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TV & Movie Adaptations from ‘Real UFO Cases’

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posted on Mar, 25 2016 @ 03:55 PM
a reply to: lovebeck

They've shown all the best bits in the trailer!!!
Looks like a bit of fun.
I'll try and get a copy. I won't rush but I'll get hold of it sooner or later.
Those lights in the sky reminded me of the shape of the solar plane.
Not the sort of thing you'd want to fly at night, though.
Another one for the collection.

posted on Mar, 28 2016 @ 03:45 PM
have seen quite a few of the ones referenced in this thread but wonder about official denial and whether I have seen it, or, not, may have to give that a watch

posted on Mar, 29 2016 @ 09:00 AM
The Shadow Men (1997) - an interesting look at the Men In Black phenomena.

posted on Mar, 30 2016 @ 06:24 AM

originally posted by: NWSaint
Taken (the TV series) 2002

This series (IMO) was probably really close about how it all went down at Roswell..

I've never been so captivated by one tv mini-series ever!

And without spoiling it all I can say is they filled in blanks where I had questions for years..If you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favor and see it.. you might be able to find it on U-tube..But more than likely are gonna either have to roll to Best Buy and pick it up via DVD or maybe be able to d/l it somewhere online, but I'm tellin' you right now, those blanks were filled nicely.

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posted on Mar, 30 2016 @ 11:48 AM
a reply to: mirageman

Hello - I think in particular CE3K references the 1967 Portage County police UFO chase (Spaur/Neff), and the alleged 1971 Holloman AFB landing for the grand finale. I also suspect that the scenes before Barry Guiler gets abducted from his mother's house (the interference with electrical appliances and psychokinetic movement of doors, objects etc) are inspired by a particular case but off the top of my head I can't think which (I don't think Kelly-Hopkinsville fits, although Spielberg was definitely aware of the case and almost made a very different ET follow-up, Night Skies, in reference to it).

Another vote here for the Disappearance of Flight 412, which I picked up on DVD many moons ago. I'd also like to nominate the classic Ray Harryhausen-assisted Earth Vs The Flying Saucers, because of the guest appearance from Major Donald Keyhoe and the credit to his book Flying Saucers from Outer Space.

posted on Mar, 30 2016 @ 03:31 PM
a reply to: Deaner

The oldies are the besties.
Special effects in Earth versus the flying saucers are great. Love stop motion animation. Very unique look and feel to those old movies with critters moving like that. The skeletons in Jason and the Argonauts still give me the creeps.

Taken arrived on Saturday so I watched the first episode. Very slick. You can already see everything being set up for the forthcoming story. It helps that I'm familiar with the history and so far its stuck to what we are led to believe are the facts. I'll try and watch part two soon. Got some serious reading to do and I'm currently waiting for thirty two items to arrive that I've bought online!!

Ive got my eye on a couple of UFO DVDs at the moment but there's no region number for them so it could end up a bit of a gamble. Living life on the edge!

posted on Mar, 30 2016 @ 03:48 PM
a reply to: Tulpa

Ive got my eye on a couple of UFO DVDs at the moment but there's no region number for them so it could end up a bit of a gamble. Living life on the edge!

I have no idea why we still have DVD regions. But a lot of cheap DVD players can be converted to play any region if you 'google' it on the net. Even if the worst come to the worst you can usually find the right free software to work magic on your PC.

Anyway back to the main topic. I am liking this trip through the early sci-fi movies. Many of them I remember from TV when I was a kid.

Here's a clip from "Invaders From Mars" which was not included in the original theatrical version in the USA.

Although you might think it's pure science fiction it refers to the Lubbock Lights.

posted on Mar, 30 2016 @ 04:02 PM
a reply to: mirageman

I nearly bought a couple of prints of the Lubbock lights.
I love those four pictures and, when compared side by side it is hard to believe the explanation that was given.
I think we both might have a clue as to what it could've been judging by that shape. If I'm right, though, it makes me wonder how successful that project was and how far they've advanced. Off the top of my head I think that was 1953 or thereabouts. That's a long time to fine tune, and smooth out some wrinkles.

Makes me wonder.

A lot.

posted on Mar, 31 2016 @ 05:03 PM
a reply to: Tulpa

What might it have been? I'm clueless!

posted on Apr, 1 2016 @ 05:00 PM
a reply to: ctj83

The Stormville flyers of course!
Takes an awful lot of practice to get that V formation perfect, you know.

posted on Apr, 4 2016 @ 04:52 PM
a reply to: mirageman

Watching TV last night I put the free view guide on and had a snoop around. The Man Who Fell To Earth was on and in the description it says that the aliens mission is to arrange transportation of water back to his home planet.
I've seen the film years ago but, not being much of a Bowie fan, paid little attention to it.

While the film itself makes no claims to be based on anything factual, and there's not much in it that would interest a UFO buff, I was interested in the water.

Albert K Bender was an American UFOlogist dating back to the early days. The story goes that "something" happened to him and he suddenly stopped researching and gave away all his notes, pictures etc.
Wanted nothing more to do with the subject.

Later, he wrote a book called Flying Saucers and the Three Men.
In it he describes how he was approached by three aliens who appeared out of nowhere and explained what their mission was. They told him that it was dangerous for them if their activities became known about and UFOlogists where getting too close to the truth.
It was claimed at the time to be a true story but I'm pretty doubtful. It did, however, fill in a few blanks of UFO mythology and has become part of the lore of the saucermen.

Anyway, Bender claimed that these aliens had nearly finished their mission and would leave, never to return. And the mission?..... to collect water and arrange transport for a supply to their home planet.

Its a tenuous link but I thought it worth noting on this list.
Next up on my viewing list is part five of Taken. Its not as easy as I thought it would be to get through it all. Its looooonnngg.

posted on Apr, 4 2016 @ 05:44 PM
a reply to: Tulpa

Which reminds me.

That was also the premise for the 1980s TV series 'V". A series based on the Nazi invasion of Europe rather than anything to do with UFOs. Although Independence day copied it's shots of mother ships over the major population hubs of the world. (an idea the makers of 'V' had stolen from Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke)

However invading another planet with a population capable of defending itself with nuclear weapons is probably one of the most difficult ways to obtain water in the universe.

posted on Apr, 4 2016 @ 05:53 PM
a reply to: mirageman

I quite enjoyed V. Robert England in a role before Nightmare. He looked so young!
Didn't get to see any of the remake.

Its a gamble, indeed, stealing water from a nuclear capable race but if they'd just kept quiet and pinched it from the ocean without us seeing they wouldve done better. Also, with those big saucers, they could just fly up out of our atmosphere and we'd end up nuking ourselves.

posted on Apr, 5 2016 @ 04:53 AM
A little dated but well acted and directed and supposedly based upon a real incident - One of the more interesting scenes in the movie shows a general explaining "see what they can do - should we tell the public about that?"

And the whole movie is available free on YouTube:

The Disappearance of Flight 412 (1974) - Full Length Movie, Occult, Sci-Fi

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posted on Apr, 28 2016 @ 05:04 PM
a reply to: mirageman

Reviving this because I've made some progress with Taken. I'm about halfway through, up to the present day. Its been hard to find the time but its a very impressive series. Someone definitely did a lot of homework first.
Pure genius having Matt Frewer in the role of insider/MIB type guy...."I don't watch daytime TV. It creeps me out". Says the man who knows about the aliens! Looking forward to completing the rest.

Spotted the Phoenix Incident going cheap so that's on its way here as I write. I'll be back when I can.

posted on Apr, 29 2016 @ 11:24 PM

originally posted by: TheMadScientist2
Intruders based on the early abduction research

posted on Apr, 30 2016 @ 06:00 PM
a reply to: StiffNeck

Premise was good and they definatly knew their ufo lore. It had two flaws though imo.

1. Too much social commentary unrelated to ufos and the narrative ( the Vietnam war, civil rights/racism etc)

2. Even for the time and a low budget the alien cgi was bad, and I mean BAD.

but I would definitely recommend it

posted on May, 3 2016 @ 03:58 PM
a reply to: A51Watcher

Saw the first episode of the 1966 series on the Horror channel.
Might try and keep up with it if they're showing the whole thing.

Failed to get onto the rest of Taken, the postman brought me The Phoenix Incident.
It was sort of fun watching the real stuff mixed into a fictional movie but, really, I'm just very glad it was cheap.
Not recommended.

posted on May, 3 2016 @ 04:07 PM
Anyone remember " Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County"? That gave me nightmares for months!!

posted on May, 3 2016 @ 04:22 PM
a reply to: blackmetalmist

Nope but it's on the tube as well.

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