have a "Unified Field Theory" yet, give us time technological progress and a better understanding of quantum mechanics then science will possibly answer rather a few questions regrading life, the universe and everything.

Lets just say its a step up from religion and other mumbo jumbo considering it requires repeatable results to form conclusions as apposed to blind faith and fear.

Why do you think we are building experiments like the large Hadron collider? In an attempt to answer questions such as exactly how the universe and space-time are composed and react with one another.
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posted on Mar, 21 2016 @ 06:25 AM
a reply to: andy06shake

I'm not really sure that simulated best guesses as to the original state of the universe, and attempts to synthetically recreate them, are worthwhile.

It's not how the universe really was back then. It's a best guess as to what it was like.

Even if it was a definitely accurate replication of it - how do they know what exact particles to crash into what other exact particles, at what angles, and speeds, and so forth.

There's a lot of things about reality not included in a purely particle view of it (field / particle view), so how can anyone be sure what any of that was like back then either? Plus what about dark matter / energy / flow. They haven't really figured that out, so how can it be factored in to a simulation of the early universe, or even just an isolated aspect of it at some other point in time?

The other problem is, it's all very well to call religion mumbo jumbo generally, but at least religions don't ignore the most likely explanations of what really made humans and what really made reality. Though most of them aren't very truthful about those why's and who's. A lot of people think they can just factor all that out of the equation, despite the overwhelming evidences to the contrary.

The likes of the CSETI Disclosure news - which was on major US networks in May 2001 - makes it clear people (or claiming to be people possibly in some cases) have worked with alien technology, maybe even aliens. Yet here we are 15 years later, and still putting up with a world that somehow ignores all that and lurches on as if it wasn't also made clear on the regular news.

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posted on Mar, 21 2016 @ 09:17 AM
a reply to: visitors

Science is always going to be a best guess scenario based on the information available at the time. As to reality and the nature of the universe it may well be a holographic simulation and once we are able to measure at the individual unit of Planck we may be able to confirm the Holographic Principle. The technology to do just that might only be a few years distant.

Disclosure will never happy until there is a paradigm shift regrading humanity. We are simply not psychologically prepared as a race to deal or address the notion that we are not the only sentient species in our universe, possibly even our own planet/solar system.

As to religion or more specifically organised religion, this is nothing more than mind control for the masses and this has always been the case. Its laced with control constructs designed to keep the statues quo in place and retard and persecute the free thinking individual.
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posted on Mar, 21 2016 @ 09:35 AM
a reply to: andy06shake

I don't agree, I think it's way more than obvious that those who are actually entitled to be here* are very much all along perfectly fine with a normal evolved world, where aliens or whatever also exist, and nobody is so stupid they behave the way many here do.

The ones 'not prepared' seem to be a direct creation or product of the conspiracy to keep relevant informations and facts under wraps. It's like they are just part of some unevolved type of aliens perhaps, who are holed up here controlling this world to deny the truth of actual reality.

How do you even know they aren't 'unprepared' - because they sold their souls, and agreed to take something like a blue-pill in those Matrix movies? In that kind of scenario, it's their own fault for siding with evil then.

I think it's very likely that there's people who come here and agree to be part of the problem, agree to be sell outs that go along with the lies. They shouldn't be able to though.

*given the mandela-effect thread & what I wrote in it, let's say that 'here' refers to this reality before it was ruined or molested into the stupider version/s we have now. What is would still be - if it hadn't been something like invaded by possibly-aliens who brought here the types of people 'unprepared' for the normal way this world is when it isn't run by liars and oppressors

posted on Mar, 21 2016 @ 09:59 AM
a reply to: andy06shake

"Disclosure will never happy until there is a paradigm shift regrading humanity. We are simply not psychologically prepared as a race to deal or address the notion that we are not the only sentient species in our universe, possibly even our own planet/solar system."

If that was the case generally, then also we're not prepared nor entitled to pretty much any technology then, and certainly not to be investigating how the universe might work, via simulated environments.

Also given the fact that every native tribe around the world finds it normal that they were made by aliens or something like that - so how do you account for people in the 'modern' world areas not being prepared for what people here have known about since ever?
Hence why I tend towards thinking the 'unprepared' aspects of society are artificial. If they're not from here, then where are they from? And why don't they know they are from someplace else, or, why does their culture have to pretend those someplace elses don't exist, and claim there's no aliens or whatever else?

Why would they fill the world full of synths, and make them exist as if such things don't really happen - why would any beings need to do something like that. It's like they have to keep their sheeple as stupid as possible, otherwise they can't farm them. Like they have lots of junk food people they make.

posted on Mar, 21 2016 @ 11:12 AM
a reply to: visitors

I think you may missing the point, whether or not our universe is simulation or not for all intents and purposes our perception of such is real enough. Chances are through if the holographic principle rings true, which our current understanding of mathematics seems to suggest it will, then this verse is holographic by its very nature.

As to technology, well we are quite capable of destroying this world many times over yet we are still around. We deserve a little merit for showing restraint.
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posted on Mar, 23 2016 @ 07:59 AM
a reply to: andy06shake

How is that the point? It's a maybe that the universe is holographic - whatever that even means. Yeah maybe it's a split single source of light from the local sun, that bounces off the moon, and both beams converge through our eyes giving us the illusion we're in a 3d world - just to use an example based on how the holograms we do have work.

Do you ever wonder why so much in physics about describing how the physical world is, is based upon seeing light with your eyes? Lightspeed itself is pretty much a watershed definer of a lot else. I wonder if holographic universe theories are as good sounding when it comes to explaining sensory experience via touch, or auditory, or smell-taste?

It makes zero sense how there can be any humans who aren't able to take in the facts of what reality is. You think we're ok knowing it's a hologram - yet somehow it'd shatter minds to learn who what made that hologram, or why they made it, and exactly what the point is of us being in such a simulation - are we just slaves in the equivalent of a fishtank, or a cage at the zoo or the petshop?
Now why would that happen? Why are humans allowed to do that to other species, who clearly won't have chosen that to happen to them?

The entire point of full disclosure I would think, is to make it a known why there is an imposed false culture that controls people to believe in a bunch of rubbish to begin with.
Or indeed as I wrote previously - to make it a known that there's people here that go along with the lies purposely, as though they have sold their souls or agreed to take some blue pill or something like that -

because we can't be having systems of governance that ignore all that. I don't want my life ruled over by a law systems or a medical system that is somehow allowed to exist as if there's no aliens, or no alien intervention, or no alien tech exchange, or no god / creator of this. The false law might like to claim it is of god - but clearly it isn't at all, or our legal systems would take into account the alien technology, the alien presence, the paranormal and what it really is, and so on and so forth. Would take into account the kinds of things this thread is about - eg, aethereal beings interfering with peoples lives for example.

Full disclosure, not just of aliens, is imperative if we're to have a reality worth being in, otherwise it's just a corrupt load of sh*t, based on lie upon lie, therefore not fit for the habitation of anyone that actually deserves to exist.

And you think we're evolved?! because we haven't quite managed to nuke ourselves away or release stockpiled bio-weapons as yet?

Look at the destruction of habitat alone, all un-necessary (especially given the alien tech exchanges...) in order to have a civilisation. Species-ist parasites, it's like a virus with nothing to show for itself.

How do you know humans even invented any of the huge amounts of destructive tech all the economies are based around? Maybe they're all gotten from aliens.

How can something that knowingly has a dominant culture that purposely broadcasts lies about everything important, deserve any credit at all? How is that an ok way to run civilisations?

posted on Mar, 23 2016 @ 08:03 AM
Were you guys/gals doing drugs?

posted on Mar, 23 2016 @ 08:19 AM
a reply to: Tsubaki

That might not matter, if they were doing drugs I mean, because we don't have exact factual proof of what reality is, and how the truth of it is perceived with regular biochemistry, to be able to claim that some outside ingested substance is what is causing the wrong perception.

posted on Mar, 23 2016 @ 08:24 AM
a reply to: andy06shake

Just as a further to my reply - because I have seen this same belief on lots of other discussion forums too, and I'd like to know where it comes from -

you seem to be saying that there shouldn't be full disclosure because people in general aren't ready for it,

but then also you think humans should be allowed to in general continue to pursue discovering how reality works via methods that come from a way of thinking that pretends things aren't as they actually are?

So people are just to kid on that what full disclosure would reveal doesn't actually exist - so's they can play a make believe version of finding out how reality works?!

Would it not be better, easier, and just plain saner to just disclose the actual facts, and then take the discovery of things from there? Instead of wasting time and resources ignoring truths, so they can continue to pretend they want to find out how reality really is.

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