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Bill O'Reilly Will Present At Tsunami Relief Telethon

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posted on Jan, 11 2005 @ 07:13 PM
After a two-day long exchange of heated letters and commentary, Bill O'Reilly has accepted George Clooney's invitation to be a presenter at the Tsunami Aid telethon this Saturday (1/15.)

O'Reilly initially ripped the telethon as another potential celebrity boondoggle where the funds never reach the intended victims, as was alleged after the 9/11 fundraising telethon.

George Clooney, no fan of O'Reilly's since their fued after the 9/11 concert, fired off a letter to O'Reilly, claiming that he was just using this issue to create controversy. Clooney challenged him to put his "considerable money where his considerable mouth is" and participate as a presenter at the event.

O'Reilly answered back by reading the letter on his "Most Ridiculous Item" segment last night and said that he was seriously considering the invitation, but had questions on the format of the show and the specifics of how the donations would be distributed. He then made a joke about how his "pal" Clooney had asked him to be in Ocean's 13, where his character would meet an unseemly demise.

Today, Clooney sent him a short note that stated that this is a serious event, so serious that former Presidents Bush and Clinton are participating. He also asked for an immediate response. I guess that was enough for Bill and he agreed to do the event.

If George Clooney and Bill O'Reilly can kiss and make up, we CAN all get along...

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