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Anyone having problems uploading images or login on.

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posted on Mar, 14 2016 @ 07:12 PM
Hello have been trying to put up a thread but keep running into the same problem My ATS works fine apart from every time i try and upload an image i get this message:

You're blocking ads, so cannot upload images on ATS. If you disable ad-blocking, it will take a few minutes for uploads to reappear

I do use an adblocker but I have turned it off in settings its been disabled and i still cant rid of this message. My partner can no longer log on to ATS she types in her details and hits the login button and nothing happens..

Anyone else having problems or advice

thank you

posted on Mar, 14 2016 @ 07:13 PM
The same thing happened earlier with the image uploader. It just took a little while about half hour since I watched an episode of King of the Hill. Which is about 22mins to have the upload features able to me again.

posted on Mar, 14 2016 @ 07:17 PM
a reply to: Teddy916

Thanks for that will give it time and see what happens.. Shame was in the mood to post a thread up. The first one in a while

posted on Mar, 14 2016 @ 07:19 PM
a reply to: purplemer

I think there may be a heap load of stuff on this in the BB & Q.
After the "attack" and updates the other eve, I had a time for awhile.
I went to was okay, I just dislike IE.

Yesterday I tried logging in again with Chrome (my personal preference) and no troubles.

Perhaps you all try different browsers?

Good luck!

posted on Mar, 14 2016 @ 07:22 PM
a reply to: TNMockingbird

Thank you for your help too.. Maybe best leave till morning and see if it sorts itself


posted on Mar, 14 2016 @ 07:35 PM
Now why would I ever log off?

posted on Mar, 14 2016 @ 09:51 PM
I havent been able to log into ATS fo a few months now on my computer. The owner suggested my internet provider was possibly inadvertently blocking the sight.

I could never get it to work. But i recently moved to a different state and i now use my computer at the library and I cant log into ATS there either. I can access the sight but i cant log in.

Im thinking it might have something to do with my firewall but I have windows 10 and im having trouble accessing the control panel so I cant get to my firewall settings.

I feel bad for not contributing as much as i want to because im always on my mobile when i come to ATS and its a pain on the mobile compared to the laptop.

posted on Mar, 14 2016 @ 10:40 PM
a reply to: purplemer

I've not been able to log in for days. Just got another time-out trying to open the ATS homepage.

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