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"GrandPa" John Schnabel Of Reality TV's Gold Rush Has Died

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posted on Mar, 18 2016 @ 07:45 PM
TMZ has reported that Parker Schnabel's grandfather, John Schnabel, has passed away at the age of 96. John was a regular on the series, an avid supporter of Parker, and mined gold in Alaska for over 50 years. "GrandPa" was a beloved character to many viewers, and much of the reason for Parker's success in the Klondike.

"Gold Rush" star John Schnabel, one of the great Alaskan gold miners on the Discovery show died Friday morning. He was 96. Schnabel's family broke the news he passed away peacefully in his sleep, saying ... "He was a true legend." Schnabel was a military vet who got into gold mining later in life when doctors suggested he keep active after a triple bypass. He became an anchor on Discovery's hit gold mining show -- which focuses heavily on his grandson, Parker Schnabel. Parker took over responsibilities at the Big Nugget Mine when John's health declined. Read more:

John's history in the wilds of Alaska is storied and his exploits known to many, from being a mayor to striking his claim to the Big Nugget Mine. To the large following of the hit show, he will be sorely missed.

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posted on Mar, 18 2016 @ 07:47 PM

RIP Sir, rip.

posted on Mar, 18 2016 @ 08:02 PM
Poor Parker.. You can really tell the boy cares for his Granpa DEEPLY. Sad day indeed. At least it was peaceful and in his sleep. I lost my dad the same way 3 years ago this coming Easter which was his birthday almost to the exact hour he was born, best we can tell he left. It gave me comfort it wasn't a struggle for him. Best wishes to his family from mine.

posted on Mar, 19 2016 @ 04:43 AM
This actually made me cry. I am fortunate enough to have a relationship with my grandma the way that Parker has with his grandpa. Grandpa Schnabel seemed like such a good man. I'm sure he will be missed by many.

posted on Mar, 19 2016 @ 04:46 AM
a reply to: Boscowashisnamo


Ok not the most famous person ever but he was a really cool guy.

posted on Mar, 19 2016 @ 09:12 AM
a reply to: Boscowashisnamo

Sorry to hear that... You could tell that Parker cherished every moment when being with his grand pa. He knew that it could happen any day. His grandpa gave him some valuable advice concerning how valuable a good crew is and to make sure they are willing to work for him. He listened to this advice although it is sometimes hard for Parker to keep that in mind.

Probably the best way to leave your body into eternity... Seemed to be a good man and deserved this definite departure from this world.

RIP grandpa.

posted on Mar, 19 2016 @ 09:31 AM
i love the gold rush show you could tell in the last episode when they got the gold out to show him how proud he was of parker i wonder how it will efect him next season rip grandpa john a true charicter

posted on Mar, 19 2016 @ 10:45 AM

I got teary in the last episode this season when he visited Parker.

RIP cutie old gramps.

posted on Mar, 19 2016 @ 11:20 AM
Awwww. This brought tears to my eyes.
He was such a sweetheart, the kind of person you just want to be around!
My heart goes out to his family who cherished him so much!

posted on Mar, 19 2016 @ 11:32 AM
Watched the "Legends" show last night, which began with banners informing viewers of John's passing. The relationship between boy-to-man Parker and his GrandPa was one of sincerity, love and respect. This was never scripted, nor interactions twixt the two done for the cameras. It was genuine in its scope, and one sadly few of us have lived, me especially.

Rest well John Schnabel, and may you find peace and rest on the next plane.


posted on Mar, 19 2016 @ 12:27 PM
Grandpa! we will miss you so much. Your family will carry on without you. You can bet Parker will continue to do the right thing because of the influence you had with him. RIP Grandpa.

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